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Heartwarming / The Bridge: Humanity's Stand

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  • Before the 'BIG encounter with Gojira, we have the pleasure of reading an interaction with Zilla Junior and his adopted family. We had seen that they were more or less able to understand one another in Godzilla: The Series. However in the Amalgamverse, there is a device that allows to bypass the language barrier, and Zilla and Nick are finally able to understand what the other is thinking. To put a nice bow to this, Zilla called Nick "Dad".
    • Contrary to most post-1998 canons where fight and get curb stomped by Godzilla, Zilla Junior and Godzilla Junior are steadfast allies and close friends in this continuity. After the kaiju who affectionately calls him "Boss" arrives on his island, Godzilla's first response to hearing Zilla's being chased is to put himself between the smaller kaiju and Gojira.

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