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Trivia / Albedo Combat Patrol 164

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  • Approval of God: Unlike with what happened with the Platinum Catalyst Updated Re-release RPG, Sally 4th has the complete blessing of the author and also mostly free reign regarding the direction the game will take. This also include the building of the events from the First Lepine War, a conflict which was a Noodle Incident at best in the original canon, and it was barely explained in either the comics and previous games.
  • Creator Backlash:
  • Creator's Favorite: Chase Murphy, one of the main members of Sally 4th's design team, is a fan of the ILR, and that's one of the main reasons why the first figures and information about the characters of the game gears towards them rather than the EDF.
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  • Playing Against Type: Sally 4th, the British publisher of the game, did other miniature-based war games based in either real conflicts or movies, but this is one of their first sci-fi works, not to mention their first time doing a game based in a foreign work.

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