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YMMV / Attack Force

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  • Complete Monster: Aroon is a scientist, co-creator of the military combat drug CTX, and owner of a strip club who seeks to test the drug’s capabilities. Previously a soldier who used his own squad as guinea pigs to test the drug, Aroon went AWOL to perfect CTX some more. Using the strippers in his club to kill people via CTX overdose—which include three of Marshall Lawson's men—while also disguising CTX as a party drug that kills plenty others, Aroon ultimately plans to infect a city's water supply with CTX, hoping to have 15,000 people either dead or addicted.
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  • Fight Scene Failure: In order to hide Seagal's oversized beer gut and the fact that the action choreography of this film is beyond atrocious, most of the fight scenes are shot in near darkness, with excessive close-ups, choppy editing, nauseating Jitter Cam, and are beyond comprehensible to watch.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The best thing reviews have to say about this film.

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