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The Sephirah

The AI assigned to specific departments who oversee the operations performed by their respective wings of the Corporation.

    Tropes applying to all Sephirot 
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: The Sephirah are not the humans that stand before you, those are but holograms that disguise their true, robotic appearance.
  • AI Is A Crap Shoot: Some of them sport questionable if not outright malicious personalities. And then there’s the Meltdowns they’ll experience, causing them to actively hinder you during their fits of malfunction and Despair Event Horizon.
  • Background Music Override: Just their presence during a Meltdown causes the day's theme to begin at the Second Warning. Some Sephirah have their own themes that play starting from the first Qliphoth Meltdown.
  • Became Their Own Antithesis: In a way, when they became Sephirah, their personalities became twisted. Lisa stopped caring about Enoch as the Tiphereths, the selfless Carmen became the egotistical Angela, and so on. They get better when you finish their meltdowns.
  • Brain Uploading: They all were originally Lobotomy Corporation employees who died and were turned into AIs.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each Sephirah represents their department with their own colors, with the majority representing that color with their hair and/or uniform;
    • Yellow - Malkuth
    • Purple - Yesod
    • Green - Netzach
    • Orange - Hod
    • Gold - Tiphereth
    • Red - Gebura
    • Blue - Chesed
    • Gray - Hokma
    • Black - Binah
  • Despair Event Horizon: Their Sephirah Meltdowns are triggered after they recollect their deaths or other horrible events as humans.
  • Eating Machine: Considering Netzach actively advocates for readily-available alcohol in his branch and Chesed is never seen without coffee.
  • Interface Screw: Many of them will mess with the game's visuals when a Sephirah Meltdown is in effect.
  • Meaningful Name: Each of them have a name tying into the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Angela ties into the religious motif in more of a Punny Name way (Angel-a).
  • One-Winged Angel: Their Sephirah Meltdown boss forms.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The personalities of the Sephirah counteract the ones across the hallways from each other;
    • Netzach and Hod: Netzach is a complete slacker, frequently disappearing to get drunk/high while despairing at his position in the Corporation. Hod meanwhile is a hard worker, focused on helping as many people as possible at all times and loves her position of leadership.
    • Chesed and Gebura: Chesed is always sleepy, cautious of the Abnormalities and cares for the lives of his employees with defensive upgrades that heal them both physically and mentally. Gebura meanwhile is full of wrath and violence, constantly in a state of anger towards the Abnormalities, encourages you to deliberately release and beat them into submission repeatedly, and gives out upgrades that either risk or are even designed to kill employees on purpose.
    • Hokma and Binah: Hokma has become stoic from a lifetime of despairing over the cycle of life and death in the Corporation, mourning for the fallen while also keeping in mind that it’s inevitable. Binah has also become stoic, but it stems from a lifetime of sadistic satisfaction over death, which means she’ll barely bat an eye whenever another death occurs.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Sephirah or Sefirot? The former is supplied by the game while the latter is how they're referred to in Hebrew.
  • Turning Human Again: The Sephirah are given fully human forms in Library of Ruina.
  • Walking Spoiler: Not the Sephirah themselves, no, but rather their previous forms as humans and the trial for completing their Meltdowns reveal a whole lot about the facility, A, Carmen, and the Seed of Light.
  • Your Size May Vary: Their human selves generally have the same height as their current forms, with some noticeable exceptions, such as Daniel being quite shorter than Chesed, or Benjamin seeming to have been quite tall in some cutscenes or around the same height as he is now as Hokma.
     Angela / Carmen
The leading AI who is the most highly ranked among the Sephirah, who also acts as your advisor and is your go-to AI for management tips when you're first starting out.

In Library of Ruina, she is the Head Librarian.

  • AI Is A Crap Shoot: Triggers a lie-detector after denying any malicious intent on her part.
    • This warning bears fruit when immediately she sets about undoing everything you accomplished by the end of Lobotomy Corporation, only stalled by the combined efforts of all but one of the partially human Sephirah.
  • Bad Boss: She holds very little regard for the feelings of her Sephirah, and has an almost nonexistent attachment to the workers, encouraging you to sacrifice people and endure losses in the name of energy collection.
    • In one particular flashback, she intentionally allowed an Abnormality to break out and massacre the Welfare Team when she received reports of an all-time low casualty rate in the department. The reason? That particular monster produces Enkephalin when it kills, and she wanted the Corporation to meet its work quota a little quicker.
  • Buxom Is Better: Angela mentions that she was designed to be visually appealing to as much people as possible, and she has a noticeably curvaceous figure compared to every other female character that isn't Gebura.
  • Electronic Eyes: Notable in that she's the only character to have them. And notable in that she no longer has them in the sequel.
  • Eyes Always Closed: She does peek them open in a few portraits, though. No longer the case in the sequel.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In the sequel Library of Ruina, she's disgusted by the existence of Tomerry.
  • Expy: Of GLaDOS, being the cold and calculating overseer of the player character's actions. Like GLaDOS, she was originally a much more mellow human who was subject to Brain Uploading by the company's founder, although Carmen was uploaded to try and save her than forcibly being chosen to succeed A.
  • I Just Want to Be Free: Her ultimate goal, first realized during the true ending, and pursued in Library of Ruina.
  • Labcoat of Science: As befitting a scientific AI.
  • Leitmotif: A variant, but when she appears in a scene in Library of Ruina, a distinct "finger snap" sound effect is heard.
  • Made of Iron: Is attacked early on in Library of Ruina and is completely unaffected beyond a clanging sound. This is because she's a machine. However, when attacked by the Musicians of Bremen, she's actually stunned. This due to all the books the Library was collecting in fact turning her human.
  • The Stoic: Despite what she says early on, her emotions are normally suppressed in favor of professional stoicism, with whatever emotion that usually slips out tending to be subtle.
    • Downplayed in Library of Ruina. While still displaying stoic tendencies, she's much more open about how she's feeling.
  • Tranquil Fury: Though she never sticks to it for long, you can tell when she's especially bothered by something when her normally shut eyes open a little.
  • The Un-Smile: Though arguably it could be considered a case of When She Smiles depending on one's perspective of the situation. In the True Ending, while the Sephirah are rejoicing about the The Seed of Light being deployed and their eternal rest has finally come, Angela reveals that she intends to hijack the Seed and its vast quantity of energy for her own purposes, and she has been practicing a smile for this moment.
  • Waistcoat of Style: Wears a buttoned-down collared shirt, tie, and waistcoat with dress pants under her labcoat.
  • We Have Reserves: Zig-zags between approving of this mentality and warning against irresponsible use of it, but she usually likes to remind you that there are always plenty of other perfectly qualified people looking to fill in a dead employee's old position.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Deconstructed. Angela does mean well... for the company and the energy produced. She couldn't care less about the employees she needs to get through in order to fulfill the daily quota or about the feelings of her fellow Sephirah, up to and including getting the Welfare Team massacred for the purpose of producing more Enkephalin.
    • Same with Library of Ruina, where she is trying to find 'The Perfect Book' that will allow herself and everyone else in the library to be truely free...which involves killing even more people, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair color is a gradient from white to ice-blue.

     Malkuth / Elijah
Click to see True form 
The head of the Control Team Department (AKA, the first team you get to control), who is always chipper and jolly to be at work, though she tends to be rather forgetful and clumsy.

Her real identity is Elijah, a former worker in the Corporation during the Cogito experiments. She had attempted to get A to participate in extractions or the experiments rather than staying an observer, and eventually decided to take matters into her own hands. Due to the Cogito experiments not being ready for humans yet, Elijah died, but not before begging A for a less painful death, to which he ignored.

In Library of Ruina, she is the patron librarian of the Floor of History.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: As pointed out by both Angela and Malkuth herself, she tends to get distracted very easily, leading to her holding onto an old and worn out notebook she claims to help her focus much easier. Attention Deficit Disorder comes to mind when describing it.
  • Battle Theme Music: Violation of Black Colors, followed by Red Dots.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Doubly Subverted. She freely lets it all out after her Meltdown that she doesn't believe in you in the slightest and doesn't expect you to change the facility for the better in any way, but then follows up that she is intrigued enough by your work to want to see how you'll progress forward.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Elijah's body was overloaded by Cogito, causing her to lose all her nails and half her teeth. She was then left to die a horrible, painful death by A.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Admits to it herself, along with being easily distracted. Angela considers her to be the most irredeemably corrupt for these traits, but at the same time it makes her the easiest to control, so it hasn’t been a problem yet.
  • Gender-Blender Name: "Elijah" is a name more associated with boys than women.
  • Genki Girl: She's the closest to one, as she's almost always in an upbeat mood with a smile on her face.
  • Iconic Item: A worn clipboard and pen, which she had been using ever since she was a part of the Corporation and denotes the forgetful aspect of her Cute Clumsy Girl personality.
  • Red Armband of Leadership: Wears one to indicate her position.

     Yesod / Gabriel
Click to see True Form 
The head of the Information Team Department. He is a somewhat cold, arrogant and overly-rational person who does not take lightly to failure.

His real identity is Gabriel, a worker alongside Elijah. After hearing of her death, he began to compulsively start attempts to make the Corporation more safe. Compulsion turned to obsession, and Gabriel began to scratch at any of his own skin that wasn't covered by his clothes. Despite reassurances that any chemicals in the Corporation didn't infect him, he kept scratching at himself until it killed him.

In Library of Ruina, he is the patron librarian of the Floor of Technological Sciences.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: The way Gabriel's actions are described bring to mind Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Battle Theme Music: untitled9877645623413123325, followed by Faded.
  • Brick Joke: Upon first meeting the manager, he complains about their dress code and brings up a penalty point system, but acknowledges he can't impose it on the player. Right after his speech after his Sephirah Meltdown is completed, he seriously reconsiders that idea, though it may have just been something to lighten the mood. It's also referenced again when you first meet the Tiphereths while they are talking with Netzach.
  • Character Development: In Library Of Ruina he no longer has a scarf around his neck, indicating that he got over his guilt from the previous game.
  • Clawing at Own Throat: He began to scratch and claw at himself endlessly in a fit of obsessive guilt over Elijah's death.
  • Dork in a Sweater: He's an intelligent but arrogant man in a turtleneck. This is Played for Drama, as his conservative clothing was one of the first clues about his deteriorating mental state when he was Gabriel.
  • In-Series Nickname: On a small scale, but amongst the employees who dislike him, Yesod is known as ‘Yesod the Viper’. He came to accept that with pride, though others include "Yesod the Cold-blooded Machine" (which Hod notably calls him by) and "Yesod the Cruel and Emotionless".
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: He felt guilty for Elijah's death as Gabriel and eventually became obsessed with security.
  • Interface Screw: Present in many of the Sephirah Meltdowns, but it’s Yesod's specialty in particular. During his battle the screen will gradually worsen in video quality, rendering the game into a mess of almost unrecognizable pixels. Memorizing what your Abnormalities require, employee stats and the locations of them all beforehand is almost necessary to win. It only gets worse as it goes on as well, with the heavily increased saturation being the minimum of issues faced.
  • Labcoat of Science: He wore one as Gabriel.
  • Lack of Empathy: He has no problem bringing up the time he had to put down James. He justifies it for himself as he expresses regret over having known him personally due to being exploited by him and bending the rules a little for the employee. He mentions later he envies Angela and her inability to feel the sympathy that clouds his judgement.
    Yesod: "Sometimes, you will feel the urge to share the distress and anxiety with someone else; to have a friend. But manager, whenever you feel lonely, please remember what happened to me. And try not to make the same mistake as I did. You will be able to get over the meaningless deaths that way."
    • Gabriel's initial reaction to the news of Elijah's death seemed to be a case of this, but it becomes clear that he was deeply affected by it, which took a toll on his psyche.
  • Neat Freak: Played for drama. Gabriel had become so obsessed with the idea of keeping himself clean that he began clawing at whatever skin was exposed on his body.
  • Non-Indicative Name: He brings this up by taking note of the real purpose of the Information Team; they manipulate the information they receive by the request of the other Departments, such as the erasure of employee records, without even knowing things like what the criteria for stripping the records are.
    Yesod: "We've degenerated into a department that destroys and manipulates information as ordered, yet somehow we're still called the "Information Team.""
  • Not So Stoic: Beneath his cold exterior, he's overwhelmed by both rage and despair for a multitude of reasons, which A takes note of.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: He's the shortest of all the male Sephirah besides Tiphereth B, but he is the head of the Information Team.
  • Smug Smiler: The few times he does smile, he's either looking and/or acting pretty full of himself.
  • The Spock: He's the best fitted for this, as he's analytical and quite stoic. He himself would tell you he's actually quite far from that, though.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Unlike some of the other Sephirah, he tends to express disappointment if you allow your employees to go mad, die or allow Abnormalities to breach containment.

     Netzach / Giovanni
Click to see True Form 
The head of the Safety Team Department. He is the depressed leader of the Safety Team that's absolutely miserable in his line of work at the Lobotomy Corporation, wishing be finally be free from it. For now he just settles on quietly celebrating each day he and his department members survive, though.

Netzach's true identity is Giovanni, an old friend of Carmen who followed her into the Corporation to protect and save her. Carmen died one day, driving Giovanni to volunteer himself to 'A's Cogito experiments with the hopes of bringing her back to life. Giovanni died in the infirmary during the failed and still very early experiments, and was brought back as Netzach to continue his duties.

In Library of Ruina, he is the patron librarian of the Floor of Art.

     Hod / Michelle
Click to see True Form 
Head of the Training Team Department, which works to prepare and train workers for the dangers the work place presents. She’s a friendly, if somewhat awkward worker that does her best to help as many people as possible.

Hod's true name is Michelle, who was a spy inserted into the Corporation by an organization known as The Heads of the World. Although Michelle gained the friendship and trust of many people in the Corporation, she eventually had to report her discoveries to The Heads, leading to an attack that killed nearly everyone targeted. Overwhelmed with guilt, Michelle hung herself before later being found by ‘A’ for conversion into a Sephirah. Michelle, now as Hod, continues to function with one goal in mind; atonement for her betrayal.

In Library of Ruina, she is the patron librarian of the Floor of Literature.

  • The Atoner: That overbearing and awkwardly nice attitude is Hod trying to atone for the disaster she caused many years ago.
  • Age Lift: As Michelle, she seemed to be around her teenage years, or possibly even a child. After her death and Brain Uploading, she has been aged up a few years.
  • Battle Theme Music: Theme - Retro Time.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Downplayed. It’s revealed later on that Hod's kind demeanor is less than genuine and more like her trying to atone. After suppressing her Meltdown, Hod finally stops denying it and vows to be more genuine in her kindness.
  • Broken Bird: She's polite, friendly and wants the best for her fellow Sephirah and employees, which is mostly a way for her to repent for her prior actions as Michelle.
  • Driven to Suicide: How Michelle died, hanging herself out of guilt for what she has done.
  • Drugs Are Bad: She gladly gave Netzach and a worker named Tiffany a generous supply of Enkephalin, not realizing that they’re just using it to get high, leading to Tiffany and Netzach coming under fire from Angela. She herself also becomes hooked to Enkephalin following a conversation with Netzach, leading to her hallucinating both her dead employees and copies of herself berating her for how useless and two-faced she is, causing her to begin a Meltdown.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: She won’t admit it openly, but she’s incredibly frustrated over the fact that nobody, not Angela or the Sephirah and not even her own workers, give a shit about all the work she has done for them.
  • Extreme Doormat: Everyone walks over her, from her employees to her fellow Sephirah.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: None of the Sephirah (with the possible exceptions of Chesed and maybe Gebura) seem to care about her efforts to help and find her caring personality an annoyance.
  • Idiot Hair: Of the naive variety.
  • Just Trying to Help: Her sole goal that she sticks to with zeal, whether her depressed and jaded workers like it or not.

     Tiphereth A and B / Lisa and Enoch
Click to see True Form 

Due to the size of the Central Command Team Department, two Sephirah were needed to manage the whole department. Tiphereth A is the negative and stubborn little blonde girl, while Tiphereth B is the optimistic and thoughtful little blonde boy. The two manage Central Command, but are not very well received due to A's complaining nature and B's frequent tendency to malfunction at work.

The Tiphereths were not employees of the Corporation, but instead were orphaned children living in a place known as the Outskirts, a desolate and war-torn land caused by battles between rivaling Corporations. With their parents dead and local scavengers in the area always keen for a fresh catch, one of 'A's Fixers discovered the children and reluctantly brought them to Lobotomy Corporation by the request of Carmen. While living in the facility, one of the children, Enoch, took an interest in the experiments 'A' was conducting. In hopes of finally receiving an answer to a mysterious question, Enoch volunteered himself to become a Sephirah. The experiment was approved, and overcome with despair at the loss of her only friend, Lisa followed in his actions soon after.

In Library of Ruina, Tipereth is the patron librarian of the Floor of Natural Sciences.

  • Battle Theme Music: Eternal, followed by Dark Fantasy Scene.
  • Body of Bodies: Tiphereth A's Meltdown form, instead of the protruding mass of black tentacles and chassis fragments of her predecessors, is Tiphereth A sitting atop a mountain of decommissioned Tiphereth B bodies she’s destroyed over the years.
  • Break the Cutie: Tiphereth B is fated for this with each iteration of him, which will inevitably lead to him being decommissioned and replaced over and over.
  • Cheerful Child: Tiphereth B is easily the most positive force in the entire facility, contrasting from his more cynical co-Sephirah.
  • Conveyor Belt of Doom: Where the copy of Tiphereth B you’ve acquainted yourself with meets his end, crushed into scrap metal and bleeding organs at the command of Tiphereth A.
  • Cross Dresser: Tiphereth B, a little boy, is wearing the exact same dress assigned to Tiphereth A, done to signify that the duo exert control over the same department.
  • Cross-Popping Veins: Tiphereth A, though weirdly enough, only in her true, mechanical form, though likely to get across her frustration with Malkuth at the time.
  • Empty Eyes: Tiphereth B displays these once he starts becoming aware of his situation and the meaning behind it, and is usually the tell that this copy has ran its course.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: They are not siblings, but instead friends from their former lives as Lisa and Enoch, who survived in the cannibal-ridden wastelands known as The Outskirts. When “A” discovered them, he remarks that they have a bond deeper than even true siblings can hope to have.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: A few: Tiphereth A has longer hair, a bow on her headband, and a more olive shade of green for her eyes.
  • I Die Free: Tiphereth A, after years of seeing Tiphereth B get repeatedly decommissioned, memory wiped, and brought back to life for his questioning nature, requests you to permanently kill him so that he may finally be free and at rest.
  • Killed Off for Real: Tiphereth B is nowhere to be seen in Library of Ruina or its supplementary material.
  • Kill the Cutie: Tiphereth B, as per Tiphereth A's request, is completely decommissioned by the time their Meltdown is over.
  • Marathon Level: Their Core Suppression not only removes the Qliphoth Meltdown immunity other Departments might've gotten, but it also greatly increases the amount of amount of work you must do before you can complete the day, to the point where even reaching a Midnight Ordeal won't be enough to end it. It's a battle of attrition as there is no cap on how many Abnormalities can undergo a meltdown, so hiring enough Agents to survive the entire day, or biting the bullet and allowing some Abnormalities to escape are the only options to pass.
  • Meaningful Echo: "Please don't be sad. I know something good will happen next time."
  • The Reveal: Typically around the point of unlocking Central Command is when you’ll learn about the true nature of the Sephirah, including their true forms, their creation process and what happens when they need to be replaced.
  • Parental Abandonment: Their exact situations are ambiguous, but it’s certain that their parents died in The Outskirts early in their childhoods, leaving them to survive for themselves.
  • What a Senseless Waste of Human Life: Tiphereth B will lament on the tragedy of a worker's death.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Tiphereth A will not hesitate to call you a terrible manager if you allow people to die or monsters to break free.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Both of them are very intelligent and astute for what they are. Even back when they were human, Enoch was quite philosophical and always curious about A's research and experiments, which confused Lisa for most of the time she had known Enoch.

    Gebura / Kali
Click to see True Form 
The stern head of the Disciplinary Team Department, who is adamant on the extreme use of violence against Abnormalities. The only other thing that can match her hatred over Abnormalities are cowards.

