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"There is a large VOID here, ripe with creative potential. the void beckons you to engage it- somehow, as a distant, collective consciousness you know two things.
your TCP LIMIT is 1
you can CREATE a TINY CAT PERSON by presenting the void with a WORD. any noun will do."
The first page
Voidsy and their cats. note 

Tiny Cat People is an Interactive Comic by the Homebrew Deviants, featuring a game in which tiny cat people (or TCPs) are spawned, and must be taken care of by the player. The readers take the place of deity-in-training playing the game, and have the power to create anything they can think of in the void the game starts in, as well as teach their cats new things and direct their actions. Moreover, the game is a multiplayer one, with other gods playing in the same session, and the game can only be won if everybody agrees to an alliance... or kills off every opposing players' TCPs.

The story was originally started March 2016 on TGchan , but has since gained additional threads on the Eagle Time, Omegaupdate and Furvilla forums, all happening concurrently with eachother and taking place within the greater universe of Morbit. Each location plays as its own deity, which is explained to be a collective, not a consensus, hence often conflicting voices and decision-making.

The game itself plays as part Real-Time Strategy, part Sandbox, letting players do almost anything on their own territory but restricting their influence outside of it. As the game advances, the maximum number of TCPs allowed in the session increases, and as the game can only end once every deity has 5, the player must make alliances and decide their battlelines quickly.

The TGchan and Eagle Time sessions are far more advanced than the others, and have already begun tieing into eachothers' events. Other stories in the Morbit setting include Maybequest, Waterlogged, and others.

Individual sessions will be added once their deity recieves a name. TGchan's deity is The Void (Voidsy to their friends), while Eagle Time's is Frog-Crimes.

     Tropes In General 
  • A God is You: Within their territory, a player can change the landscape and create any item or structure they can think of. They can also instantly give their TCPs knowledge of any particular subject.
    • Technically subverted however, as the game's players are in fact already deities on Morbit.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Any kind of magic item lowers the health of the TCP using it, leading to dizziness and even death if used too much.
  • Glass Cannon: Weapon-type TCPs generally have lower health pools than other types, and can create additional weapons on their body at the cost of even more health. However, they are not necessarily good at using their weapon, and might even prefer not fighting at all.
     Tropes Specific To Void Session 
     Tropes Specific To Crimes Session 
  • Hero with an F in Good: Frog-Crimes really wants to try and be a good deity to their cats, but they're just... really, really bad at it. Their actions are often nonsensical and sometimes even harmful to their TC Ps, and their apologies seem to never to come out quite right.