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The Evil Gods Part 1

  • The I Do Not Own disclaimer
    Disclaimer: I do not own the Bible, God does. I will not feel sorry for using Percy Jackson as it is evil and should not have a disclaimer.
  • The part when the author apologizes to God for having Percy Jackson and Satan say bad things about Him in the Villain Episode.
  • After Jerry kills Grover for the second time, in addition to having also killed Annabeth in the second chapter, the author specifically points out that Percy emerged to attack Jerry for "no reason why so ever".
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  • The author's reason for the Sexy Discretion Shot
    I will not describe what happened for I do not want any atheist to get pleasure out of it and have an organism.
  • Chiron's single, dumbfounded "No?" after Percy tells him that he didn't kill Jerry as he was ordered to do so.
  • "And environ chaired, and was pout of lithe all!"

Battle with the Witches

  • During the train ride with Ginny, Michael gives indications of being a Covert Pervert, then complains about Ginny's fairly innocuous gestures toward him.
    Michael: . She looked pretty hot, but I decided to put such impure thought out of my mind. She started to pat my back, and I stood really still. How dare someone touch someone out of wedlock!
  • This My Immortal Shout-Out.
    Hagrid: "I may be a Hogwarts teacher, but I`m also a Christian!"
  • Dumbledore's confession, largely because of how flippant it is.
    Dumbledore: "Okay, so I have sex with little boys, so what?"
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  • The Draco and Ebony sex scene... or rather, cooking and gardening scene.
    Narration: Draco and Ebony removed skin from an onion. After that, they put Draco`s noodles into Ebony`s bowl, and Draco then planted some seeds into Ebony`s pot, and then they laid on their bed for the rest the night. They were very tired from all that hard work.

Threat of Satanic Commonism

  • Books' Shut Up, Kirk!, especially in how it makes Jerry's speech fall flat.
    Jerry: "Jesses Christ is my saviour. HE will pretext me in my lime of need. Where is your false gods now? I know perfumery well that your gods is not real but is a lie created by Stalin (which s secretly demon processed by the Satan, the worse demon of them all! And he is not a god!)"
    Books: "Laugh out loud."
    Jerry: "Is that all you are going to say?"
    Books: "Laugh out loud."
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  • The writer claiming John Lennon (rather than Vladimir Lenin) was the leader of Russia in 1918 in order to prove he knows history.
  • When trying to break Percy out of prison, Ebonynote  dresses up in a seductive black dress to seduce the guards, and an entire paragraph is spent justifying this. She walks up to the guards, and ends up just ripping their testicles out and slitting their throats, defeating the point.

The Evil Gods Part 2

  • Thalia saying that Luke cannot possibly be the traitor, in a defiance of canon so blatant it could be considered a Fanon Discontinuity Nod.
  • Also, Jacob can apparently turn into a warehouse.
  • Immediately after killing Socrates, Jason refuses to kill one of his followers when she begs for death, saying that he will not because murder is a sin.
  • This author's note at the end of Chapter 8, which gets posted twice- once almost completely incomprehensible, and another time with poor spelling and grammar.
    IHeartThomasBrown Commentary: You did NOT just use a smiley.
  • So, in the first chapter or two, Jason and Annabeth are talking about who the traitor-oh I'm sorry-tractor is.
  • While Jupiter's torturing Grover is fairly horrific, even by this fic's standards, it's quite funny when the author gives an over-the-top And That's Terrible, saying "see, isn't this evil or what?" and "seriously that is so evil that even I cannot wait to kill him off." The latter is even more amusing when you realize that Jupiter survives.
  • In one scene between Jerry and his wife Mary in Chapter 18, the author accidentally puts Percy's name in place of Mary's when she talks to Jerry about how much she loves him, leading to an accidental bit of Ho Yay.
  • The absurd amount of detail the author goes into about the cars the Prayer Warriors use, and the fact that one of his many hang-ups is imported cars.

The Titans Strike Back

  • The Mike Tyson-like ear biting a young boy inflicts on the Queen of England.
  • The names of the "Titans". Because Lola, Wawa, Pyro and Rocco are totally more intimidating and dignifying names than Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios or Koios.
    • It's even funnier when you realize their names are more or less ripped from the elemental masks from Wrath of Cortex.
  • The way Draco kills Lola- he prays to God to turn his sword into a vacuum cleaner(ignoring Lola's ability to nullify prayer) and sucks her up, killing her.
  • Whatever you think of the significance of this event or the man himself, Donald Trump becoming president means that for the first time since the series began, an American presidential election went as the Prayer Warriors predicted and hoped.

Attack of the Sphinx:

  • Apparently, Horus has the head of a house.
  • The author denying that he has a fetish for people puking when Zia's torture ends up making William vomit.
  • William, desperate to get to Syria and help Carter, ask the pilot of their airplane to fly faster. When the pilot explains that he can't do that, William prays to God and makes the plane fly faster. Deus ex Machinae have rarely been this obvious or amusing.

The Prayer Ponies

  • The pretentious and overwrought Purple Prose in Chapter 8, such as when describing Applejack calling the police on the Prayer Ponies.
    She did not anticipate Applejack to ring the constabularies. She truly thought that the other pony was only calling her bluff. The moment Applejack responded to the phone, Fluttershy discerned that the other pony was being severe. The edict implementation organization got there within a minute or so, since Ponyville was not a surely immense municipality.Translation 

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