Gebura's real identity is Kali, a woman hailing from a part of town known as The Backstreet, a violent slum overcome with poverty and fighting. Kali was the strongest and most heroic fighter of the Backstreet, and had earned the nickname 'The Red Mist' from the people there. Carmen took note of these traits and contacted Kali for an employment opportunity; to protect the people of Lobotomy Corp, and help her fulfill her grand vision for the world. Kali accepted the offer, but after some time the Heads of the World begun their attack on the facility, unleashing a full scale containment breach and sending their best agent, named Garion, to destroy the company. Wielding a massive sword taken from the armory, Kali went into battle and killed many Abnormalities, saving 'A' and Benjamin in the process. However, she was intercepted by Garion, who had severed her arm and left her crippled. In a final act of rage Kali impaled Garion, and passed away shortly afterward. In the aftermath of the attack, 'A' found her mangled corpse and converted her into a Sephirah. Now plagued with fragmented memories of the slaughter the Abnormalities caused against her friends, Geburas' aimless wrath is dedicated to punishing the Abnormalities over and over again, willing to sacrifice as much manpower as needed to make them bleed for what they've done.

In Library of Ruina, she is the patron librarian of the Floor of Language.

  • An Arm and a Leg: During her Heroic Sacrifice, her arm was severed by Garion.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority / Authority Equals Asskicking: She applies for both. She's the head of the Disciplinary Team Department, which would already denote the latter, but was apparently always capable of this even before she got her position. Her fight to the death with Garion is a clear indicator of this, and even her Meltdown is more a direct and brutal battle than the others.
  • Badass Longcoat: Always seen in one during her time as Kali.
  • Barrier Change Boss: The Red Mist's damage resistances change up during each phase of its Meltdown.
  • Battle Theme Music: Distorted Night, followed by Insignia Decay.
  • Blood Knight: Rather than warning you of an escaped monster or an employee's death, she will encourage you to get ready to start a fight or take revenge.
    • Her missions and rewards also reflect this mindset; all of her missions involve successfully beating down several escaping Abnormalities in a single day that escalate in danger, culminating in having to defeat three ALEPH classed Abnormalities in a day. The rewards for completing these missions include the Execution Bullet, an ammo type that can instantly kill any employee targeted, and the Rabbit Team, special forces who are under orders to mercilessly gun down every living being in a department with no questions asked.
  • Book Dumb: She admits to not being smart enough to even type a coherent document. Which isn't too surprising considering her life was spent in poverty and violence, with absolutely no education.
  • Brutal Honesty: She says right from the get-go to the manager that she will tell things as they are.
  • Confusion Fu: Each phase of The Red Mist has her using various weapons at the same time in conjunction with one another. The first phase starts with her wielding Penitence and Red Eye, then using Gold Rush after a third of her health is gone. She swaps them out for Da Capo and Mimicry in her second phase, sometimes using a much larger version of Heaven that acts like one of Der Freischutz's bullets. In her third phase, she throws them to the side for Smile and Justitia, occasionally using Gold Rush again. On the final phase, she keeps Gold Rush, but also uses Twilight. This is all on top of her changing up her tactics and damage resistances with each phase.
  • Cleavage Window: Her uniform sports one, albeit a very small and understated example of the trope, likely owing to the more chibi artstyle.
  • Death Seeker: One of her greatest desires, which she looks for through constant combat. By the time her Meltdown occurs, she’s decided that she’s going to destroy the entire Corporation to bring it all down, and by extension herself.
  • Defiant to the End: Even in her last moments she wouldn't let Garion leave unharmed, getting one last hit in by impaling her before falling.
  • The Dreaded: Kali was this, The Red Mist being a universally recognized name at the time by several associations for her strength.
  • Dual Wielding: The Red Mist does this for each phase of its Meltdown, the only exception technically being its final phase.
  • Eye Scream: One of her eyes were lost in her life as Kali during the The Heads' attack on the Corporation.
  • Fallen Hero: Was once a slightly kinder and protective figure back in her home at the Back Alley and later within the Corporation, before her resurrection from the dead as an AI after her Heroic Sacrifice corrupted her love for fighting into something more malicious and dangerous. You can help her get that old spark back later, though.
  • Fiery Redhead: Blood red hair and uniform with the bloodlust and attitude to match.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Almost every conversation about her involves her getting mocked by anyone else in the conversation, including Chesed, Myo and Binah. She's generally feared by the employees, and Hod is incredibly intimidated by her. At the very least, the Tiphereths hold her in higher regards than the rest of the Sephirot.
  • Friend to All Children: Surprisingly, yes. She's noticeably less rude and more levelheaded when talking with Hod and has a fine enough formal relationship with the Tiphereths (if at least Tiphereth A). It's heavily implied she was the Fixer who brought Enoch and Lisa back to the Corporation. Additionally, Tiphereth A came to Gebura's aid while the employee experiments were in progress, fearing the latter would be reset for intruding in Angela's plans. One of the two is also expressing worry for Gebura's condition moments before she undergoes a Sephirah Meltdown.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Her face is scarred with various lashes and cuts.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: As Kali, she died protecting 'A' and the people of the Corporation from a massive containment breach, singlehandedly slaughtering many monsters and battling against Garion, who had caused the mass breach. In the aftermath, 'A' found her mangled corpse amidst the carnage, mentioning that it was almost unrecognizable with the amount of injuries she had sustained.
  • Hero of Another Story: Kali was widely recognized as a protector of those in the Back Alley, earning recognition from massive corporations and the respect from the likes of Myo and Carmen. She was already brawling with Abnormalities long before she actually got hired by the Corporation, and was officially nicknamed The Red Mist out of recognition for her work as a Fixer.
  • Large and in Charge: The tallest Sephirah and the head of the Disciplinary Team Department.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The Red Mist, her Meltdown form, is a high HP menace that attacks your workers with some of the most lethal E.G.O weapons (as in, nearly every ALEPH tier weapon) the game has to offer while teleporting around the facility to switch targets.
  • A Mother to Her Men: Kali was famous for being protective over the people in the Back Alley from other threats, including Abnormalities, even before she was hired by the Corporation. Her anger primarily stems from her failure to protect the people that were put into her responsibility. Post-Meltdown, she's much more cautious of the lives of the employees and refusing to let the effort of dead employees be in vain.
  • Meaningful Name: The primary Hindu goddess that destroys evil forces is named Kali.
  • My Greatest Failure: Much of her wrath and despair as Gebura comes from her inability to save more people when The Head sicced the Abnormalities, the Fixers and Garion onto Lobotomy Corp. in her old life as Kali.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Not her AI form, but her Meltdown form. Instead of fighting against her true robotic body self, your workers will be hunted down by The Red Mist, who is Gebura in a metal combat suit.
  • Red Armband of Leadership: It's a lighter shade that borders on pink, but it still applies for the head of the Disciplinary Team Department.
  • Red Baron: The Red Mist.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to both Chesed and Binah's blue.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Introduced smoking a cigarette, and is the toughest Sephirah around. Her real form has a hole below her eye where she can insert a cigarette, which she's always seen holding from then on.
  • Statuesque Stunner: If one believes that the in-game portraits reflect the Sephirot's actual height, then Gebura towers over everyone else.
  • Spy Catsuit: Wears one beneath a red jacket.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: During a face to face conversation with Hod, Gebura suddenly shouts as Hod is about to leave, startling her. She forgot her papers.
  • Weapon of Choice: Her favored weapon seems to be Mimicry, a massive flesh and eye covered sword that’s earned from the ALEPH classed Abnormality called Nothing There.

    Chesed / Daniel
Click to see True Form 

The calm and collected leader of the Welfare Team Department, Chesed is a rational and understanding authority figure who aims to protect as many workers as possible while also meeting the corporations energy quota within the fastest time possible.

Chesed, once known as Daniel, was an elite member of society, charming and wealthy to the point of standing out in the Corporation from his clothing alone. Carmen contacted Daniel with a job opportunity, convincing him to come aboard to help fulfill her grand vision by helping her lead the Corporation. Daniel obliged, but after some time, the Heads of the World begun their attack. Their sole member, Garion, broke into Daniel's office with a polite offer; unleash all Abnormalities from their containment unit, or force her to do it herself with or without his compliance. Daniel, believing that cooperating with her demands could grant some time for the others to escape, let the Abnormalities loose. He would flee downstairs to save the others but would find that he was too late, his coworkers had been slaughtered, the Heads were closing in on his position, and that he was responsible for the deaths of everyone involved. Delivering one final message to 'A', Daniel died filled with regret and guilt over his decision. Daniel now lives on as Chesed, Sephirah of the Welfare Team, cooperating with Angela's ever growing heartless experiments and demands while trying to make the workers under his command as comfortable as possible before their inevitable demise.

In Library of Ruina, he is the patron librarian of the Floor of Social Sciences.

  • Barrier Change Boss: During his meltdown, he will randomly select one of the four damage types and multiply the amount damage it’ll deal by four times, increasing the amount of buffed damage types every few Qliphoth Meltdown until 3/4ths of them are selected near the end.
  • Battle Theme Music: Battle - Urgent Encounter.
  • Benevolent Boss: He wishes for the well being of his workers, in the sense that he considers them more than expendable resources. In fact, the rewards for completed Welfare missions are healing bullets that restore HP/Sanity, and an upgrade that makes both more potent in their effects.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: Guess that's what all the coffee is for. He didn't have these as Daniel, though, and early into his life as Chesed they still weren't present.
  • The Gadfly: His general tone is very teasing, especially in regards to the likes of someone like Gebura.
  • Gentle Giant: He's the second tallest of the Sephirah, but he's easily one of the most approachable of them all.
  • Iconic Item: He is never seen without his Lobotomy Corp. branded coffee mug. He’s even still holding it when he reveals his robotic form and even when he’s experiencing a Qliphoth Meltdown
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: He mentions he used to be a lot more enthusiastic about his job until actually seeing what it entails.
  • Let Them Die Happy: His easygoing nature and lax relationships with his employees stem from wanting to make their lives as comfortable as possible before their inevitable deaths at the hands of the Abnormalities.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Is always seen with a mug of coffee, and won't fail to bring the beverage up when he can.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: As Daniel, he allowed himself to be intimidated by Garion into releasing all of the Abnormalites to slaughter the facility, under the belief that doing it willingly would give the others some time to escape than if Garion did it forcefully. The subsequent slaughter and screams of his employees left him a regretful and huddled mess that led to his eventual death by the approaching Heads.
  • My Greatest Failure: Chesed considers his cowardice as Daniel during The Heads' attack to be this. Rather than standing up to Garion, he allowed himself to be convinced that some people might be able to escape if he does as she asks. He was completely wrong, and he lives on as Chesed believing that the whole tragedy and all the lives lost were his fault alone.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Gebura's red, of course.
  • See You in Hell: Daniel's last words to "A".
  • Timed Mission: All of the mission Chesed gives require you to complete days within 20-15 minutes.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Coffee, in fact the first thing he ever did when he came to work for the Corporation was request a coffee machine to be installed somewhere.
  • Verbal Tic: Starts responses with "aye, aye" every so often.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

    Hokma / Benjamin
Click to see True Form 
The mysterious head of the Record Team Department, who seems to know more about the Corporation than the other Sephirah. He is the oldest of the AI in the facility, and as such he is the most weary and rational of the group. Also known as B. Hokma's true name is Benjamin, 'A's best friend and right hand man, who stuck with him through the beginning and end of the first iteration of Lobotomy Corporation. Shortly after the attack waged by The Heads, Benjamin and 'A' surveyed the damage and retrieved the corpses deemed important enough to be turned into Sephirah. One of them was Carmen's body, and in a fit of despair 'A' ordered Benjamin to help him work on a way to bring her back to life somehow. After a long time of research, sacrifice and testing, Benjamin and 'A' managed to create Angela. But the cold, calculating and egotistical Angela was nothing like the inspirational and caring Carmen they knew, driving Benjamin to leave the company. When he came back and attempted to warn 'A', who planned on keeping Angela despite the tremendous amount of flaws in the AI, against trusting her, Angela had him killed, converted into a Sephirah and locked in the lowest levels of the Corporation to be forgotten.
  • Battle Theme Music: 090909090, followed by circle-rombed oxygen.
  • Broken Bird: Rare Male Example. Benjamin was an optimistic, innovative young man who was devoted to his best friend 'A' above all else, working with him through thick and thin to make Lobotomy one of the strongest Wings; however, when their friend Carmen died and 'A' began working to resurrect her (something Benjamin encouraged), he found himself disgusted with what they had created and left the company. When he returned to save his friend, Angela killed him and locked him away in the Atziluth layer. Now aged and jaded, he believes death and 'sinking' is inevitable, that existence is a struggle with how the Corp. can just control life and death, and that they are doomed to repeat this process forever.
  • Camera Abuse: Pause during his Meltdown, and the screen will outright shatter.
  • Cool Old Guy: The oldest Sephirah and the wisest, as well as one of the more caring authority figures.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: He knew from the moment she activated that Angela was nothing like Carmen, and when he tried to warn 'A' Angela silenced him and locked him away.
  • High-Class Glass: He's a civilized older man with a monocle.
  • Iconic Item: His pocket watch. When he's noticeably irritated, he will slam it shut.
  • Interface Screw: His Meltdown has him remove your ability to safely pause or slow the game speed down. As his Meltdown goes on, the game will get faster and faster and attempting to slow it down will instantly kill or panic some of your employees.
  • No-Sell: If you pause at any point during his Meltdown, 3-5 employees in the facility will instantly die or panic.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: His monocle more or less serves as this given his wisdom. Benjamin plays this straighter due to wearing a pair of glasses.
  • Unperson: He was subjected to this when Angela kept him confined to the Atziluth layer.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Treats you this way, thanks to you inheriting 'A's memories.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: A mild version, but Hokma calls 'A' out for his actions through the player, asking him that if he has an imitation of Carmen, happy, loyal employees that worship the ground he walks on, and god-like control of life and death in the facility, why he is not content or happy, and why he continues pursuing the trails of brilliance he never even took seriously.
  • You Are Worth Hell: Platonic version. He reassures 'A' that he will always be there for him and would be loyal to him to the end. This comes back to bite him when he decides to come back to the facility to warn 'A' of Angela and runs right into her trap. Even as Hokma, he is dedicated to the player, swearing to follow them regardless of their decisions.
  • You Did Everything You Could: Should any of his employees die while under your watch, he’ll try to comfort you and assure that you did everything you could to save them.

    Binah / Garion
Click to see True Form 

The head of the Extraction Team Department who oversees the disposal of the dead. The exposure to a countless amount of dead workers has left her with a stoic and morbid outlook on life in the Corporation.

Or so it seems at first. Her real name is Garion, an enforcer of the Heads of the World who was sent to Lobotomy Corporation to wipe it out after her spy, Michelle, reported her findings and gave the go-to signal. After she had intimidated Daniel into releasing all of the Abnormalities as a distraction, she headed into the fray and found a warrior named Kali, who had destroyed most of the Abnormalities herself. The two did battle, with Garion ultimately winning after she had severed Kali's arm. But in her final moments, Kali impaled her sword through Garion, leaving her severely wounded and helpless as 'A' found her body. In an act of desperation, 'A' had Garion's mind scanned and surgically dug through for a way to avoid The Heads' wrath. Having gotten everything he needed, he had her brain extracted and forcibly put through the Sephirah creation process.

  • And I Must Scream: She was still alive and conscious after her battle with Kali when she was converted to a Sephirah, bringing up how painful the experience was.
  • A Spot Of Tea: Enjoys a cup of tea from time to time, and is seen sipping a cup of it in the Outskirts after leaving an H-Corp. Employee to be gored alive by Outskirt Scavengers in the desert, after having the worker aid her in destroying H-Corporation.
  • Badass Longcoat: She wears an elegant feathered black coat.
  • Battle Theme Music: Jukai, followed by Haunted Streets.
  • Beauty Mark: Sports one below her eye.
  • Black Cloak: One with fur that she wears over her dress.
  • Blood Knight: The villainous counterpart to Kali's heroic past, as according to her, death and bloodshed have been the only thing to bring her happiness.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: She certainly seems to think that what 'A' put her through was this, as she was alive and fully conscious throughout the entire procedure.
  • Dark Is Evil: She's dressed entirely in black and yellow, and she's the eeriest and cruelest of the Sephirah. Helped by her role as Garion years ago when she lead the attack on the facility.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Will calmly, carefully, and eerily explain to you that the only thing that can ever bring a smile to her face is the look on a person's face as they die before her.
  • Freudian Excuse: It's heavily implied she turned out the way she is now due to the conditions she endured growing up, and becoming an enforcer of the Heads of the World didn't help matters at all.
  • Hero Killer: Garion personally murdered Daniel during the raid on the Corporation. Both she and Kali fell in battle, though all three of them would be preserved as the Sephirah.
  • Hidden Eyes: Whenever she does one of her creepy smiles, this happens in tandem.
  • High-Tech Hexagons: Her clothes have yellow lines that form into hexagon patterns.
  • Item Farming: Essentially what her missions amount to, and what her upgrades can enhance. She will send you requests to collect E.G.O Gifts from Abnormalities of escalating threat levels, and in return she can hand you upgrades that increase their drop chances as well as an upgrade that has a chance to recover lost E.G.O Weapons and Armor that would normally be lost should their holder die, saving you the need to re-purchase them.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Was severely wounded when Kali, in her final moments, shoved her sword through Garion's chest, leaving her at the mercy of 'A' when she was discovered.
  • Kubrick Stare: Her default expression, even if her head isn't quite directly facing the camera.
  • Made of Iron Whether or not Kali was still alive by the end of their battle is up in the air, but Garion certainly was, still conscious while she was skewered by Kali's blade.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Like Gebura, her Meltdown form is a suppressible entity known as An Arbiter. Additionally, aside from gaining an earring when becoming a Sephirah, she looks no different now than what she looked like in her previous life.
  • Not So Different: Believes that she and 'A' and no different from each other by the time her Meltdown is over, and is ultimately the reason why she's willing to cooperate a little bit more afterwards.
  • Psychotic Smirk: She's frequent to pulling unnerving grins on purpose.
  • Sinister Silhouettes: Garion is only ever portrayed as an ominous shadow.
  • Talks Like a Simile: Conveys a lot of what she has to say in metaphors.
  • Tron Lines: The yellow lines decorating her clothes, which are even more prominent in her true form.
  • Villain of Another Story: Garion was one of the top members of the Heads of the World. She gathered intel from Michelle, at the time serving as a spy for the Heads, before she commenced an assault on the Corporation, resulting in numerous lives taken, Abnormalities wreaking havoc before being killed or quarantined, and later, the birth of three Sephirah: Chesed, Gebura, and Binah. Due to the guilt she felt for her part, Michelle killed herself, joining them as the Sephirah named Hod.
  • Walking Spoiler: Talking about Binah risks outing many spoilers thanks to her past.

The Abnormalities

Throughout your career as the manager of the Lobotomy Corporation, it will be your job to manage and tame the creatures, objects and people known as Abnormalities by any means necessary so that they can power the facility. These Abnormalities range anywhere between paranormal yet mostly harmless objects to facility wiping monstrosities that need a small army to subdue.

