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YMMV / Doctor Mordrid

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  • Complete Monster: Kabal was once Mordrid's sworn brother until his ambition grew and he betrayed the other sorcerers, who imprisoned him. He breaks free and escapes to Earth, after which Mordrid is sent to Earth to prepare for Kabal's arrival. Kabal kills a number of people to get the elements he needs to complete a ritual that will open the Hellgates in the Magic Dimension, setting his spawn loose upon mankind and turning Earth into a hellworld with Kabal as God-Emperor. Mordrid travels to the dimension to investigate, discovering that Kabal has slaughtered all the wizards in the garrison save for one guard whose eyes he gouged out. When two Satanists offer to help Kabal, he ritualistically sacrifices one of them. During the climactic battle between Mordrid and Kabal in the Museum of Natural History, the evil sorcerer revives a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in the exhibit to kill innocent bystanders in an attempt to make Mordrid back down.
  • He Really Can Act: We see Jeffrey Combs as a romantic leading man for once, and he shows himself more than capable of it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Brian Thompson plays a being out for the domination of Earth. For bonus points, his character's name is Kabal and the movie itself came out in 1992.