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Recap / The Bridge: Humanity's Stand

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The spinoff to The Bridge

Recap page for the original story can be found here:

  1. Humanity's Stand
  2. Preparing for the End
  3. Incredulous Questions
  4. Our Base Are Belong to Us
  5. The World Rises
  6. Pest Control
  7. Bowling for Bastards
  8. Digging Through the Depths
  9. Setting Up
  10. We're Gonna Need A Bigger Ocean
  11. Is It Torture If The Guy Is A Scumbag?
  12. Assault on Bald Mountain
  13. Tytanna's Twisted Tale
  14. Meeting Madness
  15. A King, a Prince, and a God
  16. The War Begins
  17. All Hands On Deck
  18. Not As It Seems
  19. Conquering Fear
  20. Decent Results, All Things Considered
  21. How Do You Celebrate Christmas?
  22. Who's The Most Foolish
  23. Will Decent Be Enough?
  24. Shifting Secrets, Revealing Realities
  25. Opening Moves
  26. A Wee Chat
  27. Break's Over
  28. Let's Split Up Gang!

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