     In General
Tropes related to the Abnormalities as a whole are:
  • All Myths Are True: A great number of Abnormalities were the subjects of old myths or legends, and they are still alive and kicking in the present day. The Shout Out section below goes into further detail.
  • All There in the Manual: What the letters and numbers in an Abnormality's serial code isn't explained ingame, and is instead touched on through outside sources and especially the artbook. To elaborate, 'O' stands for Original, based on no theme in particular. 'T' stands for Trauma, typically used on Abnormalities that are based on humanity's fears and strong personal experiences/emotions. 'F' stands for Fairy-Tale, which are used on creatures based on real world fairy-tales. 'D' presumably stands for Donator, which are Abnormality concepts pitched by the backers who helped fund the game.
  • Art-Style Dissonance: Happens semi-frequently and intentionally thanks to the Perception Filter installed on the Manager's camera and how well it works on a case by case basis. Some Abnormalities like the Scorched Girl and Fragment of the Universe look like they're walking drawings with visible pencil scribbles, others remain faithful to the game's flat chibi art style like the Queen of Hatred and Laetitia, and then others like Schadenfreude are designed with photo-realistic eyes and textures.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: As shown in Big Bird's lore, some Abnormalities have the intent to kill when they attack, but some simply don't grasp the concept of death and may be attacking for varying reasons, some even being well meaning but not knowing how to express it in any other way.
  • Body of Bodies: A recurring theme among some Abnormalities.
    • Nothing There is a barely held together patchwork of human body parts in the shape of a tripedal beast.
    • Mountain of Smiling Bodies is a mountainous ball of decayed black flesh, bones and teeth.
    • Blue Star seems to have the legs of those absorbed into it protruding from its actual body; the blue heart.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Each Abnormality has a very distinctive design to help separate them from one another, sometimes even having different art styles, with their own list of needs, dislikes, skill checks and fighting styles. All to remind you that no two Abnormalities should be treated the same.
  • Creepy Child: Three Abnormalities are this: Laetitia who is an twitching and mechanical doll-like little girl, the Child of the Galaxy who is an omnipresent and dangerously clingy child, and the Scorched Girl, who is an outright homicidal spirit of a dead child.
  • Mêlée à Trois: Abnormalities will try to kill every thing in sight when they escape: your Agents, the idle Clerks, the Ordeals, and even other escaping Abnormalities. The only exceptions to this are the Black Forest Birds (Small Bird, Big Bird and Long Bird), their lore making it clear that they were friends before separating to pursue their own quests in the Black Forest, and were later brought to the Lobotomy Corporation.
  • Monster Mash: You can have dozens of creatures to take care of in your game. God help you if anything happens that breaks them all out at the same time.
  • Shout Out: Many Abnormalities reference existing stories and legends due to the fact that they are the origin of that story. Abnormalities given an F in their serial number (ex. F-01-02 for Scorched Girl) denote them as Fairy Tale-classed Abnormalities, and as such reference their respective stories.
    • The Big and Will Be Bad Wolf makes a couple references to stories that involve giant wolves as the antagonist, particularly The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood, and in this setting he was the Wolf in those tales. Speaking of which, Little Red is also in game; she is called Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary, and has sworn vengeance against the Big Bad Wolf for disfiguring and traumatizing her on that fateful day.
    • Snow White's Apple is a clear reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, specifically she is the apple that the witch used to poison Snow White, brought to life from her baneful magic. She is trying to follow in Snow White's footsteps to find her own prince.
    • The Scorched Girl is a direct reference to The Little Match Girl, only this time the dead child has become a vengeful spirit.
    • Der Freischütz references the German theatre play of the same name, Der Freischütz. He too has become a mercenary like Little Red.
    • Dream Of A Black Swan is a reversal on the story of The Six Swans. Instead of six swans coming to rescue their human sister, it is a single massive Swan/Human mutant coming to rescue her six human brothers.
    • Beauty and the Beast is, unsurprisingly, a reference to Beauty and the Beast, but its take on the curse that plagued the Prince is instead a contagious punishment to anyone who puts the poor Beast out of its misery.
    • Wall Gazer's Legacy version alluded to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in Classical Mythology, as her Jump Scare ability was called "Orpheus", implying that she was the same Eurydice who was trapped in the Underworld. She retains the Don't Look Back theme of that myth, but now tries to get anyone leaving her cell to look at her.
    • The Red Shoes reference a story that goes by the same name, which was created by Hans Christian Andersen. But instead of involuntarily dancing until their feet have to be severed, the victim is driven to a murderous rage and cuts everyone around them apart. Oddly enough, The Red Shoes isn't classified as a Fairy Tale Abnormality (an F), but instead an Original (an O).
    • It may be unintentional, but there is a gigantic and towering bird called Big Bird.
    • The Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom and the Warm Hearted Woodsman are Darker and Edgier takes on the Scarecrow and Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. Curiously, there is no representation for the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow and Tin Man don't seem to be allied with each other during a containment breach despite the Woodsman's story stating that they traveled together like in the tale.
    • The Snow Queen is, as the name implied, a reference to The Snow Queen. She was brought back to life by the Corporation's founder after she committed suicide, and like how she kidnapped Kai, she can kidnap one of your Agents and force you to send someone to rescue them.
    • Bald-Is-Awesome! dropped a direct reference to The Fast and the Furious of all things back in the Legacy version of the game, telling you to watch Fast and Furious 7 five more times before trying to complete your research on it.
  • Stone Wall: If they aren't a Lightning Bruiser, expect any Abnormality to be able to take a hell of a beating before going down. Even late into the game when your Agents have the best items given to them, a TETH classed Abnormality can take a good few moments to suppress.
  • Token Good Teammate: Among an ensemble of creatures that vary from neutral and instinct-driven monsters to outright malicious and sadistic threats, the Queen of Hatred is unquestionably the most benevolent and heroic of them, although that depends on how healthy her mental state is.
    • One Sin and Hundreds Of Good Deeds is a floating skull that has a resemblance to Jesus Christ. Fittingly, it only wants to forgive and absolve people of their sins, and doesn't kill Agents that confess to it.
    • The Plague Doctor is seemingly a peaceful creature who will mend you wounds and treat your sickness. This is all a facade in preparation for what comes next.
  • Terrible Trio: The Black Forest Birds named Small Bird, Big Bird and Long Bird are one of the few Abnormalities with direct ties to each other. Individually they're all highly dangerous, but if all three escape together they will ignore the chaos around them and make their way to a portal, where they'll fuse into the the mythical and ALEPH classed Apocalypse Bird and attack.
    • The Magical Girls, who are the Queen of Hatred, the King of Greed, and the Knight of Despair, were once all allied with each other before each one fell to their own flavors of corruption. The Queen of Hatred will even lament on how they used to be her friends if she's helping you get them contained.
  • Was Once a Man: Many of these monsters were once people who were turned into horrors by unfortunate circumstance, such as the King of Greed, Dream of a Black Swan, and the Mountain of Smiling Bodies. As Geburas' story reveals, Abnormalities can be manufactured from regular people by the Lobotomy Corporation for their energy needs, as seen when a family consisting of a man, woman and child who showed kindness to her goes missing, so there's no telling how many Abnormalities are natural beings and how many are manufactured.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: To lessen the stress and horror Lobotomy Corp's Managers might feel when watching scores of workers die to terrifying and grotesque monsters, a Perception Filter was applied to their camera feeds that disguises workers as cute dolls and the Abnormalities with art styles more comfortable to look at.
    • The Abnormality known as CENSORED also uses this trope to its maximum potential, evidently being so terrible and eldritch in nature that everything about it must be censored to the Manager lest their mind fall apart. As a result, its true name, appearance, method of attack and even the audio of people being consumed by it is completely unknown to you.

     ZAYIN classed 

The lowest on the threat scale, these Abnormalities are the easiest to manage and can benefit the facility with the buffs they provide or can even be ignored safely if your hands are full, though some of them can take lives if used irresponsibly.

One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds (O-03-03)
Humans who can adroitly deceive themselves live the happiest lives.
"It feeds on the "evil" that surfaces during conversations."

A giant floating skull with a holy cross and a crown of thorns embedded in its head that feeds off the energy of sins confessed to it.

Employees who work on One Sin will feel a sense of relief and comfort as they confess their sins to it, healing their mental state. If all 10 boxes are collected in a single session, then the minds of everyone in the facility will be healed. It is also the first Abnormality acquired in every playthrough. If interacted with by the 12th apostle during a Whitenight breach, all of its works will be replaced with the option to have the apostle confess their sins; doing so will automatically end the breach.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: The first and simplest Abnormality will be your best saving grace against the strongest and most dangerous.
  • Dem Bones: It's a floating skull.
  • Face of a Thug: It’s a giant ominous floating skull, said to have a piercing gaze that discomforts people as they’re judged. That said, it’s benevolent for the most part, relieving people of their sins when they’re confessed, or even wiping their memory of the tremendous amount of guilt they’ve accumulated if their sins are too much to bear, as one employee experienced.
  • Holy Backlight: Is accompanied by this in its portrait when you successfully research it.
  • Messianic Archetype: The cross, crown of thorns and forgiving, sin-absolving nature paint it as a parallel to Jesus Christ. Ironically, it can save the entire facility by instantly defeating WhiteNight, but with the sacrifice of the Twelfth Apostle rather than itself.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Is the first Abnormality given to you, and is among the easiest to tame thanks to its highly effective reaction when Attachment is used on it and mostly neutral reactions when anything else is used, as well as there being no real penalty when getting a bad result with it. Additionally, it gives a guaranteed buff to employees assigned to it, unlike the later Abnormalities who have more specified requirements for a buff or give a mixed blessing.

Don’t Touch Me (O-05-47)
"You've been pressing it for numerous times and you still have something you want to know about it?"

A large red seemingly innocuous button that must never be pressed at any point ever, lest you wish for disaster to strike.

The button does absolutely nothing up until someone is sent to work on it. At that point (depending on how it's clicked) it will instantly kill every employee in the facility/drain the power gained from taming the other Abnormalities/and release every monster in containment, forcing you to restart the day. It will also occasionally disguise itself as another Abnormality in an effort to trick you into touching it if you’re not attentive to where all of your Abnormalities are normally located.

  • Camera Abuse: Clicking on it when you’re customizing your employees for the day will have it crack your screen, which gets more severe the more you click it.
  • Schmuck Bait: The button is this by design, drawing on your curiosity to send someone to press it, or by you not paying enough attention to avoid pressing it.
  • Non Standard Game Over: Repeatedly clicking on the button in a short time will cause it to scream ‘Don’t touch me!’ in Korean, glitching the screen out in static and crash your game.
  • Meaningful Name: The clue to keeping this Abnormality from causing trouble is in the name.
  • Total Party Wipe: An instant one if you touch the button.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: It sometimes will disguise itself as another Abnormality, though you still should avoid clicking on it as all of its previous effects apply. The name, however, will still remain the same.

Fairy Festival (F-04-83)
"Everything will be peaceful while you are under the fairies' care."

A flock of small green fairies, who are led by their man-sized leader. These pixies can sense the good in people and offer their company to those deemed worthy. Unknown to most however, it is not an act of goodwill, but instead a precaution they take to preserve their latest lunch.

The fairies will follow and heal any employees that get assigned to work with them, giving them a handy edge in some fights. However, attempting to work on any other Abnormality while Fairies are following that employee will result in them instantly getting eaten by the flock.

  • Eaten Alive: Will happen to the employee if they ever dare to work on another Abnormality that isn’t them while they're still circling the employee.
  • The Fair Folk: They're friendly looking pixies who hide their more devious desires under their facade of cuteness.
  • Killer Rabbit: The Fairy Festival are an adorable bunch of tiny fairies that heal those employees that they like, and can strip a man to the bone very quickly when provoked.
  • Multi Armedand Dangerous: The fairies have two pair of arms, and considering their diet, they're certainly dangerous.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: The Fairy Festival are both intelligent (speaking their own language amongst themselves) and ravenous for flesh, but will heal any employee that gets a Good work result on them... because the fairies are protecting their future source of food by keeping them healthy. The second that one of these fortunate employees tries to enter another Containment Unit while the fairies are still around, they devour the hapless employee because they think their food source is about to be eaten by another Abnormality.

You Must Be Happy (T-09-94)

"Many of those who underwent this operation have found rest and became healthy again."

A robotic set of arms set over a metal operating table that flashes the words ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ on its screen repeatedly. Originally, it was a machine built to aid in brain surgeries in its hospital. However, the machine had an odd habit of asking its patients ‘Do you love your city?’, and the answer given to it would decide the difference between a successful operation or death.

Sending an employee in and having them walk out while it is on ‘YES’ will give them a buff to all their stats, while having them leave on ‘NO’ will give them a debuff to every stat. Attempting to use the same employee 5 times in a single day will result in their death by the machine.

Opened Can of Wellcheers (F-05-52)
"Somewhere in the distance, you can hear seagulls."

Two giant humanoid shrimp that stand by a soda vending machine under the brand name of Wellcheers.

The drinks dispensed by the machine are beneficial under normal circumstances, as they can help heal the health of an employee or reinforce their mental fortitude. However, bad work results have a chance to result in the room being filled with soda, and once it drains the employee inside will vanish, never to be seen again.

  • Never Found the Body: What happens in the rare event where a victim is taken away on a boat that somehow sailed into the cell, despite the cell being closed-off and underground. The Corporation is not even sure if the person is now dead or lifted up and taken away somewhere.
  • Shout Out: A particularly obscure one to an old Korean urban legend about people going missing and being held captive on fishing boats after drinking a can of Welch soda laced with a sleeping pill.
  • Vengeful Vending Machine: A non-comedic example; trying to take a drink from them when they're not in the mood for it will make the entire containment room flood, have the employee put onto a boat that sails in from nowhere, and be taken away to parts completely unknown.

You're Bald... (Bald-Is-Awesome!)
You can look like Bruce Willis if you're bald!
"You turned on your electric hair clipper..."

A black and white orb with the Korean letter '머'/meo (as in, 대머리/'daemeoli', the Korean word for "bald") in its center. It is believed to have manifested itself when an employee had an encounter with the Singing Machine and dreamed of everyone in the facility becoming bald.

You're Bald will make the employee assigned to it bald. If there are two consecutive uses by non-bald employees, then it will make everyone in your facility bald. Bald employees have the highest success rates with it.

  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Send a non-bald employee to interact with it and they'll go bald. This is the Abnormality's sole gameplay mechanic.
  • Joke Character: Added in an April Fools update, making it one of these among the Abnormalities.
  • Shout Out: In the Legacy version, if you fail to get its last observation, you would be told to come back after watching Fast and Furious 7 for more than five times, a likely nod to the bald Vin Diesel.

Mirror of Adjustment (O-09-81)
"He always complained about being born too weak. I guess he finally made up his mind."
"Satisfaction is only temporary."

A black mirror that's incapable of reflecting anything, picked up from an unknown source.

The Mirror of Adjustment will take a random stat of an Employee who uses it and switch its value for another, meaning that a lvl 3 in Fortitude could get transferred to a lvl 3 in Temperance.

  • Magic Mirror: A mostly harmless and uneventful one that can be used to randomize an employee's stats.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Could be somewhat handy early on in the game if you want to randomize a stat of an employee in training to work on something an Abnormality who demands such stats, but other than that you're better off leveling them normally and naturally.

We Can Change Anything (T-09-85)
It's simple. Just open the machine, go inside and press the close button. Now everything will be just fine.
"Now everything will be just fine."

A robot with a white chassis that opens up to reveal that it is an Iron Maiden. From the same company that introduced the All-Around Helper comes the “We Can Help With Anything” domestic robot. Use it to discipline naughty children, shave excess body fat or reinvigorate your tired body to be ready for the day by stepping inside it. In actuality, the end result of using the machine ends with no trace of a body other than blood and body parts left inside it when it’s done.

Sending an employee to this machine will trap them inside. Once in, they can’t ever leave and will start taking damage when the machine closes on them. Each time damage is dealt, more power will be given to the facility until the employee is dead.

  • The Computer Is a Lying Bastard: Sending an employee into the robot will cause them to be trapped inside it, but the game pretends you have a chance to save them by having the words "Stop Using" appear on the cell while the employee is getting killed. Clicking on this does absolutely nothing, as the employee is now on a one-way track to becoming a pile of meat.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Do you want a quick boost of energy but don’t want to/cannot send someone to get it the usual way? Sacrifice someone to the machine and reap your reward of energy for killing them.
    • Generally speaking, cruelty is needed to unlock all information and the backstory of the Abnormality, requiring you to send a good handful of people to be tortured and killed by a robotic iron maiden to get it.
    • For added points, the machine will produce more energy if a particularly hardy employee is sent in to take the torture, so sending in someone with over 100 HP is bound to net you a decent amount of energy in exchange for their long-lasting agony.

Old Belief and Promise (T-09-97)
However, only hollowness and betrayal returned from them.
"Betrayed hearts were slowly forgotten in the depths."

An ornament that sports two vaguely lizard-like creatures clinging to the sides of a marble.

This marble can upgrade the damage of an Employees EGO weapon, which is indicated by the Employee hopping happily in place as they're given a gift by the artifact. However, there is a small chance that the artifact will just simply consume the weapon and leave them with their base baton, which is indicated by the Employee falling over momentarily before getting back up.

  • Cuteness Overload: Of an odd sort, Employees who get blessed with a better weapon will uncharacteristically be overtaken by intense happiness, as seen here.

Plague Doctor (O-01-45)
"I shall cure you, depriving of every disease and injury you possess."

An Abnormality dressed like a traditional plague doctor, with large black wings extending from its body. The first form of WhiteNight. This doctor made itself known to the Corporation and came peacefully, wishing only to treat the sickly and mend the wounded. Those who interact with the Plague Doctor find it to be very kind-hearted, enjoyable to be around, and overall a pious being that means no ill.

When an employee achieves either a good or bad work result, Plague Doctor's Qliphoth counter will decrease. When the counter hits zero, the Plague Doctor will perform a baptism on either the employee who performed the work (after a good result) or a random employee, who will be possessed and brought to Plague Doctor's containment (after a bad result). After this happens, a clock will appear on the screen, and the blessed employee's name will be added to the clock as the hand moves forward one hour. The blessed employee will then be unable to perform work on Plague Doctor again.

When the clock strikes twelve, all blessed employees will transform into monstrous creatures called Apostles, and Plague Doctor will transform into the ALEPH-classed WhiteNight.

  • Cult: One will gradually be formed the more people that achieve the prerequisites are sent in, culminating in the Plague Doctors ascension to the WhiteNight.
  • Do Well, but Not Perfect: The Plague Doctor will baptize someone if they receive a Bad work result... and will do the same if they receive a Good work result. Ideally you should be trying to shoot for a middle ground, unless you want the much more profitable yet deadlier WhiteNight.
  • Plague Doctor: It's in the name. This is not their true form, however.
  • Walking Spoiler: Knowing anything more about the Plague Doctor would spoil the surprise of it being an ALEPH classed Abnormality in disguise, and undoubtedly one of the toughest ones too.
  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: It is not as harmless as it insists to be.

Army In Black (D-01-106)
Army in Black’s goal is to keep good hearted people safe.
A floating heart with a saluting, cheery soldier inside of it. These anomalies have concluded that the best camouflage lies with blending in with the hearts of the people around them: pink. They have dedicated themselves to cleansing the human heart of wickedness and evil, and will gladly help to protect the people around them when asked. However, sometimes their philosophy will shift backwards, and they will camouflage themselves black in the name of wiping benevolence from the hearts of the people around them.

The Army In Pink/Black, despite their classification, is an ALEPH-classed Abnormality in all regards: they can provide a very high amount of energy, are the most complicated of anomalies in the ZAYIN category and likewise are among the toughest of breaching Abnormalities. When docile, the Army in Pink can be contacted to help protect an employee from danger with a defensive boost, but employees below Level 3 will instantly panic when meeting the Army in Pink. Its Qliphoth Counter will decrease every time it is sent to protect an employee, if a bad work result is achieved, if Repression work is conducted on it, and/or if 5 employees die in the facility, but its Qliphoth Counter will increase if an Abnormality is suppressed. Should its Counter fall to 0, it will become the Army in Black and send troopers to various departments. While there, they will deal a constant barrage of Black Damage to all targets in the same room as them, and after a while will blow themselves up to deal a massive burst of White Damage to everything in the same department as them while decreasing the Qliphoth Counter all nearby Abnormalities by 1. Any employee who panics for any reason by the Army in Pink's/Black's own doing will always be driven into a Murder state, causing them to attack anything and everything near them until brought back to their senses or killed.

