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  • It actually stands for "We Have Always Been People".

WHABP will happen entirely over the course of one day in the human world.

Andy and Jillian are one Ditto
  • What the title says. If they stay together for too long, they'll instinctively re-merge. That's why they're almost never seen together.

The characters of players who've dropped out have ceased to exist.
  • Memories of them remain, but other than that, there's no remaining trace that they were present. What happened to them, where they went, the in-universe reason for their vanishing... well, we may never know.

PJ's headaches as a Ribombee were the result of some nearby island rediscovering cell phones.
  • ...and before you mention bees being different from beeflies, a wide range of insect populations have plummeted in the last 15 years.

A few humanmons may be from different time periods, or alternate earths.
  • Noriaki is the the common WMG for the former, while the latter may manifest itself as another universe with flesh and blood Pokémon.

The one spreading the VA and creating all the Vectors will be... a Pidgey.
  • Or some other equally as useless Pokémon. For Rule of Funny.
    • I propose that it stemmed from a Bidoof. Why? Because Bidoof.
      • It was the Professor all along...

Whatever brought Mila into the world forgot to expose her body's immune system to common germs.
  • Which would explain why she often seems to fall ill or experience ambiguous symptoms. Of course, one would assume the bodies the humanmons inhabit were somehow pre-exposed to these germs in a time accelerated environment, to learn to create the needed antibodies.

David's family is the same as Koss'. That is, they're siblings.
  • We don't know much about David, and with a family as large as Koss' is shown to be, it's feasible that one child might be lost to kidnapping in negligence. Add to that the realization that Koss has been estranged from the rest of them for a while, and it might make sense why the kid wouldn't recognize his older brother.

Bailey was actually Henry Selick before entering the Pokemon world.
  • All thanks to Dubh Kafkaesque, who suggested this after Puma, Bailey's player, misconstrued a statement about Bailey on the Discord server, just after he had Bailey quote The Nightmare Before Christmas in the thread.Long story 

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