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YMMV / Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced

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  • Best Boss Ever:
    • Fake Crash. It subverts the usual trend of Crash bosses being "wait for them to attack, then attack while they are stunned" by being a genuinely creative Puzzle Boss.
    • N. Trance. Awkward controls aside, using the helicopter backpack to spin him into a trap controlled by Fake Crash made for one of the most intense final bosses in the series.
  • Contested Sequel: It got reasonably good reviews after launch, albeit lower than Huge Adventure. It was praised for bringing more originality in its level design, a better plot and an impressive multiplayer mode. However, it also received criticism for the abundance of marathon levels, Fake Difficulty in enemy placement and obstacles, situational power-ups, and other elements listed under Scrappy Mechanic.
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  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: While getting reasonable reviews from critics and fans, a recurring complaint towards the game is that, much like The Huge Adventure before it, it is essentially just a 2D recreation of the Playstation titles.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The multiplayer mode is quite expansive and fun, but unfortunately the fact that it requires two copies of the same game to play, plus a version of The Huge Adventure for certain extras, meant only a few people got to try it.
    • The inability to pick the order to play the levels in each world, a staple in the series since Cortex Strikes Back.
    • The Gems and Relics in this game serve no purpose, as the good ending is tied to the colored shards hidden in certain levels, so there is little incentive to break boxes or attempt the time trials.
    • The flying carpet sections, due to the placement of obstacles verging on Fake Difficulty, and the helicopter jetpack, because of its sluggish movement and slippery controls. Made even worse by the fact three of the bosses are fought with them.
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    • Climbing poles in the Arabian levels. It's unintuitive that you have to spin to change poles, jump to climb them and press down to slide. To make matters worse, Crash will not stop sliding after you let go of the directional pad, usually leading to a death in a bottomless pit below.
  • That One Boss: N. Tropy, who requires nine hits and the process to defeating him is an intricate split second evasion of his projectile attacks on a small platform.
  • That One Level: The space levels with Coco. Since you are controlling the satellite and not Coco herself, there is a delay to her movement, which is problematic considering tne screen is usually cluttered with fast moving enemies and projectiles. To make matters worse, your only means of attack is a laser bullet with a painfully slow fire rate, meaning it's preferrable to just dash through enemies instead of trying to shoot them down, and that is actually encouraged, as Coco is being followed by a fireball that will cause instant death if it reaches her.


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