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Napoleon is holding back
Given his background as a conqueror is pretty similar to Iskandar and Gengis Khan, he could wind up summoning La Grande Armée, six hundred thousand soldiers armed with guns. Think about that.
  • Confirmed. It was glorious He doesn't summon the guns of La Grande Armee but cannons of The ENTIRE history of France!!

Caesar will challenge Iskandar to an army-on-army battle
To the Romans it was quite a sore point that the Greeks continued to say that Iskandar would have been able to defeat them even after all the times they slaughtered the phalanx, and the fact the Greeks could have had a point (Iskandar's successors used only the phalanx and ended up defeated when the Romans avoided a frontal attack and massacred the phalanx from the flanks every single time, Iskandar used other troops too and had the sense to guard those vulnerable flanks). If Caesar can summon his army too, what's stopping him from challenging Iskandar to prove that the Romans could beat him too?

Saber Alter is going to be the Saber trying hardest to get with Shirou
You've read the "Moe Alter" scenes. I mean come on. Though I get the strange feeling she's going to be a bit of a Tsundere towards him, but nowhere near as bad as Rin.

If Shirou finds out Illya is his sister, and then finds out what her family did to her, he's going to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge of Epic proportions.
Yes me again. I just thought of this after reading the Heartwarming entry. Shirou in Canon had issues with innocents getting hurt. It's shown that's still the case with this fic (
Poor Shinji) and once he finds out about Illya, hoo boy. Four Sabers, plus a pissed off Little Big Brother? It could also end up being a joint effort between Team Shirou, Team Illya, Team Sakura (if Assassin ever gets that stick out of her ass) and Team Tohsaka.God that would be epic.If that isn't used I'm going to be very disappointed in the author.
  • Stick in her ass? YMMV. Assassin was trying to protect her Master from a perceived enemy Magus and got hit with a Command that functionally precludes her eliminating Shirou from the War, winning the War, and destroying the Grail, a goal Sakura and Rider both previously said they'd support. I think she's justified in being pretty upset.
  • Mein Gott. This Is Gonna Suck doesn't even BEGIN to show how bad the Einzberns have it if Illya survives the war... Actually, scratch that, if she doesn't, Roaring Rampage of Revenge suddenly becomes a frightening understatement.

Iskander is going to run into Gilgamesh and invite him for a drink later.
I was suddenly reminded about how Zero-Rider had a drink with Saber and Gilgamesh. Considering that he and Gilgamesh were on pretty good terms in Fate Zero, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the two decided to hit the town one day or night and enjoy a peaceful drink between fights. Well, peaceful as those two could get.
  • Bonus points if Taiga's there with them when they start drinking.
    • More bonus points for Rule of Funny: Napoleon, Saber, Nero and Julius Caesar join in on the drinking.
      • Can't wait to see Gilgamesh and Iskander's reaction to the Four Sabers.

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