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Heartwarming / Nerve Damage

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Even though there's plenty of funny and awesome moments in this story, one can't forget the moments that just melt your heart.

  • It's a quick line, but Saber Lily mentions she gave Avalon and her throne to Mordred when she grew tired of life. When you know how badly canon Mordred wanted Artoria's approval and acknowledgement, this Saber trusting her child to be a good ruler will give you the warm fuzzies.
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  • When Hector and Odysseus find out about the circumstances surrounding Hercules' summon, they're quick to want revenge for Ilya against her family. It's doubly heartwarming because Ilya is scared of Hercules being mad at her for what she did to him and the first thing he does when getting his mind back is to assure her that he's not mad. Makes you wonder what's going to happen when Shirou finds out about his sister.
  • Lu Bu convinces Medea to give Kojiro a talisman to fight outside of the temple, and threatens to leave if she doesn't comply. His reason is because he recognizes Kojiro as a warrior who is so skilled, not going into battle would be an insult, and because he needs a "wingman". Assassin is so touched by Lu Bu acknowledging his skill, claiming it's the first time anyone ever did, that he refers to him as a friend and general and claims he would willingly follow him into battle if they survive the war.
  • Waver and Iskander reuniting: Waver enters the Fifth War prepared to summon Iskander again, even though he's resigned to the fact that it won't be his Iskander, and that he might not be lucky enough to survive a second War. But for his King, he's willing to fight, to enter the "den of madness" that is the Grail War again; because Iskander wanted the Grail, and that's reason enough for him. And when the smoke of the summoning clears, Waver kneels with tears in his eyes at the sight of his King... and then we hear Iskander chide Waver for thinking that after everything they went through together, Waver wouldn't be connected to him by his Noble Phantasm.
    Iskander:"Ianioi Hetairoi is an evolving noble phantasm. It contains within it all my comrades, their thoughts and feelings known to me at all times, beyond even the limitations of the throne of heroes. After all we went through, do you honestly think you don't qualify?"
    • And Waver's second Servant, Genghis Khan: his warriors were not his friends, they were his children, all of them his sons and daughters for whom he was ready to conquer the world to ensure their prosperity. That is being A Father to His Men.
  • Rin's second servant, Simho Häyhä, is just as much of a Nice Guy as he was in real life: Within SECONDS of meeting Rin, he's already loyal to her. He fought with Undying Loyalty for his motherland. He could do it again for a master.
  • A strange one considering it involves Gilgamesh but it's nice to see his faith in humanity somewhat restored after fighting Napoleon.


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