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In the Armored Spider-Man's universe, Uncle Ben is the reason why "he always wins".
In his universe, everything goes exactly as our Spider-Man's universe does until he encounters the burglar. Our Spider-Man chose not to do it because it's not his problem, but Armored Spider-Man decided to go for it to make himself a hero to the media. As a result, he prevented his Uncle Ben's death and thus never learned the important lesson, leading Peter to his fame go over his head and becomes an arrogant rich playboy.
  • If this were true, it could be a reference to a What If? storyline where the same thing happened, only with JJJ, as a result, being a part of the Sinister Six.
    • So the Armored Spider-Man is Iron Man without the money?
      • Actually Armored Spider-Man is damn rich, so...

Dr. Crawford's serum didn't entirely reverse the effects of James Reeves' formula on Kraven.
In "Duel of the Hunters", Kraven is able to smell two-year-old gunpowder on Man-Spider's hair, and also put up a decent fight against the Punisher despite not having any weapon other than one bola. Evidently, the antidote restored Sergei's rationality and reduced his strength somewhat, but he still had enhanced strength, reflexes, and senses.

If season 5 was made, Spider-Man and Black Cat would have discovered each other's secret identities.
Since Felicia/Black Cat was such an important and popular character, it's likely the writers would have brought her back for at least one episode, and where you find Black Cat, you find Morbius.

Venom and Carnage were transported to the symbiote homeworld.
The vortex that they were both sent into could not have erased them from existence, but in fact warped them someplace far away. If the Venom symbiote did not originate on the Moon in this adaptation, chances are that it may have been banished as an outcast, like in the comics. Venom and Carnage could have easily been transported to the symbiote homeworld itself, and if Spider-Carnage's symbiote is not an alternate dimension's version of the Carnage symbiote, that means it was banished much like Venom (or perhaps by Venom)...and thus left Kasady to die.

As for Venom himself, though, who knows? Maybe there's trucks in the symbiote world.

Kingpin still plans to use Peter in one of his schemes.
He holds him partially responsible for forcing his son to take the fall for him. Which is why he's always so chummy whenever they meet, and for personally paying for Peter and Mary Jane's wedding.

There were two Hobgoblins.
We see an unmasked Hobgoblin at the beginning of "Hobgoblin". The guy appears to be a bald african american male. Maybe he drown at the end of the 2-parter, and Jason Maccendale took up the mantle.

Spider-Man made a habit out of visiting sick kids to cheer them up.
In season 3, Spidey visits a little girl and tells her some stories about his crime-fighting career. The reason why the show's so light on violence, and the plots adapted from the comics are made so much simpler, is because it's based on the stories Spiderman tells the kids.

The guy who shot J Jonah Jameson's wife was hired by Silvermane.
This is a relatively small and inconsequential theory, but it's possible that Silvermane hired the guy who shot JJJ's wife. The two actually did have a history in the comics (in a Spiderman annual, Silvermane actually did come to the Daily Bugle and threaten JJJ and its employees about a story made about him) and Jameson did say that the crook shot his wife due to him refusing to back down on a story about a crime boss. Plus Silvermane is the right age to have been active as a criminal during that time, unlike the other crime lords in the series.

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