  • Action Bomb: Army in Black troopers will explode for big damage after a while, meaning your best bet is to either kill them before they burst or evacuate the department. Just know that this explosion will also decrease the Qliphoth Counters of all Abnormalities in the area by 1, so you had better make sure there's nothing dangerous as the Army in Black that you don't want escaping nearby.
  • Evil Costume Switch: The docile and helpful soldiers are called the Army in Pink, who occupy pink hearts. The malicious and lethal counterparts are called the Army in Black, who switch their pink hearts for black ones instead.
  • Schmuck Bait: This Abnormality is one of the most friendly-looking ones you can receive, it's in the lowest category of threat classification, and it offers a nice defensive boost. It's also a particularly nasty trap, even by the game's unforgiving standards, as it's actually an ALEPH-tier threat. The Army in Pink's many triggers for lowering its Qliphoth Counter ensures that it will eventually turn Black and rampage, and being able to drive potentially all your employees murderous or insane along with possibly causing other Abnormalities to escape means it's really not meant for an early facility to handle.
  • Status Buff: Anyone who becomes blessed by the Army in Pink will enjoy a constant regeneration of HP and their sanity meter. Of course, if they panic, they'll be driven into a Murderous state and attack your fellow employees, making the health regeneration a liability.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Due to the deceptive nature of their classification, the Army in Black will likely be the first ALEPH tiered threat a new player might pick in the early to mid game when ZAYIN and TETHs are still being handed out, a nasty surprise if they or their workforce aren't ready for such a thing yet.

     TETH classed 

A step up above ZAYIN, many these Abnormalities have both the intent and methods to harm people around them, but they can easily be thwarted or tamed with the right precautions.

Standard Training-Dummy Rabbit (0-00-00)
It’s called a training dummy “rabbit”, but it doesn’t seem to enjoy carrots.
"An Abnormality in the shape of a training dummy used to train up-and-coming managers."

A small, friendly training dummy used to train new managers to the Corporation. It vaguely resembles a rabbit with a symbol used for training dummies on its torso. It is very docile and its "breaches" are simply it following agents out of its containment chamber. It believes itself to be an employee of the facility, and given its role, it isn't too far off.

The Standard Training-Dummy Rabbit is the Abnormality encountered in the game's Tutorial, where the basics of dealing with Abnormalities in general are elaborated to the player. It isn't present in the other game modes.

  • Easter Egg: A small one, as revealed in the official art book: Flipping it upside will reveal that it resembles Jeremy, the green haired employee featured often in early promotional materials for the game.
  • Joke Character: It deals minimal Red damage when interacted with and when breaching, it won't even move once it leaves its containment chamber. Again, all part of the Tutorial.
  • Righteous Rabbit: A friendly, rabbit-like Abnormality to get you up to speed with the game's mechanics.
  • Stock Animal Diet: Subverted. Despite it looking like a rabbit, it doesn't really like carrots.

Small Bird / Punishing Bird (O-02-56)
"People have been committing sins from a long time ago. 'Why do they commit such a thing? Even when they know that it is bad?'"

A small white dove with a red belly. Punishing Bird, once known as Small Bird, used to live in the Black Forest with Big Bird and Long Bird. When it heard of a prophecy that would send its home into ruin from infighting and a terrible monster, it became one of the three self appointed guardians of the forest. It acted as the Black Forest's executioner, who would punish any guilty creature with its beak. One day someone said to it 'Your beak is so small. No one will find your punishment painful'. This worried Small Bird, so it developed a new mouth that can punish and devour any creature in a single bite.

Punishing Bird's likelihood of escape increases as more Abnormalities that aren’t it get worked on. When it breaks out, it will fly around the facility to peck on employees for a small amount of damage, preferring to attack panicking ones. If Punishing Bird is attacked back, then it will turn red, reveal its Combat Tentacles and increase its own damage greatly to retaliate. Once enough employees have been attacked, killed or not, it will return to its containment room on its own.

  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: It doesn’t do much damage with each individual peck, but it will continuously harass an employee until they’re either dead or it switches targets with a couple of low damaging bites.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: If it's target is panicking, Punishing Bird actually heals their Sanity Meter while pecking at them.
  • Guide Dang It!: Despite the game saying otherwise, Punishing Bird returns to containment when it deals a certain amount of damage, rather than after a certain amount of time passes, so sticking high health Red weak employees near it will put it back quicker.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: It swore to defend its beloved home from the monster prophesied to destroy it, but in the process it became seen as a scary and brutal executioner by the Black Forest's inhabitants.
  • The Napoleon: Among its trio of Birds, it is this. It's tiny but also incredibly irritable, and tends to break out much easier than its two taller and more collected bird friends would.
  • There's No Kill Like Overkill: Dare to attack Punishing Bird and it'll reveal its serrated tentacles that can deal over 1200 damage, easily bypassing any armor in the game, even with a Red Damage Shield applied.
  • Killer Rabbit: It is a tiny cute bird that can fit in your hand and had to be given a perch so it wouldn’t be stepped on, but it’s also completely vicious and will harass employees with its pecks and tends to escape on a whim. Thankfully it’s the least dangerous and easiest to contain of the Birds, provided you don’t anger it into turning red.
  • Sheathe Your Sword: The normal and (usually) correct player reaction to Abnormalities escaping their cell is to use Suppression with their strongest employees in order to stop the outbreak. In this one instance, employees hitting the Punishing Bird will be suddenly slaughtered in a single blow. The best response for this little bird getting out of its cell is to leave it alone, as it will return to its cell after pecking an employee enough times.
  • Turns Red: Trying to suppress it back into submission will make it literally turn red and buff its attacks to punish the offender. This means that the best thing to do when Punishing Bird escapes is to do absolutely nothing as provoking it into turning red is certain death.

1.76 MHz (T-06-27)
"This is a recording of the day we must never forget."

A formless entity that echoes the sounds of explosions, gunfire and screaming from a past tragedy. It will interfere with electronic equipment in its area of influence, all the while slowly draining the sanity of people who stay in its room.

People exposed to its Brown Note can go insane and become hostile to the people around them, and neglecting 1.76 MHz for a certain amount of time can result in it extending its influence to the rooms surrounding it.

  • Brown Note: The noises it lets out tends to turn even the most stable of individuals into hostile people who will attack everything around them.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Among the Abnormalities that specialize in White Damage, its method of attack is one of these. Employees who stand inside of its static will gradually take low amounts of White Damage, which is negligible if they're in the field for while quickly passing through, but detrimental if you intend for them to stay in rooms affected by it for long periods of time (such as if they're suppressing an escaped monster or need to cross a large space of affected rooms.)
  • Sensory Abuse: Not in its current ingame form, but the filter that originally filled up its room wasn’t a television static but instead an almost seizure-inducing set of flashing images that flashed things such as a smiling little girl, cats, and the logo for the company, among other distortions. This was eventually changed for obvious reasons. The original filter used can be seen at the bottom of its wiki page, here (Seizure warning).

Scorched Girl (F-01-02)
"I am coming to you. You, who will be reduced to ashes like me."

A charred little girl with a lit matchstick stuck through her torso. In life, the little girl was a matchstick salesgirl who lived miserably. In the fires she created from the lit matches, she saw visions of a better happier life. One day, she accidentally caused a massive fire that killed her, causing her to be reborn as the charred spirit she is now.

When Scorched Girl breaks containment, she will walk out of her room and make a B-line to the department room where all your controllable employees are resting. When she reaches the center of that room she’ll detonate in a fiery explosion, and reappear in her containment back at a neutral mood.

  • Action Bomb: She’ll shamble straight to the nearest department room (where your employees are likely all gathered at) to explode violently when her mood is allowed to drop severely.
  • Creepy Child: A charred little girl who mutters about wanting to reduce people to ashes just like her.
  • PyroManiac
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When breaching, her eyes will turn red as she makes her way to the department. This, along with her sobbing, is your warning to get everyone the hell out of where she's going to blow up.
  • Shout Out: To the fairy tale 'The Little Match Girl.'

Meat Lantern (O-04-84)
""...That's not a flower. Order all the employees nearby to evacuate immediately."

A fluffy white mound with two small black eyes and a glowing flower growing from its head. The Meat Lantern is a predator that tricks its prey into thinking it’s just an ordinary flower. In actuality its true form is buried beneath the ground, lying in wait for large prey to step over it so it can spring up and devour them in one bite.

The only requirement the Meat Lantern has to its containment is its need for work sessions to last at least 40 seconds, so employees with faster work times are at risk of letting it break free. When it breaches, it will burrow into the ground and appear in another hallway in its hunting form, which is a flower and some barely visible white hairs. Employees can’t see the Abnormality when it breaches unless showed where it is by you, and those who walk over it will be instantly killed by the maw that bites them.

  • Achilles' Heel: Ranged weapons. Doesn't matter what kind, any would do, because it's utterly helpless when being attacked from a distance. As a tradeoff however, trying to melee it is typically an instant death.
  • Guards Must Be Crazy: Your guards must be crazy in this case, as they can’t notice that there’s something wrong with a glowing green flower sprouting from the facility's cold metal floor.
  • Helpful Mook: This plant falls under the Accidentally Assisting variety, in select circumstances. Meat Lantern attacks and devours anyone that steps on it, and that includes the creatures of the Ordeals or other Abnormalities. Meat Lantern, when planted in the right spot, can reduce the forces rampaging around the facility or stop another Abnormality in its tracks to take a huge bite out of them. In the case of Ordeals, the Crimson Dawn AKA Cheers For The Beginning can be swallowed whole and instantly killed by walking over it.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: What’s left of any employee that gets eaten by it.
  • Man-Eating Plant: Its primary threat is eating unaware employees while they're going about their business.
  • NPC Roadblock: When it escapes, it will always plant itself right in front of the door to a random Abnormality's room, effectively cutting off that whole hallway from further travel. This means there's no way to get past it without getting eaten unless you direct employees to take the long way around it.
  • There's No Kill Like Overkill: The bite that the creature deals can deal up to 1000 damage (for reference, your employees typically have 15 – 20 HP without upgrades to their Fortitude). On the upside however, the Meat Lantern is indiscriminate about who it feeds on, which can be handy when your base is being invaded by outside monsters or there’s an Abnormality on the loose.

Today's Shy Look (O-01-92)
There’s no sunlight to be found inside this facility, yet Today's Shy Look delicately dries their own skin.
"It's a good day! Are you still shy today?"

A person who uses carved faces on a sheet of flesh to express themself. The person behind the sheet was once a shy, moody individual who was constantly patronized to be happy and expressive with her emotions by the people around her. One day Today's Shy Look snapped, flayed their skin off and dried it, then carved faces into it in order to finally express their feelings.

Working on this Abnormality means knowing that the likelihood of succeeding is tied to what face they is currently behind. If Today's Shy Look is behind the smiling or laughing face, then your chances of research go up greatly. When behind the sad or angry face, your success rates lower drastically and your agent will received increased Black damage from them. The neutral face, predictably, gives your employee an average chance of failing or succeeding.

  • Ambiguous Gender: Today's Shy Look is never referred to with any gendered terms, essentially putting them into this category.
  • The Faceless: No one has ever seen their real face since the transformation, and they don't intend on letting anyone see it anytime soon.
  • Genuine Human Hide: As their description says, they skinned themself in order to make a sheet of masks. No word on where they got all the teeth for the extreme expressions, though.
  • Mood-Swinger: Going by their extremely erratic movement behind the sheet, Shy Look has rapid-fire mood swings that occur without rhyme or reason when left alone. They'll only temporarily stop when an Agent is working on them.
  • Shrinking Violet: The person behind the sheet was incredibly shy and meek before finally finding a way to adequately express themself.
  • Puzzle Boss: Not quite a boss, but they have a unique mechanic in that you must time your employees' entrance to their room to whatever face Shy Look happens to be behind. Their movements are sporadic and there's no way to predict where they'll land next, so quick timing and patience can make the difference between a nice amount of energy harvested and the Agent's health and sanity healed, or an insane employee running out the room/dying on the spot from the barrage of Black Damage.

Old Lady (O-01-12)
"She was so talkative before. In the end, loneliness was the only listener."

An eyeless old lady who sits on a rocking chair, waiting to tell stories to whoever meets her. It is said that this old woman knows every story and poem ever conceived, including those that were never written. It eagerly awaits for potential listeners to come and listen to its stories, just like a kindly grandmother.

The Old Lady is relatively harmless on her own, but her chances of using her status effect called Solitude increases the more attention other Abnormalities get that aren't her. When she's had enough, she'll fill the room with a pitch black substance that clings to employees who enter her room. The Solitude will leave her once an employee enters, but the employee will continue to take mental damage for the time Solitude is attached to them.

  • Eyeless Face: All that's left of her eyes is her empty eye sockets, though it is said that she knows where her listeners are when they arrive to listen to her tales.
  • Hates Being Alone: To the point where she's willing to unleash Mind Rape if she feels she's ignored.
  • Rambling Old Man Monologue: She now exists only to tell her stories and has a bad reaction when left to her own silence. Employees are apparently not too fond of her, complaining out loud when they're ordered to enter her room to listen to her long tales.

Forsaken Murderer (T-01-54)
" “What's really pitiful is people like you dying to the likes of me.” "

A disturbed man in a straitjacket. The Forsaken Murderer was to be put on death row for the brutal murders he committed. However, some researchers decided that he'd be put to better use if he became their unwilling lab rat for their experimental injections. Though the Murderer was mostly suppressed of his violent tendencies by last few runs of the tests, he complained endlessly that his head was feeling heavy and metallic. The discomfort this caused lead to him ramming his head into walls and floors in an effort to relieve it. The researchers that injected him had neglected him long ago though, and had no intentions to help now that he was supposedly of no threat to them. One day, the Murderer escaped, bludgeoned one of them to death with his metallic head, and then vanished before being apprehended by the Lobotomy Corporation at some point later.

The Forsaken Murderer will be docile until his mood drops to point where he'll breach. When this happens, his head will transform into a large metal bludgeon that he'll use to pound employees with.

  • Bald of Evil: Though whether his baldness came before or after he was experimented on is unknown.
  • Death Row: Was to be executed for his murders before he was taken away for experimentation.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After a very long time of being abused and neglected by the researchers that took him away from prison, he beat one of them to death and escaped.
  • Ground Pound: When attacking, he will slam the ground with his metal head.
  • Mighty Glacier: Of the early Abnormalities that can go on a rampage, he is one of the slowest in terms of movement and attack speed. His attacks are also deal a considerable amount of Red damage and can hit multiple Agents or Clerks in his way. Equipping an Agent with his E.G.O. equipment will turn them into this as well.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Being a TETH that can breach containment, he can serve as an introduction to some of the more ornery Abnormalities you have to deal with. See Mighty Glacier for more details.

Beauty and the Beast (F-02-44)
"However, the curse continues eternally, never broken."

A monstrous creature that has hundreds of small eyeballs, horns with dahlia flowers growing from them, and the body of a mixture of something vaguely mammalian mixed with insect hind legs. Long ago, a woman was hired by the monster to act as its maid. Desperate for money, the woman accepted and moved into the monster's manor. After some time, the woman envied the opportunity to own the spectacular manor that the monster owned, so one day she snuck behind it and stabbed it to death. However, the curse that had afflicted the monster was passed onto the woman, who now inherited both the manor and the monster's grotesque and agonizing appearance. Others would attempt to do the same, killing the manor's owner to take it all for themselves and having the curse get passed down to them, before the Lobotomy Corporation would capture and contain one of the victims for research.

Beauty and the Beast will respond best to Repression, but doing this will worsen its health. If Repression is used on it twice in a row, then Beauty and the Beast will die and the curse will be passed down to the employee, continuing the cycle.

  • Death Seeker: Victims of the curse express nothing but disgust and agony over their state, and wish for nothing more than death. However, this means that the person who deals the killing blow will be the next in line to receive the same fate.
  • Extra Eyes: An uncountable amount of eyes are clustered on its head.
  • Mix-and-Match Critter: Its anatomy is bizarre, as it has a four legged mammal's body, a reptile's tail, insectoid hind legs, human forelegs, bull horns covered in purple dahlias, and several dozen eyes.
  • Shout Out: To the fairy tale 'Beauty and the Beast.'

Skin Prophecy (T-09-90)
"Its believers prayed that its sanctity would last forever by binding the tome in human skin."
"Save us now and forevermore. The Truth shall set us free."

A book written in flesh and blood that's held up by skeletal arms.

Employees who read this book can enjoy a large buff to their Prudence, but at the cost of becoming more vulnerable to White damage and risking instant death if they ever panic.

  • Tome of Eldritch Lore: Not quite as powerful as other examples as its effects are mostly beneficial to the reader, provided they can keep their cool in tense situations.

Grave of Cherry Blossoms (O-04-100)
All those who look at it in this sunless place feel pure peace.
"The more blood it has, the more beautiful it is."

A cherry blossom tree that sprouts its blossoms over time, and is coated in what appears to be blood. It's able to stay alive in containment despite the lack of plant necessities there, so Employees often rest by it to admire its beauty.

The Grave of Cherry Blossoms is somewhat complicated in its containment in how it stubbornly needs a neutral result to stay safely confined. If a good work result is achieved or if someone panics while working on it, its meter will go down and it'll come closer to activating its ability. When its meter is fully depleted, it'll unleash a status called Captivate onto random people in the facility, who are marked by a bright pink/purple glow on their heads. Captivated employees will make their way to the Tree, and the first one to step in its room will be snared by a tentacle and dragged into its trunk to be consumed.

  • Cherry Blossoms: Is one itself, and starts looking rather underwhelming before it goes into full bloom, the rate of the growth being based on how worse its mood gets. In turn, this means that some employees will enjoy the sight so much they'll be drawn to get close.
  • Eaten Alive: What presumably happens to victims who are pulled into the tree, the blood must come from somewhere after all.
  • Man-Eating Plant: Another example of this trope, but this one relies on luring victims from anywhere in the facility instead of leaving its cell.

Bloodbath (T-05-51)
"Many hands float in the bath. They are the hands of the people I once loved."

An skin-covered bathtub with eyes that is filled with blood, which the hands of its victim float in. Its origin is currently unknown. It's said that people who suffer from depression and weak wills who approach the bathtub will be pulled into the pool.

The Bloodbath will automatically grab and consume employees with a Fortitude or Temperance stat of 1 when they to work on it. When this happens, a white hand will begin floating in the water, presumably belonging to the victim. More energy can be harvested if employees have been consumed by the Bloodbath, but if there are 3 hands in the water then it will automatically start pulling and consuming anyone who tries to work on it.

  • Blood Bath: It's a bathtub full of blood, hence the name.
  • Bath Suicide: Suicides don't happen in the bath, but the theme of cutting oneself in the bath comes up frequently from ingame blurbs. The Bloodbath's EGO equipment even includes a knife called the "Wrist Cutter".
  • Deadly Bath: Although different this time in that the bath itself is the killer, not someone intruding on the bather and killing them.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: If you want more energy from the Bloodbath, then you can sacrifice up to 2 employees who do not meet the requirement (this more than likely means hiring new employees just to have them die to it).
    • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: However, sending in too many unqualified employees to be drowned will result in the bath indiscriminately pulling and killing anyone who enters its room next, rendering it useless for energy harvesting for the day.

Behavior Adjustment (O-09-96)
It readjusts everyone to become righteous, no matter how wicked, evil, and arrogant they may be.
"Eventually, intellect loses all meaning as they forget even how to exist."

A circular, black device with a white eye in the center.

Employees can equip this abnormality to increase their Attack Speed and Movement Speed, at the cost of lowering their SP and Prudence. If an employee with Behavior Adjustment equipped tries to return it too soon, or panics, they will lose their sanity and die.

  • Eye Scream: What employees who lose their sanity from this Abnormality do... to themselves.

Crumbling Armor (O-05-61)
""Life is only granted to those who hold no fear of death."

An ancient suit of samurai armor. True to its name, it seems to be disintegrating. Within the helmet, however, a glowing blue eye is visible.

Crumbling Armor can give out various buffs to employees performing Repression work on it, shown by either a blue, orange or red flaming aura surrounding it. These buffs will increase the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of the employee, but lower their HP. Doing more Repression work will move the buff to its next stage, but if an employee tries to go beyond Red, has a Fortitude stat of 1 or a buffed employee tries to perform Attachment work, Crumbling Armor will kill said employee.

  • Infinity -1 Sword: Its weapon, Life for a Daredevil, is a katana that's one of the few sources of Pale damage in the game. This makes it an exceptionally useful weapon early on, as very few enemies at that point can resist its damage.
  • Losing Your Head: What Crumbling Armor does to employees who are too greedy, or don't have enough Fortitude.
    • It will also do this to employees with any level of the buff if they do Attachment work.

