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YMMV / Cannon Fodder

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  • Awesome Music: The recruitment theme. At first, you wonder what the game is all sad about. Then the gravestones start appearing. And appearing. And appearing...
  • Porting Disaster: The Game Boy Color version didn't work out very well due to technical limits, although the intro was certainly impressive. And don't get anyone started on how hard it was to manage a squad with only two buttons and a 160 x 144 Pixel screen. About the only redeeming quality that it has is that it features additional content from Cannon Fodder 2. But even then, it's still hard to convince anyone else that it's a Polished Port.
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  • That One Level: 9:2 is just sadistic, and not in a fun way but a boring way. It consists of endless, incredibly slow swimming, with occasional attempts to destroy gun turrets that are pure luck whether you destroy the turret or it shoots you. And you only have one soldier so if he gets killed you have to start the phase again from the start. It's hard to imagine anyone playing it again once they've finally managed to win it.


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