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Sayu Yagami was somehow behind everything.
For one, she is one of the few characters who can manipulate Light and live to tell the tale.... ("I totally don't get this, could you do my homework... I mean show me how?" "But mom, I'm going out with friends today!")

Soichiro Yagami is L's father.
It's not mentioned when Soichiro married Sachiko, and it's not impossible for him to have had sex with other people before marrying, possibly helping conceive a bastard child. L is older than Light, and there's no indication how soon Light was born after their wedding.
  • They also don't look anything like each other. And Britain is pretty far away from Japan. Is there any real support for this?
    • Well, does Light look like Soichiro at all? Plus, in The Last Name movie, L told Soichiro he'd been like a father for him...
      • Wait, are you insinuating that Soichiro isn't Light's father?

Some say that he got his start doing incest hentai, and that his son is secretly Kira.
All we know is, Soichiro Yagami is
the Stig.
  • Well he did drive a van through a TV station door (or...whatever that was in the movie). That sounds like something the Stig would do.
    • And he looks good in a helmet!
Ide: Do you remember what happened to the first Stig?
Matsuda: He got shot by Mello.
Ide: Because-
Matsuda: Because we used nitrous.

The girl Light dates when he meets Ray Penber looks like an older Sayu, and later on, one of the girlie pictures he looks at again looks like his sister. Meanwhile, Sayu fangirls the movie star Hideko Ryuuga, who bears a passing resemblance to Light.
  • Thank you! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Ryuuga looks almost exactly like Light! Hmm, that's not even taking into account the fact that Sayu seems to be the only person Light cares about other than himself. He never did bring himself to kill her, did he...?

Yagami Soichiro was about to be assassinated.
  • Someone should've investigated what would have happened had his father lived twice as long as he did from the time he gained the Shinigami Eyes. Who knows which plan could've been unraveled.
  • Or someone should write a very good fanfic about it.
    • There's this parody comic.
  • Not that we actually know that the Rules work that way.
    • Or do we? I didn't go through all the ones from the manga.
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  • Soichiro wasn't necessarily going to be assassinated, it could have just been an ironic second heart attack that could've killed him.
  • Let's just agree that Soichiro was going to die that day no matter what, since if my math's correct he only lost a few hours of lifespan when he took the shinigami eyes.
  • We don't know for sure that he would die the next day or a couple of hours later if he didn't take the shinigami eyes. "The use of the Death Note in the human world sometimes affects other human’s lives or shortens their original life-span, even though their names are not actually written in the Death Note itself. (...)", well, if you think about it, they went to that mafia hideout to take the notebook back, right? So Light, by picking it up, affected his fathers life (and lives of a lot of people!). So maybe Soichiro was supposed to live longer, the reason he died was because of his wounds, not because his time ran out. If Mello didn't bomb the place, he might have lived for a few more years. To be honest, this life-span thing in DN is quite confusing.

Yagami Soichiro would've gotten fatally wounded in the assault on Mello's warehouse.
The Shinigami eyes cut a person's lifespan in half, but Soichiro died only a couple hours after getting the eyes. Also, remember, he didn't do the eye deal until they were already poised for attacking Mello. Here's my theory on the "original timeline"; if Soichiri hadn't gotten the eyes, they would've all rushed in, and attacked Mello in a more conventional manner, I.E. by shooting him, or trying to anyway. However, Soichiro still would've gotten shot up pretty badly since he would've hesitated shooting, as he apparently hasn't killed anybody before (or maybe it was the believed 13 day rule that made him hesitate, who knows?).

If Soichirou hadn't assumed the Death Note, he would have committed suicide the next day.
Pretty straightforward.

It would explain why Misa and Takada don't arouse him, by any means, and why, even after becoming completely sociopathic under the Death Note's influence, he would continue to protect his little sister. Until their parents died and he finally had the chance to put his hands on her. Note that I specifically used the term "woman', so....

The unnamed shinigami in the first Re-Light special is Soichiro Yagami.
Due to Soichio's unique circumstance of owning and using the Death Note (by making the eye trade) without actually writing in it, he was granted an equally-unique afterlife: being reincarnated as a shinigami.

He completely remembers his life as a human. He is seeking out Ryuk to find out how the Death Notes get into the world. Being the decent guy he is, he plans on using this to find a way to prevent any shinigami (including himself) from ever entering the human world again. He doesn't want another Kira to emerge. Ryuk honestly thought he was Light, and Soichiro (for the sake of his greater plan) didn't correct him.

  • Soichiro is This Troper's favorite character and loves the idea of him outsmarting Ryuk.

Sayu becomes a Kira.
According to Word of God Light probably switched the notebook that was in police custody and considering his escalating hubris at the time he may have hidden it in his own house. Sayu is just recovering from her kidnapping and the deaths of her father and brother when she stumbles upon Light's hidden notebook. Sayu hero worshipped her big brother and after she pieces together what happened she starts killing criminals because no one should have to go through what she went through at the hands of the mob and she wants to avenge her brother and by acting as Kira she will flush out the ones who killed him and she probably succeeds too, seeing that no one suspects the ditzy-looking traumatized cute girl who is, according to the guidebook, actually a genius who is as smart as Near.

The Yagami family has a genetic predisposition for heart problems.
There's Souichiro heart attack as well as Light’s Karmic Death of a heart attack in his mid-twenties. Who's to say it wouldn’t have happened that way without the notebook?

Sayu knew something was wrong with her brother.
That's why she keeps pestering him to help her with her homework—it's just an excuse for her to spend time with him while she tries to figure him out. She also knows that by asking for his help she's playing to his ego (and as an added bonus she doesn't have to do her homework that way...) and given that her informed intelligence is said to be equal to Near's it's very likely she figured out his secret but kept her silence to avoid tearing their family apart.

Light got his crazy from Soichiro.
Light was pretty depressed in the beginning from his boredom and the Death Note blew it up into full blown sociopathy. Mental illness tends to be genetic. Someone had to pass it down to him. Well, Soichiro has acted crazy at times and he's certainly capable of suicide in at least one universe. I think we have a winner.

Sayu was brutally treated by the mob when she was kidnapped.
After all, something had to have happened for her to end up so catatonic that she had to use a wheelchair.

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