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YMMV / A Darkness More Than Night

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  • Story Arc: Could be considered the last novel in Bosch's "Eleanor Wish" arc, since we find out in the following book that immediately prior to the events of that story, he had finally put his heartbreak behind him and decided to move on. This would make the second broad arc of the Bosch novels after the first, which might be called the "Marjorie Lowe" arc since it has a major subplot his mother's murder as part of Bosch's Backstory and culminates in his finally solving the crime. Word of God even states that Connelly considered ending the Bosch series there (as noted in the trivia page for The Last Coyote). In the following Bosch novel, he crosses paths with Eleanor Wish again and ends the novel married to her. This would make the Bosch series so far break up as:

Marjorie Lowe arc:

Eleanor Wish arc:


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