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YMMV / Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss!

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  • Fridge Logic: If the Muggle students of Binan know that they're school is constantly under attack, why do they continue to go there? This applies to the original series as well.
  • Genius Bonus: The poses that the Defence Club strike during the opening spell out "HAPPY" in semaphore.
  • Ho Yay: A series tradition.
    • Ryouma's relationship with Kyotaro can be read one of two things: a mother hen and his lazy ward, or a frustrated man keeping his lover on the right path.
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    • Of all the knights, Kyotaro's the only one to comment on how soft Karls' hands were when he sealed his contract.
    • In episode one, when he drops all those innuendos, is Nanao hitting on Ryouma or just messing with him?
    • In episode four, Ichiro fondly remembers his first meeting with Nanao, and wrote in his dream for the future wanting Nanao to keep his eyes on him.
  • Inferred Holocaust: A lot of boys at Binan are turned into food in episode 2 but there's no indication that they were turned back.

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