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YMMV / Cybernetics Guardian

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  • Awesome Music:Say what you will about the OVA itself, but it's hard to deny that the soundtrack is grade-A headbanging material. Guilty Gear fans and metalheads, go hear it!
  • Catharsis Factor: After trying to have John killed, all so he can have Layla all to himself, Adler meets a well deserved fate where he is sliced in half by John before falling onto a police vehicle, causing a massive explosion.
  • Complete Monster: Adler Einstein is an elitist scientist who wants to exterminate his city's slums. When another scientist, Layla, tries to research a peaceful solution to the violence in the slums, Adler tries to have her test subject, John Stalker, killed. Using a mechanical suit to get revenge after John injures him, Adler goes on a rampage, killing two innocent police officers and threatening Layla while trying to murder John.
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  • So Okay, It's Average: The OVA is considered neither good or bad, just okay at best.