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  • Accidental Innuendo: In #8, (while talking about how harsh the training camp was) Youichi said that he was still impressed by the 'stamina' Tomoki had.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • After episodes 5-6, the fandom is split between those who view Miu as a slut and those who think that it was entirely Tomoki's fault for the relationship going nowhere in the first place. However, the latter episodes calmed it down a bit, with more people deciding it was for the best that the relationship ended.
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  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: If you want success in your chosen field, you have to be willing to give up precious things to you, no questions asked, and you can't choose between them. It will either hold you back or come back to haunt you later.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • The fast food scene scene in episode 5 became this after episode 9 revealed that Youichi is very likely to be suffering from anorexia (among other things).
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Episode 7 was a small treasure trove of them:
      • Shibuki shows to have mellowed down a lot since the previous episodes, not to mention that in spite of his visible irritation, he still menages to keeps a cool head and have meaningful conversations.
      • Shibuki petting Tomoki's dog Chikuwa.
      • Almost every conversation in this episode is this.
    • Episode 8 continues the trend:
      • The 3 boys spending time together outside of the club activities alongside Shibuki's family and his girlfriend.
      • While their dreams weren't fulfilled, the bond between Shiraha and Shinnosuke was an almost textbook example of Friendly Rivalry.
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    • In episode 9 we have the following:
      • Tomo sends flowers to Yoichi to congratulate him for getting selected for the Olympics team.
      • Even after having saved the legacy of her grandfather, Kayoko still wishes to work with her students and help them in their growth as divers.
    • In #10, after Tomo narrowly avoids serious injuries and returns to rest at home, almost all of the swimming club members come to visit him.
      • Tomoki accidentally helping Youichi reform his resolve.
      • Even though she's seemingly leaving after all, Kayoko's words to Tomo helped him to overcome the sadness and learn a valuable life lesson.
      • The main trio forming a full-fledged Friendly Rivalry.
  • Ho Yay: Well, this is definitively the one thing that nobody disagrees with: You can't just have a sports anime filled with handsome young men that spend most of the time without wearing anything save their Speedos, all while admiring each other for their feats as well as their muscled bodies without this as a result.
    • Tomoki's years-long admiration of Yoichi, period. The guy ends up ignoring even his own girlfriend when he sees him, for crying out loud.
    • Just about the only character more obsessed with Youichi than Tomoki would be Atsuhiko. Doubles as Foe Yay.
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    • Jiro seems to have a one-sided man-crush on Shibuki after witnessing the 'wild style diving' of the later and thinks that they're Birds of a Feather.
    • Youichi has shown to be caring about Tomoki, being infuriated by the idea of him giving up. How them going out for diner in episode 5 played out isn't very dissimilar from a chaste date. Of all his teammates, Tomoki seems to be more-or-less the only one he has any closeness with outside of school activities.
    • Shibuki and Tomoki gradually form an Odd Friendship and became confidants to each other after a few episodes.
    • #8 gives us Shiraha Okitsu (Shibuki's grandfather) and Shinnosuke Mizuki (Kayoko's grandfather). Their rivalry and the latter's admiration of the former, not to mention the scene where they tearfully parted ways really raised a few eyebrows.
    • Ryou and Reiji, for being Those Two Guys and far more open to each other than to the rest of the club.
    • #9 has Tomo sending Youichi some flowers to commemorate Youichi being one of the only two guys to be sent to the Olympics. At first it could be interpreted as a nice - even if a bit suggestive - gesture, until you realize that flowers that were sent to Youichi were (white) orchids. While the white orchids in particular represent reverence, humility, innocence, purity, elegance as well as beauty, the orchid flowers also universally symbolize love and beauty, to the point that in the Victorian Britain, some of the most expensive courting gifts were exotic flowers with orchids especially being some of the most prestigious. Considering how much the Japanese media likes flower symbolism, it isn't very likely that this was accidental.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Yoichi proved himself to be this. Talks Shibuki's ear off about their rivals under the guise of increasing his stage fright to make him more nervous, which would make him a better diver—but it turns out to be a ploy to get his head so mixed up that he won't be able to dive properly.
  • OT3: Tomoki x Youichi x Shibuki.
  • The Scrappy:
  • Ugly Cute: Chikuwa.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • We are supposed to be feeling sad about Miu due to her hollow relationship with Tomoki. However, instead of just breaking up with him properly, she instead starts to secretly date his younger brother bother Hiroya. When accidentally discovered by Tomoki, her reaction is to just cry and run away, not even trying to explain herself.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tomoki is left heartbroken after his 'friends' lashing out on him in episode 4. And then he discovers his girlfriend to be cheating on him with his younger brother already in the following episode.
      • In episode 10, he gets so upset by the idea of Kayoko leaving the club that he makes an error during practice that leads him to getting hospitalized, but thankfully he at least avoided receiving a worse injury and is eventually discharged from the hospital.
    • Atsuhiko is arrogant, yet one can't help but feel sorry for him after his many, many defeats against Youichi.
    • Youichi after episode 9. It is really heart-wrenching to see him getting more and more broken by the various circumstances in the episode.

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