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Big Clive is an Isle Of Man based Scottish YouTuber, who describes his channel as "the trashiest electronics channel on YouTube". What he means is, the channel focuses principally on the disassembly and analysis of piss cheap Chinese electrical items from places such as eBay and Poundland, as well as more mundane electrical items and explanations of technical concepts, and dolls that shoot flames out of their genitals. Half of the appeal is Clive himself, perennially calm, knowledgeable and sardonic while also being all too willing to do very stupid things on camera.


Big Clive's videos contain examples of the following tropes:

  • Colbert Bump: Clive got a significant boost when Stuart Ashen included a segment with Clive in one of his videos, taking apart and critiquing an (actually rather good) Poundworld power bank.
  • Don't Try This at Home: Clive does a lot of rather dangerous things, often with very little warning other than "this is very dangerous", with a notable exception being the time that he decided to put 240v mains current across his chest arm to armnote  and was spurred to add a very long content warning at the start of the video.
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  • Precision F-Strike: So precise that it's one of a tiny number of uses of the word "fuck" across his entire channel, he lets loose a baffled "what the fuck" when he opens the HOPI power meter he's been using for ages to discover that there's a button on it that he literally had no idea of the existence or function of. It turns out it's used to change the calculation of annual power consumption in various ways.
  • Shout-Out: The Double-death gay Dalek camping light intro and title is a reference to the "Gay Daleks" sketches from Victor Lewis-Smith's TV Offal series.
  • Take That!: The TOP ECO DIY TIPZ video is an extremely sarcastic imitation/teardown of channels like DIY Perks, who attempt to "DIY" various electrical projects with varying degrees of competence and safety.

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