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Wally and Gus were sent to space because Earth couldn't stand them
Why else would they have been chosen for a space program? Especially since these two rarely do a good job at their missions, in fact, they destroyed a planet in the pilot episode! The real reason they were sent to space may be because they were so destructive, dangerous, annoying, and wreckless on their home planet that the civilians wanted them gone somewhere they couldn't do any harm. Or so they thought...

There will be a crossover with Atomic Betty at some point
Both are space-themed shows made by Atomic Cartoons. It could be a possibility. Though Atomic Betty has a Kim Possible level of maturity and seriousness. While the Rocket Monkeys is beyond silly. Not to mention the Rocket Monkeys themselves may be the most annoying cartoon characters ever conceived, causing an awkwardly massive contrast.

The only reason they are Rocket Monkeys to begin with...
Their Mom forced them to enlist, then in turn forced G.A.S.I to accept them, G.A.S.I was too terrified of her to say no. Ever notice that these two guys who are the most incompetent heroes in the universe seem to get the most important tasks? All because their Mom is breathing down G.A.S.I's neck to give Wally and Gus the "Most heroic" missions. This is why Chimpski seems so incredibly reluctant during his briefings. He knows they'll fail, but their Mother will tear G.A.S.I apart with her bare hands if they even dare go against her wishes.

The series will move to Disney XD at some point
Well, it is already airing on Disney XD in Southeast Asia.

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