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The Spin-Off story to The Bridge:

One of the Defenders is going to turn on the GDF
And this will be over the stunt pulled on Solgell Island in the opening act. Anyway you slice it, the GDF did throw the Defenders under the bus. Yes the cast of The Bridge wasn't killed by Dimension Tide and Commander Pentecost knew DT wasn't lethal; but no one else knew that at the time. A kill shot was poised and fired at Solgell Island that "killed" twice as many Defenders as Mutations, including two of the leadership that cared the most for humanity. Add in Word of God that not all the Guardian Beasts who make up the bulk of the Defenders really care for humanity, but rather the planet as a whole, and wanting revenge for the attempted deaths of Godzilla Junior (the Magnetic Hero), Mothra Lea (The Heart), Anguirus (the eldest Guardian Beast), and Rodan (the well liked rookie); and someone is going to think the humans are in need of retribution.

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