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YMMV / Alice (1988)

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This review summarized the film as "a masterpiece of surrealism that's more Tim Burton than Walt Disney." Burton did indeed make his own version, many years later, and it's nothing like this film.
  • Moe: Alice.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The film is big on Mind Screw, Body Horror, Uncanny Valley, and Deranged Animation, making for some pretty good Surreal Horror.
    • The White Rabbit is made from seemingly a real, taxidermied rabbit, with wide, staring glass eyes to boot. He also personally cuts off people's heads for the Queen.
    • The Caterpillar is a living sock that finds huge eyes and teeth to attach to itself, and always looks as if its ready to Eat the Camera. It ends its scene by spitting out its own teeth and sewing over its own eyes.
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    • In one scene, as in the book, there is a crying baby that turns into a squealing pig. The unnerving part is that sometimes the pig squeals are combined with the crying sounds, to very unnerving effect.

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