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YMMV / Nerve Damage

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  • Awesome Ego: Napoleon Bonaparte managed to impress Gil by pure force of will alone to the point of reconsidering the worth of heroes.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Simo Häyhä has only appeared in the scene in which he was summoned, but his entry on the Characters page here already rivals that of Napoleon.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Waver Velvet and Rider had a rough relationship during the Fourth Grail War, but ultimately bonded and became such good friends that they'd have no problem working together in the Fifth. So Waver gets a second Servant, Genghis Khan, who is not only a complete stranger, but also similar enough in personality to Iskander to start a rivalry with him on the spot, causing him to start acting out all over again as well, as well as driving Waver up the wall himself. Once again, Waver did not know what he was getting himself into with the Grail War.
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    • Lancelot's airplane flying skills. On one hand, it's a reference to his airborne dogfight with Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero. On the other hand, his piloting skills come from Knight of Honor, which only grants him proficiency with it as a weapon, hence why he has to fly it like he is in a dogfight, because that is the only way his Knight of Honor ability would allow him to fly.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • When Shirou asked Extra Saber to wear something more decent out in public, she chose her bride outfit. Which Shirou reluctantly okay'd as long as she zipped it up. Then came CCC and it shows that the outfit has an ass crack window. So instead of letting them see the front, she's letting them see the back.
    • Having a team of Servants rather than just one? 3 years after the fic's last chapter, Fate/Grand Order would introduce just that premise. Not only that, many of the Servants featured in here would be quite similar as their Grand Order counterparts, sometimes even getting the same class featured as extra icing. Looking at you, Merlin...note .
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  • Les Yay: During the "Sleep Cute with all the Sabers" scenes, Nero is typically spooning or groping another Saber. On one occasion Nero wakes up in a compromising position with Saber... and decides that it's actually quite comfortable, and she'd like to stay there a little longer.
  • Moe: Saber Alter certainly can come off as such.
  • Seasonal Rot: LoneTaker's first continuation of the original story was critically panned by most readers. The key problem is the addition of more characters not in the original Nerve Damage; Not only did LoneTaker add more servants like the questionable Adolf Hitler, he introduced an entire faction of orphans under the command of Cain's brother Abel. These orphans all have Class Cards due to Abel owning the Throne of Heroes, a concept that hasn't been received well due to it's contradiction of the Throne's nature in Nasuverse canon. Because of all this, some readers felt the story has lost it's charm and that the plot was getting too bloated with cast members to tell a coherent story. Given that LoneTaker eventually deleted and rebooted the story, even he seemed to agree with the criticism. The second continuation, Sensory Overload, has had more positive reception.

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