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Heartwarming / Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The beginning when, after sending a boy to fetch two symmetrical eggs for his breakfast, Hercule decides the boy may have the eggs instead. Crosses over into Funny Moments.
    • Poirot also makes a point of assuring the boy that he's not to blame for the eggs not being symmetrical, and that it's the chicken's fault.
  • A minor moment during the opening: Professor Hardman loudly refuses to sit with Dr. Arbuthnot because he believes in "keeping different kinds separate". When Mary protests, he points to her dining table and says it would be like mixing red wine and white. Mary promptly picks up her glass of red wine, empties it into the glass of white wine, and takes a long drink: "I do like a good rosé." What makes this especially heart-warming? She's doing this in defense of Dr. Arbuthnot, whom she has feelings for. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Later, when Hardman is exposing his true identity, he makes a point of apologizing for his comments on race, even though Dr. Arbuthnot isn't present.
  • A man like Poirot who travels a great deal can't have much in the way of belongings, but he does have a well framed picture of his beloved Katherine. Also counts as a Tear Jerker.
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  • During The Summation, Hardman admitting he was mutually in love with the Armstrong family's maid. He has a fond, bittersweet smile upon recollecting what a sweet woman she was. According to Hardman, she fell in love with him and he humbly insisted she date a younger man her age instead of him. But she was on time for every date... up until her wrongful accusal.
  • The moment during The Summation when Poirot realizes that it was all of them, together, who killed Ratchett. The scene switches to the conspirators watching a home movie of the Armstrongs, the same one Col. Armstrong was watching before he shot himself. It's hard not to feel bad, but overall, it's poignantly heartwarming how all these people from different walks of life find common ground with their shared tragedy.
  • Linda Arden claiming that despite them all murdering Ratchet, everyone (sans herself) are still good people. In the very least, she believes "they can be good again".
  • The montage of various passengers following The Summation. The Count and Countess get rid of the latter's sedatives stash, Dr. Arbuthnot and Mary are walking hand in hand, Princess Dragomiroff is playing cards with her maid as an equal and Mastermann consoles a forlorn Cyrus Hardman. Having dispensed justice to the man who caused them so much grief, their wounds are finally beginning to heal.
    • During his voice-over, Poirot decides that he must listen, not to logic or his desire for balance, but to his heart.
  • Poirot's solemn, respectful farewell to the passengers before he gets off at his stop. He tells them he's given the police the false summation of what happened to Ratchet, and they are all free. He dearly hopes they all (including himself) find peace with this lie about the murder. When the train departs, all of the suspects give Poirot one final gaze, which seems to say, "Thank you for understanding."


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