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Awesome / The Prayer Warriors

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  • While it's hard to tell given the dialogue, Rika manages to injure Jerry more than once in their fight and appears to be on the verge of victory before Jerry gets lucky and kills him.
  • Percy Jackson disarms and almost wins against Jerry during their final fight. Only a Deus ex Machina results in Jerry's survival and Percy switching sides.
  • From Project A.F.T.E.R.'s sporking of The Evil Gods Part I, there's an excellent "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Zeus to Percy after Percy denies that Zeus is his father.
    Zeus: “The fuck are you talking about boy! I’m not your father and I never was! Where the hell is this coming from anyway? Ever since you converted to Christianity you’ve been talking nothing but nonsense and gibberish. You’ve killed your friends because this dumbass told you to and now you’re working with Luke! You do remember he’s the host for Kronos right? Ouranos balls, he’s probably deluded them all into thinking he’s god. It would explain all the murder and deity killing. You don’t even care, do you? You don’t even care that you’re destroying the west and in the process, paving the road to the second Age of the Titans do you? Just go ahead and kill me boy, but when the Olympians are all dead and the Titans are destroying creation because of your stupid gullibility, just remember it was you who held the blade.”

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