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  • Expect Gus to be the source of most of the laughs on this show.
    • In "Home on the Strange" when regulations require Wally and Gus to eat barbecued rocks, Gus eats a spoonful of rocks, causing his teeth to fall out. Then his eyes shatter, followed by the rest of him.
    • In "Ukulele Wally" Gus tells Wally that he's good with women, then a Cutaway Gag to him about to hit on a baboon, who slams an ice cream glass on his head.
    • Wally pranking Gus in "Scare-Larious" and causing Gus to squirt toothpaste in his eyes, to which he exclaims "It burns!" before nonchalantly adding "But minty fresh."
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    • Gus's facial expressions when he's dying of dehydration in "B.A.L.L.".

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