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YMMV / Agent Aika

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  • Complete Monster: Rudolf Hagen created the Delmo for one purpose: to serve as his own personal harem after the apocalypse. An egomaniac who views himself as the pinnacle of perfection, Hagen abducts and brainwashes women he deems worthy to join the Delmo. Researching the volatile material called the Lagu, Hagen intends to use it to cause a chain reaction on earth to exterminate all life, allowing him to repopulate the world with the Delmo, creating a new race with his "superior genes". Not even Hagen's own sister and lover Nina is safe, as Hagen happily attempts to sacrifice her when he judges her usefulness to him is done.
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  • Les Yay: A lot between Rion and Aika not to mention between several Delmos, not counting the actual lesbians. Even more in the OVA's where there is Eri and her not so subtle crush on Karen, who may or may not reciprocate. The Big Bad and Her dragon in the second OVA, "Aika Zero," are pretty obviously into each other, but that's not to mention the dragons' rather harem-like minions.
  • Market-Based Title that develops into Title Confusion: The original title in Japanese is just AIKa (yep, that's how it's romanized), but for the English market it was retitled "Agent Aika", which is weird since Aika is not described as an "agent" of any sort.
    • This probably comes from the fact that the first episode of the OVA is titled "Beautiful Agent". (Yes, "eejiento" in katakana.)
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