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The Prayer Warriors are actually mental parasites.

Or rather fake personas created by the parasites for their hosts. Mary, the original host, found the perfect ideology for her purposes in madman Jerry and so the parasites are giving everyone personalities based on his. Most people are easily taken over by the fake personas, with demigods and wizards it's harder. Michael thought Mary ways the traitor and maybe Mary thought it too, but the parasites actually made her sleep with Percy Jackson to have more influence on him (he was already infected, otherwise Mary would probably not have been able to seduce him and he wouldn't have weird conversations with imaginary devils). When Jerry was losing his fight with Percy, the parsites joined their powers and Percy's fake persona finally took over. When a Prayer Warrior dies, the parsite simply jumps to a different host, using the same persona on this new host. The other parasites change perception and memory of their personas to make them not notice any difference. Whenever "god" is summoned to do anything, the parasites use powers they usually keep hidden to not attract too much attention (and cost lots of energy).


The reason Grover keeps coming back from the dead....

Is because he is canonly accurate to Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He is simply turned to dust and returns.

  • I have a hard time believing that the author read far enough into the book to know that.
    • Well, he does know who Luke is, so he must have. Which begs the question as to why he did it anyways...
      • He doesn't know that Poseidon is Percy's father, which is kinda an important detail. And while he may know Luke's name, that doesn't mean he knows who Luke is (and by the way, Luke appears pretty early on), given that in The Evil Gods Part Two he claims that Luke being a traitor is a ridiculous idea.
  • Also, satyrs in PJO don't reincarnate as satyrs, they reincarnate as plants.
  • Jossed-the reason he keeps coming back is because of some atheist technology that clones Grover in order to annoy Christians.

The canon antagonists who cooperate with the Prayer Warriors do so in the hopes of achieving their original goals

Virtually all of the heroes who didn't join The Prayer Warriors end up dead, so it's possible that the villains like Draco and Luke are biding their time to wait for all of their enemies to die, then will betray the Prayer Warriors when the time is right.

To quote BookObsesserNumberOne's sporking of Battle with the Witches, "Draco selling out Harry to a mass murderer. What a surprise."

Thomas and Ebony will be very disappointed in the next Republican administration

The Prayer Warriors assume that people like John McCain, Joe Reardon and Mitt Romney support their cause, but given that said cause involves murdering everyone who disagrees with them and most Republicans don't go that far, it's possible that the next Republican president will do something they disapprove of, and they will then conclude that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will give them what they want.

  • Very few people on either side actually go out and murder people, and most wouldn't go so far as to make them capital crimes, but the idea of making non-Christian religions, homosexuality, abortions, etc. crimes are pretty common
  • Nobody on either side, however, advocates going out and killing Thousands, if not millions of people.
    • I'm pretty sure Thomas would just pretend Mc Cain/Romney actually do support them, like he did with GW Bush.

Ebony had divine intervention on her side when she killed Harry Potter

Consider that while the Prayer Warriors have a large amount of Plot Armor and the favor of the author, they've never been able to defeat the main characters of the series without help.

  • Jerry gets disarmed and almost defeated by Percy Jackson, and only survives and converts Percy Jackson by praying to God for mercy on both of them.
  • Carter Kane captures William, and only joins him because he doesn't like how Horus is treating him.
  • When Harry Potter is finally killed, it's through a Bolt of Divine Retribution called down by God, at Harry's suggestion.

As such, I suspect that when Harry was killed offscreen the first time, God somehow helped Ebony do it.

Some one is going to write a troll fic to this story
The fic will go to far in one of its jab. Bounes if it is a setting that is very broken like say Digimon or Nanoha, uses a dark power like say Beelzemon, and the writer is a christan (I am kind of tempted to do one).

Jerry and Percy are secretly gay for each other

I know how the Prayer Warriors feel about homosexuality, but consider the following:

  • The two have seemingly better chemistry together than either of them do with their wives. It's especially true in Percy's case, as he's never been shown interacting with Clarisse.
  • During the incident in which Mary supposedly has an affair with Percy, it could be argued that for Jerry, it was more about Percy not choosing him than about his wife betraying and cheating on him.
  • Percy's the only antagonist Jerry considers sparing- he doesn't even offer Grover, Clarisse, Annabeth or Grover a chance before he kills them. He fights with Percy three times, and none of those end with either combatant being seriously wounded or dying, which could indicate that they didn't want to kill each other.
  • In a semi-romantic scene between Jerry and Mary in The Evil Gods Part II, Percy's name is accidentally put in Mary's place.
  • Percy dies Taking the Bullet for Jerry, who cries and begs for him not to die, a regard for each other's life that most Prayer Warrior's don't usually exhibit.

The reason Rarity has yet to make an appearance in Ebony's Prayer Ponies series is...
Because Charity is SUPPOSED to be Rarity. The only reason she's referred to as Charity is because...actually, I can't think of a reason besides pointing out the obvious.

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