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  • Broken Base: The film picked up acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. However, there's still a significant split between those who were fine with the whole movie as-is versus the people irked by all of the additions for the sake of drama, particularly since Woodroof was a real person. As stated on the main page, the man had a wife and child as well as no history of making homophobic, racist, and sexist snarks to people. The film depicts a loner character with a jerkass personality who slowly changes his tune as a result of his diagnosis and work with other patients. Even publications that have praised the movie have taken issue with this.
    • Some commentators have also complained about how, however well Jared Leto's performance holds up, the film-makers missed an opportunity to cast a real-life transgender person in the role.
  • He Really Can Act: The physical transformation and performance by Matthew McConaughey in this movie was another step up the rung that convinced the world of his acting prowess.
  • The Woobie: pretty much everyone, but especially Rayon.
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  • Once Acceptable Targets: Rayon, a transgender woman. Despite the film pushing the idea of a friendship between her and Ron, most of Rayon's scenes involve her being the butt of Ron's jokes, making references to her genitalia, and frequently misgendering her.

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