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YMMV / Breakfast of the Gods

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  • Complete Monster: Count Chocula is the mastermind of the entire plot, making his move once King Vitaman goes into a deep slumber to power the force field that protects Cerealia. Determined to locate Vitaman's resting place, Chocula kidnaps and brutally tortures several mascots, from Buzz Bee to the Rice Krispies, and, once they reveal they know nothing, has them continuously tortured or outright killed for fun. After manipulating Ayummayumma into getting his entire tribe slaughtered in a suicide mission, Chocula ruthlessly executes Cap'n Crunch, allowing his friends to live following the ordeal just to let them suffer more. Once coming under the assault of Tony the Tiger and many other mascots, Chocula not only reveals he has kept Sonny and Fruit Brute as his tortured prisoners to be used as attack dogs, but also that he has made an alliance with the Sogmaster and his army of Soggies. Chocula hopes to use the Sogmaster to destroy Cerealia's force field, thus allowing Chocula free reign to slaughter and feast upon each and every mascot in the land. Count Chocula was a heartless monster whose sole desire was to turn Cerealia into a buffet for himself to gorge on, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents simply to satisfy his sweet tooth.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Quite a few; moreso for people who grew up with the mascots that have fallen out of use.
    • The Soggies can simply surround their victims and drown them where they stand.
    • Sonny's Renfieldian rantings from the padded cell.
    • The sound effects during the torture scene in Book One moves what could be simply a moderately disturbing scene squarely into this category.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Among breakfast cereal mascots, no less!

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