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YMMV / Corey Graves

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Graves has been praised by fans for his work as an NXT commentator, and, upon becoming a Raw mainstay, has been considered a highlight of the announcing team.
  • No Yay: He once boasted on Twitter that he should get romance angles with Bayley and Becky Lynch. Uh... how about no, Corey? Especially considering that Bayley is basically the WWE women's division's Token Wholesome who's whole gimmick is being a womanchild at heart (in the sense of being an Adorkable fangirl), not to mention that Becky shot him down hard.
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  • Squick: His constant, melodramatic butt-kissing of various heels is bad enough, but his lascivious comments to Mandy Rose, which really seem to push the PG rating, often cross the line and make him sound like a creepy, obsessive Stalker with a Crush. Small wonder his fellow commentators were quite relieved not to have to deal with him drooling over her at Money in the Bank 2019. And since he's pretty much a Broken Record about her, it will get to you at some point.

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