Fragment of the Universe (O-03-60)
"You see a song in front of you. It's approaching, becoming more colorful by the second."

A vaguely spider-like creature covered in hearts, said to have changed its shape to resemble a child's drawing. It's not from Earth, at least, and though it tries to communicate with humans, its "singing" drives people mad. It is friendly enough to its handlers and even intelligent enough to learn the basics of the human language, the concept of laughter and the peaceful symbolism behind the heart (resulting in its current form), allowing it to communicate that it has come from the depths of the universe to share its knowledge with humanity when they're ready to comprehend it. Those who have attempted to gain insight to the being's motives are driven insane, causing them to sing a mysterious and distressing song until they expire.

Bad and sometimes neutral results, as well as employees panicking in its containment room, will decrease Fragment of the Universe's Qliphoth counter. When the counter hits zero, it will breach, either attacking employees directly and dealing Black damage or singing its song and dealing White damage.

  • Brown Note: Its attempts at communicating via song usually ends with the person it's talking to going crazy. And those driven mad typically end up echoing its song until they finally die.
  • I Come in Peace: It adopted a heart pattern across its body to signify this.
  • Non-Malicious Monster: It truly does mean well when it says it wants to share its knowledge, but humanity isn't ready to learn, so all that results is death and madness.
  • Starfish Aliens: It's purely amorphous, the only reason it's the way it is currently is because it was inspired by a child's drawing after learning that the heart means friendliness and peace.
  • The Un-Smile: It's said that when it learned that smiles mean friendliness, it attempted one with its 'mouth', freaking out the employees present.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: If you didn't get Forsaken Murderer and got this instead, then it can serve as one, being an early Abnormality capable of actively breaching containment and chasing/attacking people instead harming people in its room.

Luminous Bracelet (O-09-95)
However, to wear this bracelet even when one has not a scratch left on their body is an act of greed.
"This bracelet shall not forgive those who hold greed in their hearts, thus it must only be worn by those in true need."

A small black bracelet, with a glowing green hexagonal gem set into it.

Employees can equip the bracelet to have their HP and Fortitude get increased, as well as being continuously healed. However, if an employee attempts to return the bracelet with full HP or receives no damage for a certain period of time, the bracelet will interpret this as "greed" and kill the employee.

Spider Bud (T-02-43)
"Unsurprisingly, not a single employee volunteered to retrieve the corpse of their cocooned colleague."

A large, pitch-black arachnid creature with countless red eyes, who hangs from her containment room's ceiling and watches over her children below.

If an employee has a Prudence stat of 1 or tries to perform Insight work, it will accidentally crush one of the baby spiders. This, in turn, enrages the mother spider to the point where it will wrap the employee up to become spider food.

  • All Webbed Up: The fate of anyone who steps on a baby spider.
  • Eldritch Abomination: It looks nothing like a spider, more like a hanging sac covered in eyes that regularly spawns traditional infant spiders.
  • Mama Bear: The Abnormality herself is very protective of her offspring. God help any employee who crushes one of her spiders.

The Heart of Aspiration (T-09-77)
A heart without an owner; it still beats even after being removed from its body.
"Excessive aspiration would bring about unwarranted frenzy."

A glowing red heart with a darkened clot in the center.

Employees can equip the Heart to gain a boost to their HP and Attack Speed. However, if the employee tries to return the Heart too soon or doesn't attack any Abnormalities or Ordeals for a certain period of time, the employee will panic.

  • Boring, but Practical: Among the tool Abnormalities, it's one of the few that provide no real downside to using it, as there is no penalty to keeping it in an Agent's person indefinitely. There's no reason to unequip it unless you want someone else to take it instead, and the penalty for doing so is relatively easy to resolve in the later stages of the game. Overall, a handy health boost is much more practical than some of the double-edged swords that other tools offer.

Theresia (T-09-09)
Listening to this music box will make anyone feel like everything will be okay in the end, lifting their fatigue.
" "Do you remember this melody? The professor used to play this song when the students were sleepy. Happy birthday." "

A rusty music box with a little ballerina standing on the top.

When in use, all the employees in the department in which Theresia is located will begin to regain SP over time. However, after a certain amount of time has passed, the employee who originally used Theresia will panic.

  • Brown Note: Everyone else will think the music sounds very pleasant, but the employee tasked with turning the box on will eventually go mad from listening to it.

Wall Gazer / The Lady Facing the Wall (F-01-18)
No one has ever seen The Lady Facing the Wall’s face. This doesn’t mean that anybody actually wants to see her face, though.
"Over time, her unbearable sorrow grew into a mournful obsession, covered in countless, lengthy hairs."

A completely nude woman who always sits in the corner of her containment room, with her head and hands pressed against the wall. Her face is entirely obscured by the long, black hair covering it, supposedly grown out out of mourning.

Bad and sometimes neutral results, as well as employees trying to perform Attachment work, will decrease The Lady Facing the Wall's Qliphoth counter. When her counter hits zero, a high-pitched scream will sound and all the employees in her department will be hit with a huge burst of White damage.

  • Blinding Bangs: Her hair obscures her entire face, but employees in the same room with her can get a good look at her face if they provoke her into looking directly at them, typically by extending her very long neck backwards towards them.
  • Don't Look Back: The Lady Facing the Wall's logs indicate that she regularly tries to get Agents leaving her cell to turn around and look at her. It's unknown what happens if someone does, but considering the last Agent to do so had something done to them and it caused them to go permanently catatonic, the trope's in full force.
  • Jump Scare: Get her Qliphoth counter low enough and she might scare the bejeezus out of you with a loud scream and hands clutching the edge of her containment. The Jump Scare used to be a much more traditional one with a Nightmare Face filling the screen along with the scream, but this was removed.
  • Schmuck Bait: One instance of an Abnormality's file outright lying to you. You may read that Attachment work is rated with a Very High chance to score a good result as you're researching her. This is a terrible idea.
  • Shout Out: Her Legacy version had a reference to the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where Orpheus attempted to rescue his deceased wife Eurydice from the Underworld, and convinced Hades to allow him to lead her out of the Underworld, but Orpheus failed in this due to violating Hades' decree of not looking back at his wife until both had left the Underworld.
  • Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl: She's not a ghost, but her long body, obscuring hair and startling shrieks give a very close impression to one.

Void Dream (T-02-99)
I wished to sleep eternally. So don’t bother trying to wake me up again.
"Please, eat my dreams."

An Abnormality that takes the shape of a floating purple sheep, with two eyes visible on its woolly coat. It is said to cause people to have dreams so happy that they will never want to wake up again, and instead try to experience Void Dream's dreams over and over again, until death.

Likewise, when Employees with a Temperance stat of 1 are sent to work with it, they will fall asleep and not wake up (this is treated as a death.) Void Dream can also breach once its Qliphoth counter drops to zero, caused by getting bad work results. When Void Dream is breaching, it will occasionally launch sparkling spheres of light, making any employee hit by them fall asleep and be temporarily unable to act. When attacked, Void Dream will change its shape to that of a rooster, walking around and occasionally crowing. This will deal White damage to employees and wake up any employees that are still sleeping, but cause them to panic in the process.

  • Cock-a-Doodle Dawn: Its second form is based around this, which is a tall and cacophonic rooster. This form can caw loudly to damage employees, but most importantly this cawing will awaken any sleeping employees and drive them to panic.
  • Counting Sheep: Its first form is based around this idea, which is a sleeping sheep. This form is passive, but can put employees to sleep, permanently and fatally if they're in the containment chamber, but harmlessly if it's breaching.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: Its got multi-colored eyes buried in its wool. Their purpose is unknown as they don't seem to do much.

     HE classed 

A firm middle ground among the threat levels, these enigmatic entities can cause a huge loss of life if they’re allowed to run free, and they typically have more stern stat requirements to how they can be contained.

Funeral of the Dead Butterflies (T-01-68)
Having someone to mourn for you after your death is a blessing.
"Where does one go when they die?"

A multi-armed, well dressed man with butterfly wings for a head and a coffin that never leaves him. Some time ago, this entity came to Lobotomy Corp. claiming to be there to ‘free the employees and take them back home when they die’. Unfortunately, the employees are obligated to stick by the Corporation's rules to work in the facility for life, and thus the entity was captured and kept at the facility for containment.

Dead Butterflies has stubborn requirements for containment, as only employees with a Fortitude stat of less than 3 and a Justice stat of 3 or more can have a chance at keeping him in containment. If he ever breaks free, he will strut around the facility looking for employees to kill with swarms of all-consuming butterflies to fill hallways with.

  • Animal Motifs: Butterflies, if it wasn’t obvious.
  • Butterfly of Death and Rebirth: Its motif.
  • Finger Gun: His single target attack is humorously a finger gun that shoots out a butterfly for a very not-humorous amount of damage that will likely one-shot most of the weaker employees.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Sports 5 arms that all seem to be capable of letting loose murderous butterflies to kill targets.
  • Peaceful in Death: Unlike most other Abnormalities, employees who die by Dead Butterflies hands will peacefully pass away and be gently laid onto the floor by the butterflies that killed them.
    • Dead Butterflies himself will always serenely be laid into his own coffin if he gets defeated after he breaches.
  • Surreal Symbolic Heads: It has three pairs of white butterfly wings for a head.

Little Helper / All-Around Helper (T-05-41)
A pristine white surface sleek with fine lines and short but efficient legs, All-Around Helper was created to help people.
"Blood covers the whole floor, screams echo, people are running away..."

A small white robot that holds many hidden arms in its chassis. The All-Around Helper was invented by a now unknown and disbanded company. Their goal was to create a convenient, multi-purpose robot that can handle everyday chores with its many robotic arms. When the first one was created and delivered to the family that ordered it, they were all murdered and cut apart by it. Its creator had replaced its limbs with dozens of blades before it was shipped out, turning it from a servant to a killing machine.

The All-Around Helper will be prone to breaking out if it consistently gets bad work results. When it breaks out, it will wander around the facility until it finds targets. Starting from the end of the room it came in from, it will pause to wind up before lunging itself across the room to damage and eviscerate any targets in the way. It will take a moment to recharge itself before winding back up to do it again if any other targets are still in the room.

  • Bullfight Boss: Its sole method of attack is a very telegraphed spin up animation followed by it dashing across the room with its knives out, which should be enough time for you to evacuate any employees if they're near an exit.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: It will spin rapidly while attacking.
  • Killer Robot: Designed to be one by its creator at the last second when it was originally supposed to be a cleaning robot and burglar alarm.
  • Would Harm A Child: Implied to have killed a child and their mother in the final encyclopedia entry.

A Wee Witch / Laetitia (O-01-67)
If I cover up my friends nicely and make it look like a gift, everyone will be surprised! And they'll all laugh together over my prank! Whoops, there goes the secret of the gift.
"She was so sad that she had to leave her dear friends behind, so she came up with a brilliant idea!"

A pale little girl that always accompanied by the sound of a music box trailing her. Her mannerisms are innocent and childish, but her body is always shifting and twitching as if she's a machine.

Laetitia is straightforward when it comes to her standards for containment; Any employee that gets a Neutral work result when working with Laetitia will receive a ‘gift’ from her in the form of a floating red heart above their head. This gift will follow the employee, and instantly kill them if they ever work on a different Abnormality that isn’t Laetitia. From the body a spider-like eyeball creature will spawn and start terrorizing the facility until its either dead or the day ends successfully.

  • Creepy Child: She acts like a malfunctioning toy who can give employees who work with her a lethal 'gift.'
  • Creepy Cute: According to a few employees who have worked with her and ingame blurbs, people think she's cute yet a little unsettling.
  • Deadly Prank: She seems to believe that the contents of her gifts to people are cute pranks, never mind the fact that people get killed by them.
  • Fish Eyes: Her eyes don't focus on one thing for long, as her pupils constantly look in different directions away from each other.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Laetitia has these, which adds to her unnatural nature.
  • Robot Kid: Is possibly one of these, if her unnatural and stiff movements are anything to go by.

Happy Teddy Bear (T-04-06)
Happy Teddy Bear doesn’t move an inch, as if it is gazing towards nothing. In fact, it’s looking at a photo of a young girl.
"Its memories began with a warm hug."

A worn out person-sized teddy bear with multiple tears and missing buttons. This teddy bear once belonged to a little girl, who gave it much love, attention and most importantly; hugs. As the girl grew up though, she neglected her childhood toy and left it in the closet for many years before completely forgetting about it. The bear never forgot about its best friend, and out of fear of losing another person, it tends to embrace anyone who shows it affection in a very tight hug, often to the point where they die of suffocation or internal trauma.

The Happy Teddy Bear will seek affection from any employee who enters its containment, and will be sated relatively easily from a single session with the employee. However, it will feel betrayed and abandoned when that employee leaves, meaning that their second visit will be immediately met with a desperate hug to ensure that they'll never leave it again. Unfortunately, this will kill the employee from the sheer force of its bear hug.

The Snow Queen (F-01-37)
A queen lives alone in the frosty winter forest.
"The snow is steadily melting... Perhaps because spring is coming, or it might be the palace collapsing."

A towering, robed being with a floating mask and ice shards protruding from her shoulders. The Snow Queen follows the same story as the one in original story did. Shortly after her death via suicide, the Snow Queen was revived by the Lobotomy Corporations founder, only known as "A". Using a machine to give her a new body, she was contained in the Corporation for research.

The Snow Queen is an Abnormality who brings a unique method of taking your employees away from your control. If an employee get assigned to her and fails to satisfy, she will impale that employee with an ice shard. Upon her second activation of this ability, that employee will be frozen inside of a block of ice. To rescue them, you must send someone into the Snow Queen's containment unit and have them duel. If the employee wins the duel, the hostage will be released and the two employees can leave safely. If the Queen wins, both the rescuer and the hostage will be killed. Victory is tied to how much Fortitude the rescuer has.

  • An Ice Person: She is the Snow Queen, so this is a given.
  • Flying Face: Her face is now but a mask with antlers that hovers over her robes.
  • Hostage Situation: She'll create one if the employee doesn't achieve a good result. The situation can also happen if a neutral result is achieved, though not as frequently.
  • Shout Out: To the fairy tale 'The Snow Queen.'

Nameless Fetus (O-01-15)
Nameless Fetus closes its eyes. This is certainly not an act out of tiredness, Nameless Fetus only desires one thing.
"One day you'll understand. The meaning of the desperation on their faces when the roulette spins."

A slimy, obese infant with no legs and a giant fanged mouth on its belly. No one knows where it came from, but its monstrous appetite and deafening tantrums means that the Corporation is willing to sate it for the sake of the safety of the majority. 'Majority' being the keyword there, as the managers of the Corporation will hold a lottery disguised as a promotion opportunity. The chosen employee will be congratulated for their promotion, before being secretly taken away to be killed and then fed to the Fetus to get it to stop crying.

The Nameless Fetus will begin its tantrum if an employee doesn't get a good result from working with it. When this happens, the Fetus will start to cry loud enough to slowly drain the sanity of everyone in the facility, and will begin to irritate the other Abnormalities to the point where they'll want to break out. The only way to stop it at this point would be to use the 'Lottery' option that has replaced every other interaction with it. Using this option will select a random employee from the facility, who will proceed to the Fetus to be eaten by it.

  • Belly Mouth: The Fetus uses a jagged teethed version of this to feed.
  • Brown Note: It isn't just an annoying cry the Fetus has, it's a sanity draining attack that drives both Abnormalities and employees mad.
  • Eaten Alive: The stories make it seem like the victims are killed and then fed to the Fetus, but ingame victims are snared by its tongue and pulled into its maw.
  • Fetus Terrible: An underdeveloped baby missing its lower half of its body, and cries for the flesh of humans to sate it.
  • Lottery of Doom: One can be held if it begins to cry, which is the only way to get it to calm down. The "winner" of this lottery will be sent to be eaten by the Fetus.
  • Overly Long Tongue: Uses one to snare and devour people being sacrificed to it.

Portrait of Another World (O-09-91)

"This portrait encaptures a moment; it is what we are destined to lose."
As time passes, people change. We may become disabled, lose our minds, be consumed by overwhelming violence, or be willed to disappear, never seen again.
An old and blank painting canvas. This canvas allows its users to see paintings of themselves when they approach it.

When an employee uses the Portrait, they'll be painted on the canvas and will have an icon floating about their head, and another random employee will also be chosen to hold this mark. Any damage dealt to the employee who used the painting will instead find that the damage meant for them has been redirected to the second marked employee. That employee will take more damage than usual for any attacks meant for the other mark bearer. If the receiver dies, then the mark will be transferred to someone else, where the process will continue until no more employees remain.

Singing Machine (O-05-30)
It’s rather simple to figure out when Singing Machine activates; just open its lid and check how much flesh it has digested.
"But nothing could compare to the music it makes when it eats a human."

A meat grinder altered to also be able to play music, which only ever plays when a human is thrown into its mouth and is shredded away. The music it plays is marvelous enough that those who listen to it may be compelled to do the machine's bidding and get more human victims to feed to it.

The Singing Machine has several triggers to its hypnotic effects; employees who have 4 or more points in Fortitude, have 2 or less points in Temperance, or just do a bad job at work when assigned to it will be possessed by the machine and throw themselves into the meat grinder. When this is achieved, a random employee will be possessed by the Machine and will start attacking the people around them. Instead of outright killing them, the employee will knock out a target and drag them to the Singing Machine for consumption, repeating this process until they're suppressed by the others.

  • Brown Note: Music so splendid it'll make you want to feed your friends to the machine to keep listening to it.
  • Mind Control: Employees can be controlled by it so they can kidnap sacrifices for it.
  • It Can Think: It must be able if it can formulate a scheme to use humans as vessels so that they can kidnap potential meals and bring them to it.

Der Freischütz (F-01-69)
As with all pacts made with the Devil, Der Freischütz’s request will not end peacefully.
"This magical bullet can truly hit anyone, just like you say."

A shadowy entity sporting an impressive rifle and dressed in elegant regalia. It is said that a hunter once made a Deal with the Devil for a magical hunting rifle that never misses, but on the condition that his soul would belong to the Devil and that final bullet fired would find and kill his beloved wife. Instead of letting the final bullet do so, the hunter shot all his loved ones at the depths of his despair, and afterwards started wandering aimlessly doing whatever he pleased. Eventually he himself turned into a devil and began to steal the souls of others with his rifle.

Der Freischütz can be a very helpful Abnormality to keep around if you can manage his mood and don’t mind the risk of collateral damage when you employ his services, which is easiest to do if Employees with a Justice stat of 3 or higher regularly work with him. If you have the resources necessary, you can commission him to shoot at any target in the facility with his rifle for a massive amount of damage, like a rampaging Abnormality or an employee for some reason. The shot fired will consume 10% of the energy in the facility, penetrate all walls in its way and damage anyone who happens to be between or beyond Der Freischütz and the target. If Der Freischütz' mood dips too low, then he will take aim at a random hallway in the facility without your command and fire at your employees.

  • Aesop Collateral Damage: The shot is especially useful for clearing out low level enemies, but would you still take the shot when your Clerks are standing in the way or worse, an Agent?
  • Always Accurate Attack: Whenever he fires his rifle, it will hit anyone no matter how many rooms and walls of rock are in the way.
  • Cold Sniper: An uncaring devil who never misses a shot with his rifle, but he can be reasoned with and even hired for jobs if he’s in a good mood.
  • Deal with the Devil: Made one himself so he can have a hunting rifle capable of never missing. You yourself can also strike a deal with him now that he’s a demon, at the cost of some of your facility power being consumed. In return you get one powerful shot to damage any escaping Abnormality with.
  • Loophole Abuse: An unintentionally caused example. The deal he took stated that the last bullet would kill his wife in exchange for the hunting rifle, but he killed all his loved ones after hearing the terms of the deal. Since that would logically include his wife and the last bullet he had up and vanished, his original deal could never be fulfilled, leaving him with the rifle and what remained of his soul.
  • Shout Out: He shares his name with the German Opera of the same name.

Schadenfreude (O-05-76)
When you feel an unrelenting gaze upon you even while you are alone, it is already too late.
"Someone's persistent gaze can be felt from the keyhole inside the machine."

