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  • Broken Base: Among the many anvils dropped by Rune A., the most famously divisive among readers (or, more likely, their parents) was his editorial comic about the necessity of paying taxes.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Grandma has stated that she made sure that if Bamse had an intention of doing something nasty, the dunderhonung's effect would fade in a snap. Bamse has to be a Technical Pacifist for it to work.
  • Genius Bonus: As a genius inventor character in an educational comic book, Skalman often delivers this trope. Notable examples:
    • Brumma is initially non-verbal, but will occasionally exclaim a phrase Skalman has taught her: Hakuna matata! When her parents comment that only she and Skalman know what that means, Skalman says "Well, us and a few million others!". In 1989, before a certain Disney movie popularized the phrase and long before Google was invetend, finding out what he meant by that would not have been easy.
    • Skalman's workshop usually has a number of Genius Bonus references tucked away on book spines, notes, and signs on the wall. There's the ubiquitous E=mc2, and often a sign declaring "This time Hypatia will be defended!". Hypatia who? note 
  • Memetic Mutation: "'I have a built-in compass,' said Skalman - and flew out through the window!"Explanation 
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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: In general, the series has dropped anvils about pacifism, redemption, racism and co-existence for its entire run... And pulled it off so well that some Swedes hold Bamse in higher regard when it comes to teaching children about basic morality than religious scriptures. A stand-out example of this is when Rune A. opened a letter column with a response to a letter he had received, then spent the rest of the column explaining the Holocaust… to Pre-schoolers… and did it really well.
  • The Woobie: Vargen. Just Vargen. Orphaned at an early age, raised by abusive stepfathers into a life of crime, befriends girl, stepparents decide to rob a girl's house, Vargen escapes with the girl's help. He tries to reform but is treated as a criminal, decides to take up a life of crime seriously, becoming World Champion of Nastiness, gets foiled by main character until he does a Heel–Face Turn... And in the end, he does not even get the girl as she grew up and married someone else. Prior to his Heel–Face Turn this made him a Jerkass Woobie as well.


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