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Nightmare Fuel / Lobotomy Corporation

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There's Nothing There.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Every Abnormality is their own special flavor of Nightmare Fuel, and it's inevitable at least one (or ten) are scary to each Manager.
  • Don't Touch Me. Just... Don't Touch Me. When you click it, it could either decrease all of the abnormalities' mood to zero or kill every single employee, and if you click on it too much it will cause the game to crash. No other Abnormality is capable of that level of destruction.
  • Rudolta of the Sleigh, with its horrible glassy stare and overall corruption of Christmas themes. Its Encyclopedia artwork certainly doesn't help matters.
  • Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom. While most HE-class abnormalities are relatively tame as far as abnormalities go, Scarecrow will chase down your employees to suck out their brains.
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  • The sounds that some abnormalities make when you zoom the camera into their cell. As an example, Nothing There is just heavy, strained breathing.
  • Nothing There. An abnormality that could only be described as a patchwork of human parts, with a severe case of Eyes Do Not Belong There. You better hope the employee you send to work on it stays calm or Nothing There will kill them and wear their skin. Oh, and it keeps wearing the employee until it finds a way to escape. Should you send another employee after that, you get the lovely image of organs covering the screen, blocking your vision as Nothing There breaches containment. Nothing There is an ALEPH class abnormality, and is loose disguised as his victim in the middle of your employees. The game gives you ten seconds to find it and shoot it to instantly send it back to its cell. Miss or run out of time, and the abnormality will go on a rampage. Fail to deal with the situation in time and things will go From Bad to Worse as Nothing There will enter a cocoon before coming out of it as a giant skinless... humanoid thing, with a massive HP pool. At this point your best chance to control the situation is to collect your daily quota and end the day.
  • WhiteNight is an Abnormality so powerful and frightening that if it was an Abnormality who plays God, it is doing an EXCELLENT JOB in making you realize the fear and horror of confronting something that thinks that it is God Almighty. No other Abnormality gives more Paranoia Fuel than this...thing, and this is actually an Abnormality that you have to face in its full glory to get 100% Abnormality resolution and the Golden Ending.
    • Firstly, if this is your first time playing Lobotomy Corp, you can pick this Abnormality as soon as day 11, which is fairly early on in the game. However, instead of picking WhiteNight itself, it will disguise itself as a ZAYIN known as the Plague Doctor, a seemingly friendly plague doctor who can cure and bless your employees...aside that this is actually WhiteNight in disguise, and if it blesses an employee, a clock will show their name. It's Paranoia Fuel if you don't know what it does, and if you do it's even worse, knowing that the clock is an invitation to a facility wiping Eldritch Abomination that you can't handle. It's very easy to trigger its Blessing effect, which includes performing a Good or Bad work and even reaching a Second Trumpet. The Doctor also actually remembers how many employees it has blessed and their names no matter if you reset to day 1 or not, and if the Doctor ever turns into WhiteNight, it will remember that as well and forever stay as WhiteNight.
    • Now to WhiteNight proper. Once the Doctor has blessed 12 employees, all of them bar the 12th will turn into tall, lanky and monstrous Apostles with a plague doctor mask on them and WhiteNight will begin his "salvation" on the facility, and the dreaded Third Warning theme that usually only plays when almost everyone in the facility is dead starts playing for the first time it ever pops up.note  Rank 3 or below Employees will also panic almost instantly, and the Apostles will go around trying to kill anything on their way with ridiculously heavy hitting attacks and WhiteNight will do insane pale damage to everything in the Facility every once a while while regenerating the Apostles who died, on top of having sky high resistances and HP, often taking an hour to kill; if this thing ever breaches in the harder levels, you can kiss your whole facility goodbye. Even worse, there are two Apostles defending WhiteNight himself and if anything gets hit by them, it's dead, because these Apostles do 270 PALE Damageexplanation , something that means certain death. Last but not least, they have an instant kill attack that possesses one of your employees and beheads them instantly; if they ever do this, you can kiss that employee goodbye, because there is absolutely no way to prevent them from being killed that way. The only saving grace is that the 12th Apostle is a heretic and can be ordered to work on One Sin as a panic button to kill this abomination instantly in case if you get Him out early on, but it will usually be a Pyrrhic Victory for you if you have to kill Him this way.
    • While most harder Abnormalities let you use the in-game settings to deal with them and you can retry the level if something is amiss, WhiteNight outright disables these functions! And it's not like the Apocalypse Bird or Silent Orchestra where it's conditional, as long as WhiteNight is breaching it strips your control away from the game's general UI itself unless you defeat it or it wipes out your whole facility. (Usually, it ends up with the latter.) While you obviously cannot pause or alter the game speed, in this case you can't even open the Manual and the Main Menu, something that no other Abnormality or in-game event can disable. If you try to use them, it will tell you that it is God and you can't run away from it. He wants you to see him and his Apostles wipe out your whole facility and he meant it.
    • To put fire into the Paranoia Fuel, WhiteNight breaches automatically after 4.5 minutes. While he's a generally easy Abnormality to manage (assuming you survive his first assault, of course) and the time window gives you some leeway unlike the Express Train to Hell, if you are too focused in taking care of something else (such as breaching Sephirah, Apocalypse bird or Midnight Ordeals) and you forgot to take care of it, consider your whole run ruined.