A metallic box that has a key hole and camera lens on the outside, and someone's watchful eye peeking through the keyhole at all times. Experiments ran on the Abnormality have discovered that the Abnormality will remain docile so as long as it's not being looked at.

Schadenfreude's main gimmick comes from its unwillingness to be looked at when its being worked on by an employee. If your camera focuses on it for too long, it will automatically break containment and sprout its legs and buzzsaws to rampage around the facility. It's a killing machine when viewed, but if the camera is looking away then it will stop in its tracks and be at the mercy of anyone attacking it.

  • Achilles' Heel: It's a fiend in battle, especially when compared to other HE-classed monsters, but you can command employees to beat it into submission when you're not looking at it, thus rendering it helpless.
  • Don't Look at Me!: The secret to defeating this Abnormality is to just simply not look at it when it's active, as it can only act and get angry enough to escape if its being viewed by your camera.
  • Paranoia Fuel: In its story, it induces this to a blind employee who looked at it. Despite the fact that they couldn't see anything, they felt its persistent and horrifying gaze no matter what they did, causing them to stab their eyes out to resolve the problem.
  • Spider Tank: What seemed like a box with a persons eye peeking through it turns out to actually be this, and it is resilient and lethal when enraged.

Giant Tree Sap (T-09-80)
Sap extracted from a nameless, gigantic tree on the edge of the world.
"The tree reaped from what it sowed."

A red orb being grasped by a snapped off branch. It was once part of a greater tree found at the edge of the world where no plants were able to survive. It was discovered that the tree sustains itself by attracting creatures to feed on its sap, which causes them to melt into a green paste, which the tree then uses as nutrition.

The Tree Sap is a tool that can be used by employees. Employees who drink from the sap will have their HP restored, but will explode and die about 30 seconds later, dealing White Damage to people around them.

  • Action Bomb: Turns the people who drink the sap into one, though they have no idea they're a time bomb waiting to go off.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: The story entries for the Sap say that those who drink from it will melt into green paste, but ingame that translates to a delayed explosion of the victim.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Healing HP in exchange for a guaranteed death a half minute later is not a very useful ability.

Rudolta of the Sleigh (F-02-49)
When the rusty sleigh bells are ajingle, Christmas begins.
"From my infinite hatred, I give you this gift."

An Abnormality that consists of three different entities; a bag of organs and meat with a santa-hat made of intestine poking out from it which rides a sewn up reindeer-like creature with a beard, who is being pulled by a sleigh with a black bag filled with an unknown contents. Rudolta of the Sleigh moves around giving gifts to everyone indiscriminately, though no one is quite so sure where exactly they came from.

Rudolta of the Sleigh, despite its horrible appearance, is relatively easy to hold in compared to other HE classed Abnormalities. If someone gets a bad work result, then its Qliphoth counter could go down and cause it to break out of containment. When this happens, it will slowly slide its away around the facility to deal constant White Damage to everyone around it.

Red Shoes (O-04-08)
They are prettier with blood on them.
"The girl begged in tears. "Mister, please cut off my feet..." "

Two red dress shoes set on top of a stand, which house teeth inside them. People who put the shoes on will find that their feet have been bitten down on, making it impossible to take them off without cutting the feet off.

The Red Shoes will have two different methods of getting employees to put them on; the first will activate when an employee with a Temperance stat of 2 or lower is sent to work on the shoes. When this happens they'll be compelled to put the shoes on, switch their weapon for a fire ax and go on a killing spree. The other means of possession will happen if a bad work result is achieved, in which case they'll possess and employee who do not meet its stat requirements and drawing them towards its chamber to be put on. Clicking repeatedly on the possessed employee (marked by a pink/purple aura on their head) will snap them out of their trance. Should anyone put the shoes on, they will reveal a bloodied fire ax and walk out to look for victims to kill.

  • All Women Love Shoes: In the Legacy version, the Red Shoes would automatically Mind Control any female who worked with them.
  • Ax-Crazy: Literal in this case; anyone possessed by the shoes will pull an ax from seemingly nowhere and sport a giant demented grin and pitch black eyes.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: The Shoes' host will sport a pair that will also bleed profusely.
  • Heal Thyself: Anytime the host of the Red Shoes kills someone, they will stop to chop their victim apart and heal themselves in the process.
  • Mighty Glacier: It depends on who gets possessed, but having an armor-clad employee put the shoes on can lead to a shambling madman that's easy to avoid but hits like a truck and takes damage like a champ, thanks to the victim still retaining their stats when converted.
  • Mind Control: Will use this to convince people to put the shoes on.
  • Shout Out: To the fairy tale 'The Red Shoes.'

Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom (F-01-87)
He had a visibly long scar on his head. People asked him how he felt and he responded that his head felt lighter.
"The city still remained a beautiful place where the emerald roads sparkled bright as ever."

A worn out scarecrow with a sickle and a rake for hands, the top half of its smiling sewn up head is missing. The Scarecrow is the same one from The Wizard of Oz, however at the end of the journey, he still wasn't satisfied with the gift given to him. It is implied that he went to Emerald City and took part in a corrupt operation that would take the working body parts of the poor and have them donated to the rich, and one man in particular had his brain lobotomized for the Scarecrow when he went in the hospital for treatment.

The Scarecrow will only ever allow employees with a Prudence level of 1 or 2 work on it, any higher than that and the Scarecrow will breach containment and shamble around the facility. It will chase the last person it saw around, and if it claws them to 0 HP using its rake then it'll begin to suck their brains out using a straw that shoots out from its mouth.

  • Brain Food: The Scarecrow will eat the brains of its victims by sucking it out through a straw that covers the victim's entire face. The victim in question is left shriveled and eyeless from the attack.
  • Expy: Of the same Scarecrow from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, though with a darker take to the character's story.
  • Scary Scarecrows

Shelter from the 27th of March (T-09-82)
The shelter still retains the memory of that day.
"It literally makes itself into “the safest place on Earth.” "

A panic room that is well stocked with supplies for month-long stays. People who stay in this panic room for too long will start to see the outside world as apocalyptic hellholes, and see the panic room as the safest place on earth.

The Shelter is a tool that can be entered by employees. While inside, they'll shake off any monsters that might've been chasing them and they become immune to damage. However, after 30 seconds of hiding the room will make one random Abnormality breach containment, and continues to break a new one out periodically so as long as that person stays inside the Shelter.

  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Its story says that it alters the perception of its occupants to believe that the outside world is a hellhole when it really isn't. Ingame, it causes the place outside the shelter to become a monster ridden hellhole if anyone stays inside it for an extended period of time.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Sending someone into the shelter to juke any pursuing monsters isn't a very good idea when extended visits can end up releasing a new monster somewhere else.

Note from a Crazed Researcher (T-09-78)
The old notes are full of incomprehensible cursive letters and writings.
"The final chapter ends with the phrase: “Born again.” "

A notebook that was left behind by a guilt ridden researcher of the Lobotomy Corp.

The Note is a tool Abnormality that can be picked up and held by an employee who interacts with it. While holding the note, the success rate of every research done by that employee goes up considerably. But if the note if returned within 30 seconds of picking it up or if they try to return it when they haven't done any work, then they'll explode for quite a bit of damage to the people around them and die, as punishment for their unwillingness to satisfy its desire for research. They will also explode if they take a certain amount of damage while holding the note.

Porccubus (O-02-98)
They say the pleasure it provides exceeds the amount a human can bear, but there is no one who can explain how it truly feels.
"Now it's time for my head to burst. Good day."

A long, thorn-covered creature with a flower for a head and two black beady eyes. Its spines contain a toxin that pleasures the victim's brain greatly, providing a high and a level of happiness that's unmatched by any other drug. People stung by its spines crave more of it and become dependent on its properties, and will start to willingly poke themselves to acquire more of its toxins, until the brain activity becomes so great that their heads explode.

Though Porccubus's Qliphoth Counter can be raised by getting a Good result with it, be mindful of who you send to work with it, because if an employee with a Temperance stat below 3 interacts with Porccubus and gets a Good result from it, then they'll die on the spot. The same employees with the aforementioned Temperance stat will receive more damage from Porrcubus if they approach it while it's breaching. When breaching, Porccubus will vanish from its containment and appear in a random hallway to deal White Damage to anyone who approaches it.

  • Non-Malicious Monster: Out of all creatures there is, Porccubus seems to be one of the most "friendly". Entries mention this abnormality being docile and easy to befriend, but nothing stops it from killing your employees if you let it breach, or if you let the wrong person interact with it, though.
  • Your Head Asplode: The end result of people who overdose themselves on Porccubus' spines, the top half of their head will burst and the only thing left will be a smile on the victims face from the ecstasy they experienced.

Child of the Galaxy (O-01-55)
That night, when stars showered down from the sky, a child walked.
"A teardrop fell from the child's dewy eyes, as stars showered from the sky. The world falls into a slumber, trapped in an ecstatic lullaby."

A young boy whose entire body is covered in a galaxy-like pattern, and who is constantly sobbing. Though he is friendly and somewhat shy at best, he's also clingy to the point where he won't allow his friends to leave him for anyone else.

When an employee does work on him, the Child of the Galaxy will give them a pebble as token of his friendship in return and his Qliphoth counter will increase by 1 in the process. This pebble will continuously restore the HP and SP of the employee, but if the employee tries to work with any other Abnormality, they will receive Black damage and drop the Child of the Galaxy's Qliphoth counter by 1 (the counter will drop by 4 if an employee with the pebble dies), and when his counter hits zero, all employees carrying a pebble will die as the Child of the Galaxy breaks down in tears, constantly depleting energy from the facility as well as preventing any new energy from being acquired. The only way to stop his crying is to send in another employee to receive a pebble from him, which will bring his Qliphoth counter back up to 1.

  • Clingy MacGuffin: One of the creepy aspects of his pebbles is that the person cannot throw it away even if they want to. Story entries about the Child of the Galaxy detail an employee freaking out over this.
  • Creepy Child: He appears to be nice enough, until his "friends" try to work with any other Abnormality.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: REALLY doesn't like when people who befriended him go work with another Abnormality. He also makes people who interact with him promise they'll come back, and if a person carrying one of his pebbles, a proof of his friendship, dies he becomes deeply saddened.
  • Disaster Dominoes: If someone carrying his pebble dies, his Qliphoth counter, which starts at 5, will decrease by 4. If his Qliphoth meter is depleted completely, everyone carrying his pebbles dies instantly.
  • The Omniscient: To the one who holds his pebbles. He says he knows everything about them.

Warm-Hearted Woodsman (F-05-32)
When the heart is lost, the Woodsman will fall to his knees in sorrow, clutching his empty chest. As if begging for the only thing he has left not to be taken.
"This is a forest full of hearts. No matter how many he cuts down, the forest still remains dense."

A large mechanical being, covered in moss, who represents the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. There is a little door on its chest, which the Woodsman tries to stuff with hearts, so that it can finally have the heart it was promised. It always carries a large axe. When told by the Wizard that the Woodsman doesn't need a heart as it was but a machine, it swung its axe into the Wizard's chest, stole his heart, and felt pleasure for the first time at the sight of his agony. Now it wanders in search of more hearts to add to its collection.

When an employee with a Temperance stat of 3 performs work on the Warm-Hearted Woodsman, or if a bad work result is achieved, its Qliphoth counter will decrease. Once its Qliphoth counter hits zero, it will first wait for someone to enter its containment, upon which it will kill the employee, shove their corpse into its chest and then breach. When breaching, the Warm-Hearted Woodsman will attack employees with its axe, dealing Red damage, while stuffing its chest with any corpses it finds to heal itself.

  • An Axe to Grind: Its weapon of choice.
    • Your employees can unlock its giant axe as a as an E.G.O weapon too.
  • Expy: Of the Tin Man from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, though with a darker epilogue, including the fact that it killed The Wizard.
  • Heal Thyself: Any dead bodies in its path will be picked up and stuffed into it chest, healing it instantly.

     WAW classed 

WAW classed Abnormalities are hostile creatures that tend to be aggravated much easier than other Abnormalities, only being exceeded by the ALEPH classed.

Long bird / Judgement Bird (O-02-62)
"Its scale would never neglect the weight of even the smallest sin"

A tall black bird with a completely bandaged head, and holds an unbalanced balancing scale on its long neck. Formerly known as Long Bird, Judgement Bird used to live in the Black Forest with Small Bird and Big Bird. When it heard the prophecy of his home falling to ruin from infighting and a terrible monster, it became the Forest's self-appointed Guardian and Judge. Using its balancing scale, it would weigh the sins of troublemakers in the Forest who created fights and decided whether they get executed or if they get to live. When asked 'What if the scales don't tip in any direction?', Long Bird became worried and created a new scale that would always tip towards Guilty, and thus will always have an answer.

Judgement Bird will break out if employees consistently get bad work results from it. When it escapes, it will wander around aimlessly until he enters a room with employees in them. When this happens, it will pause for a moment to balance its scales to pronounce everyone guilty before firing off a glimmering light that damages everyone in the room. Those who die to it will have a noose appear on their neck that raises on a feathery pillar, hanging and killing them.

  • All Crimes Are Equal: His sentence for any sin deemed guilty by his scales is always death by hangings. Whether it's because he's truly malicious or because he's blind to his unfair balancing scales is unknown.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Pun not intended, but Judgement Bird appeared in the games announcement trailer skulking the halls during a power outage long before it was actually introduced into the game.
  • Eyeless Face: Judgement Bird gave his own eyes to Big Bird so that the latter could watch for the monster more easily, leading to him bandaging his entire head to hide the trauma.
  • Evil Makes You Ugly: According to its story page, Long Bird once had shining, glistening eyes and gleaming feathers, but it gave the former to Big Bird and the latter turned black during its time as judge.
  • The Faceless: Judgement Bird has covered his own face with bandages thanks to him giving his own eyes to Big Bird, leaving what’s behind them a mystery.
  • Hanging Judge: His obsession with saving the forest led to him creating blatantly unfair scales that were biased to pronouncing everything guilty. Creatures and people found guilty by Judgement Bird are usually killed shortly afterwards via a noose suddenly tying itself around their necks as a post grows behind them, leaving them to hang dead.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: In its effort to prevent fights from breaking out in the forest like the prophecy foretold, it became known as the Black Forest's very unfair and murderous judge.
  • Lean and Mean: Among the Birds it is, as it is quite tall and has definitely not become nice or approachable thanks to its time as a judge.

Big Bird (O-02-40)
"A month later we concluded, there was no such thing as the beast."

A giant round black bird with dozens of eyes who carries a lantern that never burns out. Big Bird used to live in the Black Forest with Small Bird and Long Bird, and after hearing about the prophecy of a terrible monster that would destroy their home, Big Bird became the watchful guardian of its forest that warned and protected visitors from the monster, alongside Punishing Bird and the Bird of Judgement. One day someone asked 'What if the monster came at night?' This worried Big Bird, causing him to pluck and burn all of his feathers to create an everlasting lantern and grew dozens of eyes so that he could patrol in the dead of night. Big Bird concluded that the best way to save people from the monster was to kill visitors to protect them from the agony the monster in the forest will cause them. This logic carries over to his new home in the Lobotomy Corporation, where he thinks that he can save the employees from the other horrific Abnormalities by killing them first.

Big Bird is an Abnormality that will come closer to breaking out the more employees die. When this happens, the power in Big Birds area will short out and any employees caught in this blackness will be marked by Big Bird. This mark lasts as long as they stay in the darkness and grants them damage reduction from all other attacks. However, after a certain period of time, any employee with the mark will be hypnotized and drawn to Big Birds location so they can be instantly killed with a swift bite to their head.

  • The Big Guy: Among the Birds, he is unquestionably the biggest and sturdiest of them all.
  • Extra Eyes: It has many, many yellow eyes that stare intently at everything. Some of those eyes once belonged to Bird of Judgement, which were given to him so he can watch for the monster more easily. And if the Flavor Text on his E.G.O Armor is to be believed, he grew a new eye for every person he 'saved' from the monster.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: The whole front half of its body has a ton of eyes staring forward.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: It’s a huge round black bird with dozens of staring eyes and a beak-full of sharp teeth which it intends behead you with, and its name is Big Bird.
  • From Bad to Worse: While any containment breach is a worrying thing, Big Bird explicitly has this as a mechanic. The most likely reasons 5 employees would die in a single day is because there’s another Abnormality on the loose, and the causalities from that breach has just allowed Big Bird to instantly break out too.
  • Glowing Eyes: Typically, his luminescent eyes are the brightest things that aren't his lantern that can be seen when he shuts off the power.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: In Big Bird's quest to save the forest from the monster prophesied to appear, he brutally took the lives of any man, woman or child that crossed his path in his own twisted effort to save them from said monster. The Black Forest's inhabitants also didn’t take too fondly to his constant invasion of their privacy in the middle of the night with his many staring eyes.
  • Marked to Die: Employees who hang around in the darkness in Big Bird's influence will be marked by it. On one hand, it’s a buff that reduces all damage they receive from other attacks. On the other hand, it allows Big Bird to instantly kill them when their time comes.
  • Mighty Glacier: Big Bird doesn’t move beyond a slow and steady stomp down hallways, but it‘s difficult to stop him when he can attract employees to him for an instant kill while taking a huge beating.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Reveals the huge number of sharp teeth it sports when it's winding up to bite an employee.
  • Mercy Kill: What he believes he's doing to people by beheading them before the monster can get them.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: All of his eyes will glow red when he's going to take a bite out of someone, but the warning can't actually help you, as it means Big Bird is now invulnerable and the target is going to die.

Snow White's Apple (F-04-42)
"When the day a ripe apple fell off the tree in the garden where the princess and the king stood, the witch's heart burned with hatred."

The enchanted, poisonous apple that Snow White bit into in her fable. Thanks to the lasting magic of the witch who created her, Snow White's Apple grew sentient and very bitter over her unending existence as an apple that cannot be eaten or decompose like nature intended. Any animal that tried to eat her would die from poisoning, giving her nothing but the dead bodies of the forest as company. Eventually, she grew a body of dead vines and thorns and set out to find her own prince to relieve her loneliness, much like Snow White did.

Snow White's Apple is relatively straightforward as far as WAW classed Abnormalities go, but once she breaks out she goes on an unpredictable rampage across the facility, suddenly appearing in a room to plant herself in. While she does this, vines will begin to consume the room and will slow down and stab at any employee that stands in them. When a room is completely consumed, she will disappear and reappear in a different one to repeat the process. Rooms with vines will continue to slow down employees, but they will only take damage if Snow White's Apple is in the room with them.

  • Death Seeker: Her backstory and ingame blurbs make it clear that her ultimate desire is to finally die.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: When she breaches containment, she will never stick to one room for very long before leaving and growing herself in another. While this means that beating her into submission can be a huge pain, it also means that it’s viable to just simply ignore her and wait out her wrath before sending employees to that part of the facility.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Employees killed by her will be impaled from below and have the guilty thorn come out through their mouth.
  • Plant Person: An enchanted apple with a humanoid body of vines who can attack by planting itself in a hallway are stabbing employees with its long thorns.
  • The Power of Hate: The apple was given a conscience by the witch's own hateful magic, which only brewed intense self-hatred and jealousy over the years.
  • Shout Out: To the fairy tale 'Snow White.'
  • Skeleton Motif: Her hollowed out apple resembles a skull with the holes left in it.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Was made essentially immortal by the magic that created her, but is in no way happy about it. Looking for a prince is just a way to pass the time.

Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary (F-01-57)
"I’ll hang his head over my bed. Only then can I get up in the morning without having a nightmare."

A woman shrouded in a red cloak, a hood and a toothed mask to hide her deformities and scars. She was the little girl in the story of Red Riding Hood who was attacked and scarred horribly by the Big Bad Wolf. The two escaped from each other, and Red Riding Hood vowed to take vengeance on the wolf that maimed her. Starting from her teenage years, she trained to become a mercenary so that she can become strong enough to kill her nemesis. After taking a few jobs, she agreed to be taken in by the Lobotomy Corp., on the condition that they find the Big Bad Wolf and let her take revenge.

