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All A.I.s are past employees of Lobotomy Corp

More precisely, metaphysical copies of people from the original research team made by A (Mulketh herself seems to think she worked for Lobo Co in a previous life.) A, the original founder, was said to be researching ways to 'evolve' humanity to Abnormalities and subsequent Godhood, and the A.I.s are... oops, Spoiler alert.

Angela, however, is a copy of F-01-37 (The Snow Queen, implied ex of A). From cold and ice-like demeanor to snow white skin and eyes red like blood, extreme Yandere tendency.


X (player character) is actually A, only brainwashed/a metaphysical copy.

Just throwing this out. Angela and B said she killed A, but this is still possible then (?).

...Would make any meeting with the Snow Queen deadly and potentially cataclysmic, tho.

  • Angela said you would meet A later, only to reveal that A was already dead. Maybe she meant you would finally look into a mirror.

It was Kali who found Enoch and Lisa out on the streets.

The Red Mist was one of the most formidable Fixers of them all, and as such, her looking over the two children days before she decided to report her findings allowed them to remain safe from the Cleaners. She debated over whether she should or shouldn't go back to Carmen with them because of her bigger heart back then, somewhat paranoid over what the children could be exposed to, but ultimately decided that they were safer in the facility than outdoors, and brought them along as per requested.


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