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Black Rose is a webcomic by Tiffany Ross, who is also responsible a for wide assortment of other webcomics such Alien Dice and the Cyantian Chronicles.

The story focuses mostly around three lycans, one of whom is incapable of transforming. The three main characters the story focuses on most are a father, his son, and the son's mate, whom is incapable of transforming for reason not yet explained, while he can turn into a wolf and his father is a polar bear.


This comic contains examples of:

  • Bears Are Bad News: A notable subversion is seen with one of the main characters: while he is a sweet-natured old man, he is also the one who trained most of their pursuers before the story began, which means he is a Papa Wolf. His nature is almost spot-on for bears in real life. He's a gentle and kindly soul, at least until you make him mad. While the trope is spot on when you are talking about the villains of the story, it is the inverse for primary characters.
  • Happily Married: Sinae and Laurn, at the beginning of the story anyway. Everything changes just as the main characters are getting comfortable around the dinner table. The two are still very devoted to each other, however the course of events in the story is testing what their bodies can endure.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: By lycan terms Sinae is abnormal, as someone around her age is usually able to turn into some sort of creature, yet for reasons unexplained she is not able to do so.
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  • Our Dragons Are Different: The Elk's team has a big blue Dragon that looks almost fuzzy, and he takes orders from the Elk.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: While a good number of characters, including one of the main characters, are wolves we also get a wide assortment of other lycans. We meet an elk, a fox, a polar bear and various others, some of which are really quite strange. While we have yet to see a hybrid form with the lycans our main wolf has displayed the ability to change his size.

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