Red Riding Hood has a unique rivalry mechanic tied to the Big and Will Be Bad Wolf that directly affects her behaviour when she breaches. If the Wolf howls in the department where Riding Hood is located, she’ll automatically break free so she can focus on chasing him down. If an employee recently worked on the Wolf and then goes to work on her, she’ll immediately know and not be very pleased, coming closer to escaping on her own. She can also be hired to attack escaping Abnormalities much like Der Freischütz, but this could risk her passing by the Wolf's containment room and instantly triggering a huge battle.

  • Aesop Collateral Damage: Yes, Red may have stopped the Big Bad Wolf or whatever else you send her after, but more than likely at the cost of her recklessly shooting at the target through your employees with penetrating bullets, along with provoking her target into fleeing into other rooms to bring the battle somewhere else.
  • Berserk Button: The mere sight or sound of the Big Bad Wolf is enough to trigger her into dropping whatever she’s doing to fight them, no matter what stands in her way. Employees that smell like the Big Bad Wolf even cause her to get closer to breaking out.
  • Blood Knight: She admits in her idle dialogue that she finds her line of work incredibly satisfying and fun, and only came willingly to the Corporation because they promised to locate the Big Bad Wolf for her. Red also only deigns to remain in one of the Corporation's cells while she waits for that promise because there's plenty of monsters to fight in the meantime.
  • Eye Scream: Only one of her eyes visible at all times. In her Legacy version she would take off her mask when fighting the Big Bad Wolf, revealing that she had lost one of her eyes, along with some other important things.
  • Facial Horror: The Legacy version of Red took off her mask under certain conditions, and it reveals just why she pursues the Wolf with such rage; her face has no skin, one of her eyes is missing, and all the teeth in her mouth are gone.
  • Gun And Sword: Wields a hand cannon of a pistol alongside a bloodied blade.
  • Hired Guns: She’s a mercenary who took up the line of work to train herself for her final confrontation with the Big Bad Wolf. She can also be hired by you if you have an Abnormality that needs to be taken care of. The price for her service will increase the higher the threat level of the target is.
  • Implacable Man: Not just to the Big Bad Wolf, but to anyone she targets when she breaches. Targets who are marked by her will be pursued relentlessly until they’re dead, with the only thing that can stop her being her own unlikely defeat, or the sight of the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Little Red Fighting Hood: A particularly violent one without a moral compass.
  • Shout Out: To the fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood', except Little Red never made it to Grandma's house and was nearly killed by the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Her remaining eye glows a bright gold color, serving as yet another reminder of her status as an Abnormality.

Big and Might Be Bad Wolf / Big and Will Be Bad Wolf (F-02-58)
"Still, it didn’t matter to him. After all, he was “destined” to be a big bad wolf."

An innocent and cartoony-looking large wolf that reveals its true form when angered. It was the Big Bad Wolf in the story of Red Riding Hood, who attacked and brutalized the little girl. The two escaped from each other and went on with their lives, never forgetting each other and both wishing for an opportunity to meet each other again to finish what they started decades ago.

Big and Will Be Bad Wolf has a unique rivalry mechanic tied to the Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary. If an employee who was recently attacked by Red Riding Hood passes by the Big Bad Wolf's containment, then the Wolf will come closer to breaching. If an employee works on Red Riding Hood and then gets assigned to the Big Bad Wolf, then they’ll get killed instantly and the Wolf will get even closer to breaching. Finally, the Wolf will instantly breach and change into a more beastly form if it detects Red Riding Hood entering its hallway.

  • Art Shift: Notable, in that the Wolf is somehow fooling the Perception Filter into making it look like a childish depiction of a wolf. When it gets triggered into attacking, it drops the innocent cartoon look it had when docile and switches to a more rabid and realistic wolf.
  • The Big Bad Wolf: Goes without saying, though this rendition is much more destructive and vicious.
  • Eaten Alive: Can happen to employees who work with it. Luckily, it's non-lethal.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: In its cartoony form, it has a scar left on its left eye. When breaching, it's covered in scars and lacerations across its whole body.
  • The Nose Knows: As a wolf, his sense of smell is what causes him to start breaking out if Agents with Red Riding Hood's scent pass by his cell, or outright escape if Red enters the hallway while chasing another Abnormality.
  • Shout Out: As well as being a nod to the fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood,' it's implied to have played the part of many tales involving a wolf as an antagonist, including a nod to 'The Three Little Pigs.'
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: So literal that it hurts, as his name and initial appearance are trying to fool players into not taking him seriously. Falling for his "I'm a big cuddly wolf" act will lead to a massacre.

Magical Girl / The Queen of Hatred (O-01-04)
"In the name of Love and Justice~ Here comes Magical Girl!"

A cheerful Magical Girl who believes she was put onto the Earth to stop its villains and wickedness. The problem in this lies in her fanatical obsession with stopping evil, as she believes it’s her only goal in existence. And now that there's no more evil left to be stopped, she is experiencing a loss of purpose, and itches for something more to fight.

The Queen of Hatred's Qliphoth Counter will decrease if 3 employees do not die before a Qliphoth Meltdown occurs, causing her to collapse onto the floor in a psychotic episode. Fail to calm her down with a Good work result (16 boxes or higher will increase her counter), and she’ll transform into a serpent-like creature and attack the facility in a declaration of villainy. When she's in a good mood, she’ll automatically break out during a Second Trumpet and aid your employees as an ally against the threats, but if 20% of them die during her rescue, she’ll experience a mental breakdown and turn into the aforementioned serpent and attack everything in sight.

  • And Then What?: As a heroine, the Queen fought many foes and saved people from evil... then the day came where she fulfilled her destiny by defeating the last villain, and she realized that no-one needed her anymore. She didn't take the realization too well, and that's why she's usually locked in a cell.
  • Ax-Crazy: A more tragic example than most; she actually is The Mentally Disturbed, and when she's not having an episode she's genuinely kind, sweet, and friendly. Problem is, her insanity leads to The Corruption...
  • Black and White Insanity: Since what she fought is long gone, she is convinced she can't be the hero anymore, and if she's not the hero, she must obviously be a villain. Cue snake-form killing spree if you don't shake her out of it.
  • Breath Weapon: As a serpent, she attacks with a spectacular beam that engulfs the entire hallway, gradually growing in intensity and damage until she exhausts herself.
  • Broken Smile: Her smile is seemingly cheerful normally, but it will sometimes shift into a more deranged smile in her Legacy version idle animation, hinting at just how precious little sanity she has.
  • Cooldown: After using her beam attack in either her passive or breaching form, she will become exhausted and stop to rest, giving her enemies (or your employees) a chance to attack her while she's helpless.
  • The Corruption: The end effect of her depressed state is her succumbing to this, though she returns to normal when you knock her out.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: To the point where she's outright violently unstable from the existential crisis. This is ultimately why she is so dangerous; each day, she's guaranteed to start breaking down if not enough Agents have died before a Qliphoth Meltdown, as it proves (to her) that there's no-one to save and thus she can't be a hero.
  • Fallen Heroine: She is most certainly this by this point due to her aforementioned issues, but her research logs reveal that the three Magical Girls were once heroes to the world, and that their fall into their respective sins demoralized a good deal of the world's populace when the news got out.
  • Finger Gun: One of her attacks when breaching in her passive form.
  • Heal Thyself: When breaching, targets being incinerated by her beam attack will heal the Queen so as long as they're being damaged.
  • Magical Girl: Is one, and her design reflects it down to the brightly colored schoolgirl uniform. ‘Magical Girl’ is also her placeholder name before enough research is done to learn that her real name is The Queen of Hatred.
  • Magic Kiss: If her Qlipoth Counter is at its maximum, then she'll blow a kiss to any employee who works on her that fully heals their HP and SP, regardless of the work result.
  • Mood-Swinger: She regularly goes from "cheerful" to "Heroic BSoD", and from there to "murderous rampage" if she isn't calmed down, causing her to shift into genuine sorrow and regret when she comes to her senses, and then right back to cheerful again when she inevitably represses her memories of the event.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: It's heavily implied in her encyclopedia entry that she's not in control of herself when she rampages and feels horrible after she calms down, at least until she represses her memory.
  • The Power of Love / The Power of Hate: She draws her power from both sources.
  • Reluctant Psycho: On the occasions when she goes lucid and becomes aware of how much destruction she causes, it's made quite clear she feels extremely guilty and apologetic, though it doesn't last before she returns to her delusions.
  • Tragic Monster: She still wants to help fight monsters and will actually help you out during a major breach, but is so unstable she ends up frequently becoming the monster out of a desperate desire to have a point to her existence again.

The Burrowing Heaven (O-04-72)
The Burrowing Heaven lives inside the target's eyes.
"Don't look away, just keep your eyes on it. Contain it in your sight."

A bizarre, fleshy growth of tendrils with several large eyes that watch everything around it intently. Its origin or motives are unknown.

The Burrowing Heaven is the complete opposite of the Schadenfreude Abnormality, as this one will have a high chance of breaching if you aren't looking at it as its being worked on by an employee. If you look away for too long when the work is in progress, it will breach containment. While it is breaching, it will not be able to move or attack when you are focusing on its location. Looking away from it for too long will cause it to teleport to a room and instantly kill all employees, so that their heads can be decapitated and decorated upon its branches.

  • Expy: Given the games influences, particularly the SCP Foundation, the Burrowing Heaven more than likely draws inspiration from SCP-173.
  • Don't Look at Me!: Inverted, it has to be looked at to keep it from breaking out.
  • Creepy Souvenir: When it's rampaging, it carries the heads of employees killed by it on its branches as if its it 'fruit'.
  • Extra Eyes: Though they don't seem to connect to anything in particular, as it's but a sharp and fleshy growth of spikes and tendrils in the vague shape of a tree.
  • Jump Scare: The only monster that cause its victims to scream in pain loudly and suddenly as they die, but only when they're off screen long enough for it to act, just to remind you that you have a problem in your hands.

The Little Prince (O-04-66)
The endings of the many employees who were tamed by The Little Prince were always tragic.
"Even if this turns to be a curse, I will love this curse like a blessing."

A giant purple mushroom that has several severed hands hanging from its rims, and a head that reveals itself on the stem of the mushroom when it's reproducing. It's believed that the mushroom came from space.

The Little Prince will prefer to have Insight performed on it, as any other kind of work will fail if done more than 3 times in a row. If it gets into a bad mood from bad work results, it'll call out to random employees in the facility via Mind Control. The mind-controlled employee will have a pink/purple aura on their head much like the Red Shoes and Cherry Blossom. If the mind controlled person reached The Little Prince's room, then they'll be infested with purple spores that turn them into a monstrous, spiky, tumor-covered creature that will escape and start attacking anything that enters its hallway.

  • Fungus Humongous: The Abnormality is a massive purple mushroom.
  • Mind Control: Uses this to call for targets, thankfully, like other abnormalities such as Red Shoes and Grave of Cherry Blossoms that rely on enchanting their victims, they can be saved from their trances with enough clicking.
  • Mushroom Man: Under normal circumstances, it's just a giant dangerous mushroom, but it'll reveal its purple head when it gets a new victim to inhale its spores.
  • Shout Out: To The Little Prince, both in name, and in a piece of flavor text referencing a line spoken by The Fox ("One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.")
  • Was Once a Man: Anyone who gets spore'd will look nothing like a human anymore when they come out.

Dimensional Refraction Variant (O-03-88)
It was a strange phenomenon. It was a phenomenon in and of itself. There was nothing within the unit that could be detected with the naked eye.
"The only advice that can be given is to remain cautious and aware of your surroundings."

It is normally invisible, but camera technology will show it as a floating mass of grainy distortions.

The Dimensional Refraction Variant will breach from bad work results, or if a session lasts longer than 40 seconds. When it breaks out, it'll vanish from view before suddenly showing up in a random spot in the same department it was held in. It'll then begin to slowly float in a single path and deal tremendous amounts of damage to anything in its way, tearing their limbs off and leaving the remains to float in a similar distortion to itself. People can't see the Distortion themselves, so the manger has to manually select employees to go and suppress it.

  • No-Sell: The entity is invulnerable to Red attacks.
  • Invisible Monsters: No one can see it, and even your best camera technology can only display it as a ball of camera distortions slowing moving around.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: Victims killed by the Refraction will be torn apart instantaneously and be left to float.

Queen Bee (T-04-50)
Queen Bee will be completed by the work of its drones… Such will be the beginning of its kingdom.
"If you feel an abdominal pain and a tingling sensation in your neck, the best thing you can do now is look at the great blue sky you'll never get to see again."

A heavily mutated bumblebee that has several slices of flesh stacked on top of each other, leading up to the head that has but a single eye and mouths aimed in random directions. The bee may have be the result of pheromone experimentation, which then escaped. The Queen Bee can only reproduce using hosts to house her drones, which will burst from their victims when they reach maturity.

The Queen Bee has a chance to release a dust of eggs to everyone in the department if a normal work result is achieved, and is guaranteed to happen if a bad result happens. Everyone caught in the storm will gradually take damage, and if they die a Drone will appear from the corpse and begin attacking. Anyone who dies to the Drones will also spawn a Drone, and this chain reaction can easily snowball its way into an overwhelming amount of Drones taking over the facility.

  • Bee Afraid: Bee very afraid of monster bees that are twice your size.
  • Body Horror: The Queen Bee shares almost nothing similar to real bees other than their color palettes.
  • Chest Burster: Worker bees/Drones are born via exploding from the body of a bee victim.
  • Zerg Rush: The Queens Bees main fighting style is to drown you in a horde of worker bees, which can easily happen because of the huge amount of unimportant nameless workers that can act as hosts to the worker bees.

Dream of a Black Swan (F-02-70)
The lake ripples gently. As if a number of swans just took flight.
"What happens when the black swan wakes up from dreaming of a white swan?"

A gang of blond haired sextuplets who stand in unison next to each other, with their unseen sister watching them from afar at all times. The sister herself is a giant black swan-like creature that has 2 conjoined faces poking out from the monster's beak. A long time ago, there was a family living in poverty and struggling to provide even the basic necessities of life. The sister, Elijah, went off to pursue her passion for knitting as a career so that she could provide for her brothers. She gave each of her brothers green nettle clothing she made herself as gifts. One day at work, a mysterious fog took over the city. After a few days this fog slowly started to mutate the population, causing them to deform into hideous green goo spilling monsters, among other mutations. Thanks to the enchanted clothing Elijah gave her brothers, they were mostly spared from the effects of the fog, but she was not as fortunate by the end of it all.

Dream of a Black Swan has a whole list of triggers to their potential reasons to break from containment (fortunately, they have 5 points to tolerate). These reasons include: A Normal/Bad work result being done, 5 employees dying in a single day, 5 employees going crazy in a single day, and when 3 other Abnormalities escape. With each trigger, one of the brothers will mutate from their sickness, and when all 6 of them mutate then the Black Swan herself will appear to attack the facility. In combat she'll attack with her umbrella and deafening screams, but her true objective is to walk around the facility and release other Abnormalities from their containment and worsen the situation.

  • Big Sister Instinct: If you mess with her brothers enough, she'll come to the facility, and she won't be happy.
  • Body Horror: Whatever sickness the brothers have, it causes their eyes to melt into green goo, their legs to disintegrate and reveal green flesh, and the aforementioned green goo to spill from their orifices. Their sister is not much better, as she was turned into a human/swan hybrid abomination.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: When the Black Swan has had enough damage dealt to her, she'll stop to scream and release Abnormalities in her area.
  • One-Winged Angel: The sister's second form is an angrier and more vicious swan that has swallowed the human heads in favor of now having its beak.
  • Parasol of Pain: The Black Swan attacks with a umbrella made of feathers and bird talons.
  • Shout Out: Is a vague reference to the fairy tale The Six Swans, however it is the sister who was turned into a swan and not her brothers.
  • Stone Wall: The Black Swan is not as impressive as the other WAW classed Abnormalities in direct combat, dealing a decent amount of damage with no instant kill gimmicks, but she's exceptionally sturdy, which works in her favor as she can reliably tank the damage to release more vicious monsters into attacking.

Flesh Idol (T-09-79)
A meshing of flesh and scrap metal.
"And the prayer shall inevitably end with the eternal despair of its worshiper."

A cross with a wad of flesh holding the idol together. It was once used and worshiped by a group people who went missing. The cross itself was found in a part of a flooded city.

The Flesh Idol is a tool that can be used by employees. When they enter its room, they'll kneel down to pray to the idol. If they stop praying within 20 seconds of starting, they'll be instantly be killed. Worshiping the idol for 20 to 90 seconds will gradually heal the HP and mental health of everyone in the facility, but worshiping the idol any longer than that will kill the employee and instantly break every monster in containment out.

Magical Girl / The King of Greed (O-01-64)
Some of our employees think that The King of Greed is trapped inside this thing that resembles an egg, however, the truth is that she shut herself inside it.
"...Sadness says: ‘Begone, pass away!’ But greed seeks eternity—seeks deep, deep eternity."

A lady left floating in an amber liquid-filled vat, which is part of a large fish-like monster. Like the Queen of Hatred and Knight of Despair, the woman inside the egg once sought to protect the world from evil. But her ambitions and greed cursed her into being trapped in a golden egg-like creature, which was found laying in the bottom of a river before it was taken in to the Lobotomy Corporation.

The King of Greed might awaken if a Normal work result is achieved, and is guaranteed to happen if a Bad result is earned. When awakened, the King will open a portal to a random hallway in the facility. From the portal the real form of the monster will appear; an angler fish-like creature that scrambles down hallways with the disembodied head of the woman hanging out from its giant mouth, which is now laughing manically. This monster will gradually move down hallways devouring anything in its path before it opens another portal to a different room to repeat the process.

  • Advancing Boss of Doom: What do you do when the King of Greed is free and it's in the same hallway as your employees? Tell them to run away in the opposite direction, because attacking it from the front is a surefire way to get them killed.
  • Alluring Anglerfish: But rather than a pretty light the monster is using the head of the woman inside it.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond
  • Laughing Mad: When zooming in on the rampaging monster, you can hear the woman giggling madly as her monster swallows everything in its path.
  • Magical Girl: Is her place holder name before you research it enough to learn that their true name is The King of Greed.
  • Mighty Glacier: She moves very slowly in one direction at a time while rampaging, but will paste absolutely anyone in the way of her gaping jaws.
  • No-Sell: The monster is immune to Red Damage.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: People eaten by the monster will explode in a mess of blood, and hallways where the King of Greed passed leave behind a huge streak of blood.
  • She Is the King: Her official title is the King of Greed, but she's categorized among the Magical Girls. The name may refer to the monster that has imprisoned the magical girl for eternity.

The Dreaming Current (T-02-71)
Just as everyone wished for, The Dreaming Current can live here forever.
"Tell the kid today's treat is going to be grape-flavored candy. It's his favorite."

A shark-like creature with two fanged mouths, rainbow colored tongues, human legs that replace its tail, an eyeball that is smeared across its face like paint, and large needle in its back along with bloody needle holes. There was once a terminally ill child who was expected to die within a few years. This child loved the ocean, but couldn't visit it often due to their condition keeping them stuck in their parents' laboratory. The only solace they ever got were special candies given to them by their doctors/parents. These treats allowed the child to see the ocean they loved, and miraculously they survived past their expected life span, but even then, the child was left to enjoy their hallucinations in the laboratory for many years.

The Dreaming Current is another simple Abnormality when it comes to taking care of it, as its counter will only go down if an employee with a Temperance stat of 1 enters or if an employee panics during work. If it ever breaks out, it'll vanish to the end of a hallway and charge forward to take a high-speed bite out of people in the way. Whenever it passes by, it leaves behind a trail of bubbles. After enough hallways have been filled with bubbles, The Dreaming Current will prepare itself for a dash across all affected areas, only stopping when it reaches the end of it all before repeating.

  • Bullfight Boss: If The Dreaming Current escapes and you don't deal with it in time, then you can be looking at dealing with a flying shark that lunges at the speed of a bullet around your facility.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The shark is bizarre and and abstract to say the least.
  • Living Dream: Its short story seems to imply that the shark you have in containment could be either the child themselves or a manifestation of that child's love for oceans and dreaming.

Magical Girl / The Knight of Despair (O-01-73)
Who said a knight never cries? Have you ever seen tears brought out by despair, not sadness?
"All that remains is the hollow pride of a weathered knight."

