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Tonin is a Brazilian web series by Maurício Ricardo Quirino available at wwwdotchargesdotcomdotbr. The titular character is a Brazilian country boy whose life is completely changed when a pair of time-traveller ninjas from feudal Japan informs him that he's The Chosen One who's been prophesized to defeat an evil wizard named Vilano-san, who's terrorizing the village the ninjas come from. The series lasted for four seasons.


  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Vilano-san and Pai-Meio work together during Season 3.
  • Engagement Challenge: If the King of Sanvil has no sons, his daughter must marry someone who proves his worth by defeating a champion chosen by the King. King Mipussy got the throne because the champion chosen by his father-in-law threw the fight in exchange for half the royal treasure.
  • Exact Words:
    • In Tonin - O Ninja Que Veio da Roça, Vilano-san, the main villain, asked a spirit to make his body resistant to harm. The spirit said he'd only do it if Vilano defeated him in a card game. Vilano only agreed on the condition that each one would draw one's own cards. Instead of drawing cards from the spirit's deck, he drew cards from his pocket, getting himself a better hand. When the spirit protested, Vilano reminded him about the agreement about drawing one's own cards. Had Vilano drawn cards from the spirit's deck, he'd have drawn the spirit's cards.
    • In sequel series Tonin - A Vorta dos Que Num Foi, Tonin and his friends were stuck in the future and the spirit was their only chance to return. Being an oracle, the spirit said his only duty was of answering questions. The spirit also told that he's bound to this duty until Tonin dismisses him. Tonin then challenged the spirit to send them back to the past, promising he'd never ask any questions from that day onwards if the spirit succeeds. Once they went back in time, Tonin pointed out that, since they've gone back several years from the day he promised to stop making questions, he still has all that time back to make questions without going back on his word.
    • Years later (from Tonin's perspective), he went back to the day he made that deal and asked the oracle how could there have two of him in two different places at the same time but, since they were in a period of time the oracle no longer had to answer questions as per the agreement, the oracle refused to answer. Tonin argued it was the other Tonin who made the deal but the oracle explained they were the same Tonin. Tonin then asked how this could be possible. By doing so, he unwittingly answered the question he initially refused to.
    • In trequel series Tonin - O Ninja dos Inferno, Tonin sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for the power to defeat Vilano-san and Pai-Meio. The terms of the agreement stated that the Devil would be able to collect the soul once Vilano and Pai-Meio would no longer be able to pose a threat. The two villains were eventually killed. When the Devil tried to collect the soul, it was argued that Vilano and Pai-Meio being dead doesn't mean they'd never be able to pose a threat again. Considering the world where the story took place, the argument makes sense.
    • In order to reach the Devil to strike the deal in the first place, Tonin had to, once again, outsmart the spirit. The spirit was unwilling to help Tonin in any way other than doing his job (answering questions). Tonin then asked if he'd make a good deal with the Devil. Since the only way to know was having Tonin meet the Devil, the spirit had no choice but to take Tonin to hell. Also, when Tonin proposed the deal to the Devil, Tonin offered his "arma". ("Arma" could be either the Brazilian word for "weapon" or the way Brazilian unsophisticated country people say "alma", the Brazilian word for "soul".) The spirit, who served as witness for the deal, said that either Tonin and the Devil reached for an agreement on which meaning the word "arma" would be employed for the deal, or the deal would be null and void. Unable to convince the Devil to taking anything from him as a "weapon", Tonin agreed to offer his soul.
    • In Tonin - A Saga Final, a witch tried to avoid a witch hunter by magically disguising her appearance but he saw through her disguise and offered her a deal: if she taught him how to disguise himself, he'd leave her alive somewhere nobody would lay their hands at her. After she fulfilled her end of the bargain, he left her alive, but tied at a stake where nobody would lay anything other than fire.
    • Also, hoping to have the same near-invulnerability his father won in the deal from the first season, Vilano Segundo (Vilano the Second) sought the same oracle, who had him play a cheese eating contest against The Chosen One. If Overlord Jr. wins, he'll gain said near invulnerability; if he loses, he loses his life. Being somewhat of a Chaotic Neutral and considering the villain was alone while The Hero had lots of friends in the place where the contest was held, the oracle granted the villain temporary protection from harm until the contest was over. The oracle also ruled that the first contestant whose pile of cheese was eaten would be the winner; no cheese could be wasted; no cheese could be vomited; there was no time limit; and the villain would win by default if he had no opponents. The Hero shared his cheese with his friends because shared food isn't wasted food and there was no rule saying who had to eat his cheese. The villain then stabbed The Hero to death to invoke the win by lack of opponent rule because there was no rule saying he couldn't kill the opponent. Beause of the oracle's protection, nobody could kill the villain until the contest was over. Once the villain was declared the winner and the oracle declared the contest over, one of the good guys killed the villain before the oracle granted the powers. (The protection being over once the contest was over) Nobody mentioned it in the series but, since the powers came with vulnerability to cheese, the hero's friends could have hit the villain with the remaining cheese if the villain had been granted the powers.
  • Evil All Along: Pai-Meio was just pretending to be good and helpful until Tonin defeated Vilano-san. He reveals his true colors once Vilano-san is seemingly killed and starts taking over the village the defeated villain used to rule.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: After the series ended, some characters featured in "Transando Essa Transa", a web animation story featuring characters from "Tonin" and from other series belonging to the same website, namely "Espinha & Fimose"; "Só Levando"; and "Tobby Entrevista".
  • Murder by Mistake: In Season 2, Vilano-san goes to Tonin's past to kill him before the events from Season 1 took place. The plan fails because he mistakenly kills Tonin's twin brother.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Vilano-san tricked a spirit into making him indestructible so nobody can harm him while he's casting spells. Fortunately, that invulnerability comes with a Weaksauce Weakness.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Prior to the beginning of the series, Vilano-san used to work for the then King of Sanvil by having duels against anyone who wanted to marry the King's daughter. The first challenger to defeat Vilano got to marry her and eventually become the next King. When Vilano's old friend Mipussy showed up to issue a challenge, Vilano threw the fight and received half the royal treasure for doing so.
  • Squishy Wizard: Vilano-san can use his magic to disintegrate people but someone can hit him during the time it takes him to cast the spell. Prior to Season 1, he tricked a spirit into making him indestructible to avert this problem. After he's seemingly killed from being hit with his Weaksauce Weakness, he becomes squishy again.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: After being made indestructible, Vilano-san is told to avoid dairy. He doesn't understand the full implications behind the warning until the hero hits him with a hunk of cheese during Season 1's climax. During Season 4, one of his sons tries to obtain that same power in spite of knowing that weakness comes with the package.