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  • Arc Fatigue:
    • World [3], Twisted Anteria, lasted 30 pages. This gave it more than half of the comic's pages at its time of completion.
    • World [6] suffered from this, if only because Két was in another person's comic at the time, so Niv couldn't progress freely until she returned.
    • This trope is referenced as the reason Niv increased the frequency of updates during World [10].
  • Broken Base: To say the ending has split the fanbase would be a massive understatement. One side claims that it came out of nowhere, went against the themes of the story, completely invalidated all the events of the series and Ket's own development, and was needlessly cynical, depressing and borderline nihilistic. The other side claims that it was a well executed ending and that Ket's fate was thematically fitting, claiming that one of the main themes of the comic has always been her powerlessness and lack of agency over how her story unfolded. A third faction wonders what the other factions were expecting, considering that Niv's previous major project, MUTE, also ended with a sudden shift to dark and depressing drama that ultimately culminated in the main character's death.
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  • Ending Aversion: Quite a few people see the Sudden Bittersweet Ending as this, accusing it of invalidating Ket as a character and the emotional investment fans put in her and her journey for the sake of an out of nowhere "life is hard and unfair sometimes" moral.
  • Esoteric Bitterseet Ending: The ending tries to play itself as a hopeful Bitter Sweet Ending, but the fact is, Ket failed literally all her objectives, lost everything, died a pathetic Undignified Death, had her entire journey invalidated and rendered pointless, the Big Bad succeeded in all her plans and got everything she wanted even if she died, and everyone is clearly miserable.
  • Fix Fic: Perhaps unsurprisingly, at least two have spawned:
    • Thomasmania, a short sprite comic that details Comic!Ket returning to get the happy ending she deserves, including reconciling with Blaire, reclaiming her wind powers, and being able to defeat Silvena fairly.
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    • B.S. Ex Machina, a written fanfic named based on a line made by RP!Ket in the epilogue. Ket wills herself back to life, albeit in the new body that was formed when Silvena possessed her. She renames herself Svet based on the new "union", and quickly discovers that Silvena is now a ghost in her head, not unlike the dynamic between RP!Ket and Jax. Unlike Thomasmania, Svet does not regain her wind powers. This fanfic, due to being connected in part to The Middle Ground (Aware's main hosting site), was actually made "semi-canon" by Word of Niv.
  • Milestone Celebration: So far there's been:
    • A longer page for Page 100
    • A drawn shot of Phantom Thief Kiara on Page 150
    • A Q&A special for reaching 100 fans
    • A drawn panel in Page 200
    • A drawn picture for reaching 200 fans
    • A longer page for Page 250
    • A second Q&A special for passing 300 comics
    • A longer page for Page 300
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    • Art and a slightly longer page for Page 350
    • A preview of future worlds for the 3 Year Anniversary Special
    • Several drawn panels and a slightly longer page for Page 400
    • A third Q&A special for passing 400 comics and introducing everyone on the Important Faces page
    • And a Recap Episode for page 450 (which landed on the day after the 4th anniversary).
  • The Scrappy: By the end of his encounter with Két, people really hated Blair. Niv notes that this was completely intentional.
  • Shipping: Several of the fans have a tendency to ship Két with everyone she interacts with, much to Niv's dismay.
  • True Art Is Angsty: Word of Niv has stated that the surprisingly bleak ending was done specifically to show "just how hard and unfair life can be".
  • What an Idiot!: Despite all of Két's warnings in regards to Blair, Aqua still manages to ignore the fact that he's a threat and turn his back on him to go talk to Két. This results in Blair following him and his Stalker with a Crush tendencies being revealed.
    • In the supplemental material that is the Scar Map, Niv notes that the scar on Két's left hand is from when she "Caught a stabbing sword. You idiot."
  • Word of God: Niv often responds to reader comments, meaning she periodically answers questions that readers have. Or she just messes with them.


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