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Various collaborative meta projects for the RP.

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    World Map SVG 
The world map SVG is a Scaled Vector Graphics file containing a visualized world map. It's a work in progress. If you want to work on the SVG file, please add a version section of your own, which will effectively check it out in your name and let others know that they shouldn't try to edit for now. When done, please post it as an SVG file (using imgur, google drive, or something else user friendly) as well as a PNG file. (TV Tropes will shrink it, so host it elsewhere)

It's strongly recommended that you use Inkscape to edit the SVG.

Version 1

Created by: sarysa

Notes: It's very flawed, and desperately needs an overhaul by veteran players.

Version 2

Created by: sarysa

Notes: Added the ruined area the first wave spawned inside, the road, and the diner. Still missing Hevea's house/lab (a short distance from Silversand), Milklett (probably near diner), Glasstone (mountain/volcano opposing side of Hoard, high up), Dras-Il's Woods (north? of Orichalcum), some canyon Whizz mentioned, and Crystal City(on an island west? of Silversand).

Version 3

Created by: sarysa

Notes: Added Hevea's house/lab (a short distance from Silversand), Milklett, Glasstone, Dras-Il's Woods, and Crystal City. Labeled everything except Hevea's due to lack of space. Still missing some canyon Whizz mentioned, and Crystal City (as well as the island) is a WIP.

Version 4

Created by: sarysa

Notes: Added a couple beaches, a few more namedropped locations, and most significantly Wild Ridge. (art by The Gamechanger) Also added mountain by Crystal City that was missing from Version 3.

Version 5

Created by: sarysa

Notes: Added Carnival, Bedsheets, and Agartha. Moved Orichalcum down and Ruins up. Moved Manaphy's Castle to south of the starting island.

Version 6

Created by: sarysa

Notes: Added a slew of new islands and landmarks, removed "Grassy Valley???", added Hillih, fixed up Crystal City adding its spires. Should be the definitive version for several months to come.

TODOs For Future Version

  • Move Blissparce to the coast.
  • Add Holstown and Narcia to the map.
  • Add Mount Vert to the map.
  • Have a little hook shaped bay above Foxfell.

    Party Compliment/Size Comparison 
These are all compiled by Cabe_Bedlam. The first version is actually something like the sixth or seventh, but they've only now been posted here.

Version 1

Created by: Cabe_Bedlam

Date: 2018-01-24

    Other Maps 

    Google Docs 

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