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Trivia / We Have All Become Pokémon

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  • Development Hell: The Eluant Canyon side-quest ended up entering this following its GM losing motivation and leaving the RP, lying dormant for several months before ultimately being quietly cancelled.
  • Throw It In!: Numerous things have been applied to canon after spitballing ideas that ended up sticking:
    • Some characters' surnames have been given to them in this way.
    • Marsha being canonically shorter than most Swamperts stemmed from an Off-Model drawing of her by her player that showed her only coming up to Delilah's waist. After a few amused comments, her player decided to make it canon.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Arcs:
      • There was going to be a side-quest during Hoard involving several characters going to a neighboring island called Wild Ridge. However, the side-quest (and Wild Ridge itself; which has yet to be revisited in any manner) ended up completely forgotten in the rush of other things going on in the arc.
      • The Hoard arc was going to have an epilogue involving the humanmons discovering that they had been lead into a trap by Serris and Khmalidze and were to be imprisoned in Hoard for the rest of their lives, leading to a plot where they had to escape Hoard without being caught. However, by the end of the climax of the arc, the playerbase had grown weary of the arc (which, at the time, was the longest lasting one to date) and wanted to move on, so the humanmons were pardoned and allowed to leave.
      • The Priscilla sub-plot was originally meant to take place entirely within the Gleamscape arc, but had its conclusion moved to Slak Rock after the Gleamscape arc was ended earlier than expected.
      • The start of the Foxfell arc was going to play out entirely different than how it ultimately did; with Autumn being abducted by the Stoojes and taken back to the kingdom by force rather than Autumn returning of her own volition. This was foreshadowed with the Stoojes being present in Slak Rock looking for her. Circumstances, however, lead to the Slak Rock being cancelled, necessitating a change of plans and resulting in the Stoojes abruptly disappearing from the rest of the arc.
      • Slak Rock itself was going to, in theory, eventually lead to a showdown between the heirs and whomever the VA vector of Slak Rock was supposed to be. Due to the arc's cancellation, however, this all either never happened or happened off-screen.
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    • Characters:
      • Delilah the Dragonite was originally conceived as a villainous character who would trick Goobert into getting in trouble. Her player very quickly scrapped this, however (her original Meaningful Name becoming The Artifact as a result). She was also planned to be the Romantic False Lead for Goobert, who was originally planned to ultimately get together with Cyk. However, Cyk's player ended up leaving the RP (but not before showing Cyk getting over Goobert and finding someone else) before any of that came to pass, so Delilah ended up becoming Goobert's official Love Interest after all.
      • L'Arachel and Phoebe were originally going to be VA vectors, but had this attribute later removed from them due to their respective players not feeling that the VA added anything to their respective characters.
  • Word of God:
    • Olias, the Emolga heir to the Slak Rock throne, was killed in the ensuing mayhem coming from the old king dying.

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