  • The Knight of Despair and the King of Greed make very unsettling sounds when they are breaching. The King's breaching form being those of a giant angler fish with the magical girl's head being hung on its mouth and having a hollow face with eyes dripping black liquid doesn't help either.
  • If you pay attention when your agents panic, they say some very unsettling things. Lower ranking agents usually make insane, incoherent ramblings while rampaging or offing themselves, but high ranking agents will say some very disturbing things quite casually when they do the same.
  • The Abnormality selection screen you get between days is among the most interesting sections of the game, but also among the creepiest for some players. Ominous and depressing music plays as you're given three hanging containment units holding a new monster for you to take in, each with their own vague or out of context quote that only barely clues you in on what waits for you in the next day. For new players, their names are replaced by the Abnormalities serial number, giving a sense of dread that for all you know you could have just drafted in an Eldritch Abomination you can't handle.
  • Speaking of the the abnormality selection screen, the hints are often either horribly ominous or outright disturbing. The anticipation of having to select new Abnormalities for your facility is often made worse by having to make your choice based on these entries with no additional context.
  • How the individual Sephirah died. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Enjoy the long list of horrors you did personally or enabled.
    • Malkuth: Overloaded by Cogito, Elijah lost all her nails and half her teeth, before being left to bleed out painfully by an apathetic A.
    • Yesod: Gabriel clawed himself to death due to his guilt over Elijah.
    • Hod: Michelle killed herself after betraying the company. It wouldn't be that big if her betrayal didn't make her kill herself out of the guilt of her whistleblowing causing an all out massacre of some of the more important employees.
    • Netzach: Giovanni died by Cogito injection, believing a lie that he'd be able to save the woman he cared about.
    • Tiphereth B: Enoch willingly thrown his life away to a failed experiment, leading to his blood bond Lisa muttering hateful things at Carmen. Carmen didn't last long afterwards. (If you don't know what this means, you (or at least the person that was you) had an idea to get a kid killed so you could save humanity. It failed, and your Implied Love Interest lost her shit from the guilt and offed herself)
      • Perhaps the worst thing about this incident, is that it started an infinitely expanding Disaster Dominoes that led to A neglecting Elijah and Gabriel, killing Giovanni, Michelle reporting to the Head and leading Kali, Daniel and even the chief commander of the Head raid Garion to die and become captured, the creation of Angela....and the effects are still lingering and spreading towards the whole City by the time of Library of Ruina.
    • Binah: Garion was impaled against the wall by Kali's sword and was forcefully captured and converted by 'A', resulting in L Corp's Pyrrhic Victory against the Head. While she did deserve at least that much for what she did, 'A' says that he had her still living and barely conscious body collected and sent to Sephirah processing, which gives us a shot of a blood covered Garion strapped to a chair and later having her brain and still connected eyeballs pulled out from her head to be put into the machine.
    • Hokma: Benjamin was your most trusted friend a decade ago and tried to warn you how dangerous and malevolent your secretary AI Angela is. Angela, knowing that he's trying to warn you about her, instantly killed him, converted him into a Sephirah, thrown him away to the deepest layer of the facility and acted significantly more hostile against you afterwards. However, if Abel's warnings (that would later come true) were taken for granted, then you did order Angela to kill him as a part of your 50 day playbooks. The point has came across that as long as you can save humanity from hell on earth, you will basically kill and destroy anyone and everyone next to you for that goal.
  • Carmen's breakdown and eventual death. Having felt guilt out of enabling A to kill Enoch in an experiment that she didn't want him to participate in and Lisa shouting hateful things at her and the facility's agents wanting to off her to produce a research breakthrough, she broke down into an emotional mess that just hysterically laughs or cries each day, her eyes being described as blank and her tone of speech becoming colder. It's quite clear that she wouldn't last long....and true that, she didn't. Some time later, this formerly optimistic and altruistic woman basically lost it and slit her wrists in a bathtub to commit suicide, a scene that was so gruesome that it traumatized A, that in nearly every one of A's flashbacks about Carmen her whole face was scribbled, and her eyes weren't even displayed if her face is shown (with the exception the last time she's shown on Day 47, where her full face, eyes included were displayed). And it turns out that Carmen's injuries were minor enough for her to be still conscious, but it doesn't matter for her wildly cruel disciple A, who proceeds to skin her alive and place her brain stem in a jar for Cogito and her brain map used to construct Angela.
  • There's the sinking realization that this game is a prime example where the player himself is THE monster out of all monsters within a Crapsack World ruled by corrupt corporate elites, overran by Cannibals and Hired Guns, being a paramilitary "fixer" is required to even have some chances of survival, death and chaos being daily matters and everything is charged ridiculously expensively, including living rights in a metropolitan zone. But you have effectively outdone every, single one of these entities in the outside world by subjecting your employees to being brutally murdered by the Monsters you are sheltering, many of those whose capabilities are abnormally high even when compared to the sheer number of fellow human beings willing to fight and kill in the city. You also neglected and subjected your allies and inner circles who entrusted you so much to a brutal death (see the section about Elijah, Gabriel, Giovanni, Enoch and Benjamin above) only to revive them as AI people. To say nothing of the woman that you used to work for, whom you extracted the brain stem of to further your research when she was traumatized from all the horror you induced within the old facility and could otherwise be easily restored from the injuries she's suffering from her suicide attempt. However, the worst one is the creation of Angela, which would turn out to be something MUCH, MUCH, WORSE in the game's sequel.

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