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The film will contain at least one Shout-Out to Miss Marple, setting up an Agatha Christie Shared Universe (the ACCU, if you will).
  • Because all the cool kids are doing it! It doesn't but it does set up a possible sequel with a mention of a murder on the Nile.

The "death on the Nile" that Poirot is called to investigate at the end of the film will not be Linnet Ridgeway/Doyle's.
  • Branagh's version of Death on the Nile is slated for release in 2020, but there's just one issue: in Agatha Christie's DOTN, Poirot is already present on the Nile cruise, and acquainted with Linnet (her having enlisted his help to ward off her husband's jealous ex-fiancee) before she is murdered. Therefore, it seems that the Sequel Hook at the end of MOTOE must apply to another death for which Poirot is called upon to travel to Egypt; he will probably solve this one quickly, after which the story of DOTN can play out as normal.

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