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YMMV / Age of the Wolf

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Harry Skinner is the leader of a Neo-Nazi gang in post-apocalyptic Britain, along with his sister and his grandmother. His group is responsible for capturing stragglers and selling them to neighboring tribes to be fed to werewolves in exchange for good weapons. He becomes obsessed with heroine Rowan Morrigan and thinks she is sending him messages to become his lover, driving him to allow Rowan to kill his sister and later killing a man that Rowan had just saved out of jealousy. He feeds his grandmother to a werewolf as well after beating her senseless, and tosses a baby that he had initially saved into a werewolf pit after suspecting it to be racially impure.
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    • Sister Sigrid is an Alpha werewolf who leads her own pack in the war against mankind and maintains power by ripping any challengers to her position limb from limb. Harboring a deep hatred for humans and being a lover of Human Sacrifice in particular, she kidnaps Rowan's adopted daughter Keira in order to sacrifice her as part of a great prophecy that she claims was given to her by the great wolf god Luna, and would bring about the total extinction of humanity. Despite claiming to care for her followers, she has no problems using wolf cubs as foot soldiers against the "Grey Witch" and instructs her men to crash their own ship to allow their Alpha to escape.

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