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With a story like Nerve Damage there are plenty of funny moments to be found here!

  • When Shirou summons the Saber Squad, his reaction to Nero's attire sells it.
    • To wit:
    The one in red wielding a curved red blade was... not dressed right. Shirou had stiffened the moment he saw her clothes, for it revealed the top of her breasts, the small of her back up to the start of her butt, and the front is transparent OHGODICANSEEHERPANTIES.
  • Lancer's reaction to the Four Sabers: "FOUR!? Who the FUCK summons four!?"
  • Pretty much ANY reaction to the Saber Squad and Shirou's nerve circuits.
    • Notably the Rin's reaction to finding out about them
    [Rin] nodded, then held his hand and analyzed his body, already preparing the speech to berate him for being wrong.
    Oh god.
  • The Dessert in the Chapter 3 omake.
  • A Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It moment during Chapter 4. After Nero strangles The Nemean Lion to death we get this little bit:
    Saber and Lily gaped at her, and even Hercules was given pause.
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  • This moment. Just... this moment:
    Lily: "She's from an earlier time than us, yet we all look almost exactly the same. She may have some basis for thought."
    Alter: "But... She...
    Nero: "ALMOST exactly. It seems you three haven't quite inherited one of my more important... hmm... assets."
  • The friendship of Scathach's thighs. Poor Bazett had a very awkward night.
    • But also very satisfying, if her narration is anything to go by.
  • Napoleon's interactions with his Master are pretty funny.
  • Lancelot doing a barrel roll. He's clearly enjoying himself.
  • Iskander and Genghis Khan sharing stories, comparing territory, and arguing about facts about their reign they claim historians got wrong. At the top of their lungs. While flying to Japan in a passenger plane.
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  • "Oh boo-hoo, someone broke the rules. Get in line. Someone summoned four sabers. Deal with it." - Ilya to Luvia when Luvia complained about Hercules being Berserker when she already had Lancelot as Berserker.
  • When Moses and Samson and their Master arrive, the three show Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at its finest. Since their Master is Cain (THAT Cain), it is understandable why.
  • "Mongrels, Mongrels everywhere." part of Gilgamesh's line of thought as he prepares to pincushion Napoleon.
  • Anytime Gilgamesh gets an Oh, Crap! face. It is VERY satisfying to see the guys Ego crashing down.


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