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YMMV / Albedo Combat Patrol 164

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  • And You Thought It Would Fail: No one, not even Sally 4th, the creators of the game, expected the game to be fully funded in Kickstarter in less than 13 hours, even if the funding goal was just 5,000 poundsnote  This is especially relevant if you consider the whole game is based in a somewhat obscure American Furry Comic, whose author hadn't continued it since 2005, the previous attempt for a RPG, Platinum Catalyst, was rather divisive for the author of the comic, the author himself (Steven A. Gallacci) tried to be out of the spotlight for years, and the comic itself has become into a sad footnote in the comic book industry, in stark contrast with Usagi Yojimbo, the other work that debuted in Albedo when it was previously an Anthology Comic.
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  • Author's Saving Throw: The game will try to stay true to the essence of the comic, without adding or removing elements or trying to demonize and/or idolize either side of the conflict, which was one of the many things that alienated some fans and Gallacci himself from the Platinum Catalyst RPG game, even if the ILR seems to get most of the spotlight compared with the EDF in previous games.
  • Narm: Col. Amenenha's nickname, The Butcher of Baka. Nothing says "Hey! I'm a bad guy" and ruins your reputation faster when the city where you did your crimes shares the same word with the Japanese word for "idiot".
  • Values Dissonance: In a way, and also overlaps with Separated by a Common Language as well: Despite the game is based in an American comic, the very implementation of it is very British in spirit and concept, as it relies in tropes and concepts from the British military culture, rather than the American one from which the author of Albedo, a former member of the USAF, hails from. A very notorious example is the use of the "Fire Support Team" concept, used mainly by the British military forces, but not by the American ones, at least not in the same concept as used in the U.K. Likewise, many of the military slang used in the game are very British, compared with the American one used in comics and previous games.note 

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