A tall woman whose face is partially obscured by pitch-black shadows. Both her long blue hair and longer blue dress are adorned with her spade motif, matching her with the Queen of Hatred and King of Greed. Long ago, she fought as a protector of justice. As she slowly began to realize that no good was left in the world, however, she slowly began to turn to despair, though her desire to protect always remained.

When an employee achieves a good work result on her, the Knight of Despair will bless this employee, which halves all Red, Black and White damage dealt against them but both doubling Pale damage and preventing them from doing anything but suppression. If a blessed employee dies or panics, the Knight of Despair will breach, summoning black spears and teleporting around the facility to deal Pale damage to any employees in her way.

  • Berserker Tears: Anything bad happening to her blessed friends will trigger her into attacking everything in sight, crying and sobbing madly all the while.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Not evil all the time, but when she finally does open her eyes they’re pitch black and hysterical.
  • Magical Girl: Is her placeholder name before you research her enough to learn that her true name is the Knight of Despair.
  • Mighty Glacier: Aside from periodic teleports, she moves slowly when breaching while sporting a high amount of HP. Her spears, however, deal a very high amount of Pale damage, making it so that only the most well equipped of employees can take a barrage of spears from her.
  • Spikes of Villainy: Again, not usually evil, but in her fits of despair she’ll grow black spikes all over her body as she avenges her blessed target.

Alriune (T-04-53)
The one who was born naked, shall return to the earth naked.
"Bearing the hope to return to dust, it shall go back to the grave with all that desires to live."

An Abnormality with a vaguely equine, six-legged lower body and a doll-like upper body. She is bright pink and wears a sunhat in the same color, with teal leaves covering her chest and lavender dust coming out of her mouth. Her eyes were stolen by crows, as she was said to be a doll abandoned in a forest.

When getting good or bad work results on Alriune, her Qliphoth counter might decrease. Once it hits zero, she will breach, teleporting around the facility and dealing White damage to any employees in the same room as her. At the same time, up to three petals will appear around her lower back, each petal increasing the damage she deals.

  • Eyeless Face: Her eyes were pecked out by birds in the past.
  • Do Well, but Not Perfect: As said before, keeping Alriune in check means trying to score Neutral results during works, as Good results will just cause her to escape.
  • Living Toy
  • Ghostly Gape: Due to her eyes being pecked out by birds, her face is but two holes where eyes would be and a constantly smiling, equally empty mouth.

Express Train to Hell (T-09-86)
There are no clocks to alert the arrival times, instead, there are some blinking lights.
"When the time comes, the train will chug down the tracks and sound its mighty horn."

Normally, this Abnormality appears as only the ticket station, covered in rocks and skulls. Behind the bars set into it, a clerk, unseen save for their glowing yellow eyes, gives tickets to any employees interacting with this Abnormality. When certain requirements are met, the other part of the Express Train to Hell appears, this being the titular train itself.

At the top of the ticket station, four lights are visible. One of these four will light up every 30 seconds. When an employee receives a ticket, it will heal both HP and MP, with a range depending on the amount of lights visible.note  Afterwards, all lights will be reset. However, if all four lights are on and you still choose to ignore it, train horns will sound and two portals will appear on either side of the facility, upon which the rusty Express Train to Hell passes from one portal to the other, dealing massive Black damage to anything in its path.

  • Afterlife Express: The train itself is this, appearing from offscreen to run employees over as it passes by if a ticket is not taken.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Did you forget to take the ticket in time? Your only warning that it's too late is hearing the whistle of the train coming to run your employees over.

The Naked Nest (O-02-74)
Please understand that we will be forced to fire on sight and burn your corpse should you become a nest.
"It can enter your body through any aperture."

A strange Abnormality that first appears as a brown, vaguely rock-like nest sitting on the floor of its containment. Occasionally, brown worms poke out from the nest.

After finishing any work with the Naked Nest, there is a chance of the employee who performed the work being infected, with the chance of this happening increasing the lower the employee's HP is. If an employee does get infected, this will eventually first be visible when the employee's skin turns green. After this point, the employee has a chance of spreading the infection to other employees who are nearby. After a certain point, the employee's skin will change further, this time taking on the texture of the Nest. From this point onwards, the Employee will be considered a minion of the Naked Nest and will start to attack other employees.

The Firebird (O-02-101)
A legend of The Firebird says that once upon a time, those who came across its feather were granted with both blessing and ordeal.
"Those who succeed in the hunt are granted with one of the very feathers that countless hunters once yearned for."

An Abnormality that, when resting, appears as a large black bird with a long neck and tail, standing on a tree that has scorchmarks right underneath The Firebird's spot. When breaching or activating its healing ability, however, The Firebird turns into a bright yellow and orange bird, completely cloaked in flames. Long ago, The Firebird lived in a forest, where it was often visited by hunters attempting to obtain one of its feathers. However, as the rumors about The Firebird spread further and the creature became more of a creature of legend, the forest got crowded with visitors. Eventually, this all became too much for The Firebird, who then left the forest for someplace people wouldn't know of it as much.

The Firebird is an exception to the general rule of work results, as bad work results will cause its Qliphoth counter to instead increase, while both good and neutral results have a chance to decrease it. However, this can be a boon, as when an employee works with The Firebird and either has less than 20% of their own HP left, or works when The Firebird's Qliphoth counter is at 1, The Firebird will briefly turn into its flaming form and heal the employee. When its Qliphoth counter hits zero, however, The Firebird will breach, spreading its flames across the room for Red damage and counterattacking employees who try to suppress it for White damage. The Firebird will continue like this, either until it is suppressed, or until it decides to return to its containment on its own.

Parasite Tree (D-04-108)
When the flower of blessing finally blooms from Parasite Tree, then…
"'Ease yourself, do you not have need of the blessing?'"

A green tree with many large leaves and a face in the middle of the trunk. At first glance, it appears to be a benevolent entity that only wishes to heal the minds of the facility's employees, with those that worked with it reporting that its flowery scent and rich green color provided them psychological comfort. However, like many of these types of abnormalities, these blessings are more than they let on.

When you finish work on Parasite Tree, its containment chamber will darken and become covered in grass and bushes and the employee will receive a Blessing, which is marked by a green sprout appearing above the employee's head. This blessing will increase the employee's SP over time, as well as their Work Success Rate. Once its Qliphoth Counter, which can be decreased if you do Repression work on it, another abnormality escapes, or if 5 or more works are performed on any abnormality besides Parasite tree, reaches zero, it will proceed to possess a random employee and lure them to its containment unit so it can bless them, though these employees can be broken out of this possession with enough clicking.

With every employee that receives a blessing, a glowing white bulb will grow on the tree, with one bulb being taken off the tree if any blessed employee were to subsequently die. Once five bulbs have sprouted on the tree, the tree then undergoes a drastic change, where it turns purple and the face turns into a big red eye, while the bulbs change into white screaming faces. All of the previously blessed employees will then proceed to run around in panic before being turned into stationary HE-class minions of Parasite Tree known as "Saplings", which bear a striking resemblance to Parasite Tree itself. These Saplings will constantly spew toxic gas that deals continuous White damage to anyone in the same room as them, and any employee that panics from this gas will proceed to turn into Saplings as well, continuing the cycle until all the Saplings are suppressed.

  • Mind Control: When its Qliphoth Counter reaches zero, it will possess a random employee in an attempt to lure it to its containment unit so it could bless said employee (this is identified via a green glow on the employee's head). This possession can be undone by repeatedly clicking on the possessed employee.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Appears to be a kind and gentle abnormality that just wants to give out its blessings and heal your employees, but when you consider that its true name is "Parasite" Tree...
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When the tree transforms, its calm-looking face will be swapped out for one giant red eye.
  • Transflormation: If enough employees are blessed by the tree, all of the blessed employees will transform into beings known as Saplings, miniature trees with faces that will constantly spew out White damage-inflicting gas that will convert anyone affected by it into more Saplings until suppressed.
  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: It disguises its obviously fatal side effects as kindly blessings to the people who approach it.
  • World Tree: Is what this abnormality is referred to before you discover that its true name is Parasite Tree.

Yin (O-05-102)
Yin brings chaos to the world, and erases that chaos at the same time.
"Now, you become the sky, and I the land..."

One half of a mystical pendant, its other half being Yang. Yin is the black half, having a white dot at the center of its widest part, and constantly floating in place, a red rope dangling beneath it. Yin is considered the darker half of the pendant, and is thought to only bring suffering, unlike its white counterpart. This made Yin question its own existence, before it decided to attempt reuniting with Yang once more. When it tries to reunite, Yin takes on the appearance of a black fish, with a singular orange eye gazing out in front of it. If the two do reunite, they together take on the form of a massive black and white dragon.

Yin's Qliphoth counter can decrease in two ways: either by achieving a bad work result on it, or by having its counterpart, Yang, be worn for 30 seconds or more. Once the counter hits zero, Yin will breach, and if Yang is in the facility, it will breach as well. When breaching, Yin turns into a black fish, emitting dark waves that deal Black damage to employees around it. If Yin and Yang meet, the two will unite and turn into a dragon, which flies across the entire facility (in a similar fashion to Express Train to Hell) and reverses the HP and SP percentages of anything in its path, while also depleting the Qliphoth counters of any Abnormalities on its way.

  • Fusion Dance: Allow Yin to reunite with Yang and they'll fuse together to summon a massive dragon to sweep past the facility and decimate everyone in its way

Yang (O-07-103)
The black carp swims towards the harmony and the white carp swims towards the chaos. What will happen when the two carps meet?
"However, the world has more than warmth and light."

The other half of a mystical pendant, and the counterpart to Yin. Yang is the white half, with a black dot being located at the center of its widest part. Yin is seen as the light half of the pendant, thought to only do good, unlike its black counterpart. However, Yang was never intended to exist alone, and is only one half of a delicate balance. When Yin tries to find Yang, Yang does the same for its counterpart, taking on the form of a white fish with small, beady blue eyes. If the two meet, they will combine to form a massive black and white dragon.

When an employee wears Yang, they will receive a large boost to their resistance to White damage, and have their SP healed in the meantime. However, wearing Yang for 30 seconds or more will decrease its counterpart, Yin's Qliphoth counter. If Yin then breaches, Yang will immediately follow, turning into a white fish. In this form, Yang is weak and only capable of doing minor amounts of White damage; however, should the two halves meet, they will unite and turn into a dragon, which flies across the entire facility and reverses the HP and SP percentages of anything in its path, while also depleting the Qliphoth counters of any Abnormalities on its way.

  • Useless Useful Spell: The resistance to White damage is great, but it's pointless to use as using it for a meaningful amount of time will provoke Yin into breaking out.
  • Fusion Dance: Allow Yin to reunite with Yang and they'll fuse together to summon a massive dragon to sweep past the facility and decimate everyone in its way

Honored Monk/Clouded Monk (D-01-110)
Clouded Monk is desperately holding the shattered pieces of a japamala in his hands..
"However, if enough sarira are found from you that everyone looks on in awe, your name will be sung for generations."

A Buddhist monk with an obscured face. A long time ago, the monk visited a town where they were cremating another beloved monk. When the monk produced only a small amount of sarira (crystals formed in the ash), the townspeople (and monk) were confused, as he had been a generous man in his life. When the monk went to rest for the night, he was accosted by an old man, who directed him to the pagodas outside of town, saying that if he consumed the sarira of the monks there, he would become greater than Buddha himself. When he did so, he turned into a monster that terrorized the town and ate any sarira left out unattended.

Clouded Monk's Qliphoth Counter will drop whenever 10 or more employees in the facility die, could drop with a Normal work result, and is guaranteed to drop with a Bad work result. The counter will be reduced to zero if Yang were to enter the hallway the Monk's containment unit is in. Once the counter hits zero, the Clouded Monk will turn into a monster and breach, dealing red damage to employees by clawing or charging at them. It will occasionally leap forward with its mouth open, instantly killing any employee it catches. It has the ability to steal E.G.O gifts from your employees by doing this too.

  • Body Horror: His breach form is of a naked, long-limbed and huge mouthed creature that crawls around the facility.
  • Eaten Alive: A One-Hit Kill as well.
  • Mooks Ate My Equipment: He's no mook by any means, but he has the ability to charge an attack that has him leap forward to try and swallow employees whole in a fit of greed. If they survive, then there's a good chance the Monk just ate their E.G.O equipment anyways.

     ALEPH classed 

These eldritch abominations are very high risk, high reward Abnormalities that can provide more than enough power for the facility on a successful research, but letting them get even an inch of a chance to escape could lead to dozens dead or missing, or even the complete destruction of the whole area.

Apocalypse Bird (O-02-63)
"Then, in the middle of all the chaotic cries, someone shouted: “It's the beast! A big, scary monster lives in the black, dusky forest!” "

Long ago in the Black Forest, three self-appointed guardian birds named Big Bird, Long Bird and Small Bird made a vow to protect their home and its inhabitants from a prophecy that would damn the Forest into falling into chaos from a terrible monster that would appear. When they thought they couldn’t protect the whole forest as just three individual birds, they decided that one giant bird with all their powers combined would be their best bet at protecting everything they loved. The bird that was created was monstrous and horrifying, scaring away every living thing in the forest and leaving it all alone. In the end, the bird was the only thing left living there, and rumors spread of a monster that lived in the deepest and darkest parts of the Black Forest.

Apocalypse Bird is an event that can show up if you have all three of the Black Forest birds together in your facility. If two of the birds breach, then the third one will automatically breach and a portal will appear in the facility. All three birds will ignore their surroundings and slowly make their way to this portal, and if it’s not closed by the employees in time and all three birds cross into it, then Apocalypse Bird will be summoned. This creature is invulnerable to all forms of damage and will periodically teleport between rooms to decimate employees, however it leaves three eggs scattered throughout the facility. Finding and destroying these eggs is the only way to neutralize the Apocalypse Bird and end its attack.

  • All Your Powers Combined: The Apocalypse Bird was made from Big Bird, Bird of Judgement and Punishing Bird merging together to create something with all of their powers so that it could see for miles across the earth, judge any sin without fail, and devour any evildoers in one gulp.
  • Battleship Raid: Defeating the Apocalypse Bird means you’ll have to locate and destroy the giant eggs themed after their respective bird (a white egg with red tentacles coming out of it for Punishment Bird, a black and multi-eyed egg for Big Bird, and a bandage covered egg for Bird of Judgement), which in turn disables an attack that the bird is granting the monster.
  • The Dreaded: Among the Corporation, who tried to hide the evidence of its existence to avoid panic among new workers. However, some veteran employees of Lobotomy Corp. clearly remember the horrors and destruction it caused the last time it showed up.
  • Eldritch Abomination
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: Thanks to inheriting Big Birds eyes, it has many starring eyes scattered on its giant wings.
  • Interface Screw: Long Birds egg prevents the game from being paused or fast forwarded.
  • Monster Mash: As a result of the power outage caused by the Birds invasion, many other Abnormalities are bound to escape, filling in the areas where Apocalypse Bird can’t reach to worsen the situation/impede progress on reaching the eggs.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: What the Birds didn't notice was their actions taken in helping the forest fulfilled the prophecy set upon it; their meddling caused much fighting and controversy among the forest creatures, and they never realized that they turned into the horrible monster destined to end the forest.
  • Tragic Monster: Big Bird, Bird of Judgement and Punishing Bird only wanted to make sure that the prophecy that was set upon the forest would never come true. It turns out that they were the ones who set it all into motion, leaving them alone with no one else for company in the abandoned forest.

Nothing There (O-06-20)
"And the many shells cried out one word, "Manager"."

A mass of meat and body parts fused together to form a three legged monster. Nobody knows where it came from or what its motives are, but it seems to be made up from the bodies of the employees that died to it. It is capable of wearing the skin of its victims and doing an impression of them in an effort to trick the people around them.

Nothing There is a fickle creature that’s incredibly easy to aggravate into escaping. One of its unique abilities will happen when an employee enters its room; if they begin to panic at the sight of it, there’s a good chance that they will be immediately consumed and Nothing There will disguise themselves as them. If another employee is sent to investigate and they panic as well, then Nothing There will also kill them and immediately break containment, appearing somewhere else as a disguised employee it killed. The game will pause and give you 10 seconds to find the disguised Nothing There and reveal them. Winning this game will put Nothing There back in containment, but failing to find it in time will make it reveal itself and begin its attack on the facility. After a while, it will enter a cocoon stage and emerge a towering monster that can form weapons with its shapeshifting arms.

  • The Assimilator: Seems to be made up from the remains of its past victims, albeit rather haphazardly.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: Nothing There uses the skin of the its last victim to try and trick others into dismissing it as an ordinary person. The disguises are not quite perfect though, as their skin will deteriorate after a while and it has trouble copying speech.
  • Expy: Of John Carpenter's The Thing.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Zoom in on Nothing There and you'll hear some very deep and labored breathing.
    • Additionally, having an employee get their skin taken away by it will have it disguise itself as that person and start speaking random words its heard in no particular order.
  • It Can Think: It was originally considered to be a mostly primal monster up until it was discovered to be practicing its impressions and disguises of the employees it killed in front of a mirror. It’s also capable of speech, but it doesn’t know how to actually form sentences beyond just repeating what it heard (such as ‘Manager!’).
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: All it has to say before it delivers a body tearing swipe to someone?
  • Shout Out: The EGO weapon you can get from it bears a striking resemblance to Soul Edge.
  • Voice of the Legion: While breaching, Nothing There will constantly be "talking" through multiple voices overlaying each other, either screaming in fear or rambling constantly about nonsensical jargon, all the while a man takes deep breaths of exhaustion.
    "You have received a voicemail."

Blue Star (O-03-93)
"Let us meet again as stars."

A blue, glowing heart of energy with the limbs (particularly legs) of its followers protruding from it. Its background is a mystery, all that’s known is that people who come close this Star will believe that it’s their savior that has come to bring everyone back 'home', and become drawn into throwing themselves into it.

The Blue Star has stubborn requirements for handling it in containment as only employees with at least Level 3 Temperance and Level 4 Prudence can hope to be near it. Weak minded employees who do not meet these requirements will immediately be drawn into its center for absorption when they are assigned to work on it, or if they meet it when it escapes. Employees who spend more than 60 seconds exposed to the Blue Star will also be absorbed into it. If it breaches, it will manifest itself into another room and begin radiating its influence, dealing White Damage to everyone in the facility over time. Employees who go insane from the sanity draining pulses will automatically be pulled from wherever they are, no matter how many walls and rooms are in the way, and be sucked into the Star.

  • The Assimilator: While it's not known what exactly happens to a victim who is absorbed by the Star, it can be reasonable to infer that those giant gray legs protruding from its core once belonged to a person.
  • Area of Effect: Its sole method of direct attack is it positioning itself somewhere convenient and release pulses of White Damage to hit everyone until it's killed.
  • Background Music Override: Allow the Blue Star to escape, and the music will fade away, leaving nothing but the windy ambiance of the Stars consuming void as the only background noise to be heard.
  • Body of Bodies: Body of legs, to be exact.
  • Cult: The Lobotomy Corporation had to suppress a cult that was forming in its ranks thanks to the beings mind control affected everyone. Their belief is that the Blue Star has come to deliver them all from the despair that this dimension has to offer, so that they may all meet again as stars wherever it takes them.
  • Eldritch Abomination: It is an entity of pure energy that has dozens of human legs sprouting from its black core, presumably from the victims it has sucked in, suggesting that the Blue Star is also a portal to an incomprehensible dimension.
  • Mind Control: Weak minded employees are vulnerable to being influenced by the Blue Star, which typically leads to them being sucked into the Star as their eyes turn blue and they reach out towards their alleged savior.
  • Power Floats: Hovers in place constantly when breaching, only ever touching the ground when it’s defeated/using its legs to stand idle in its containment.
  • The Spook: Of all the ALEPHs, Blue Star remains the most mysterious abnormality in nearly everything involving it. Its background is a mystery unlike the Mountain of Smiling Bodies, its motives remains unknown unlike the WhiteNight and Melting Love, and even the ultimate fate of whoever gets absorbed into it is best left to educated guesses, unlike just about any other Abnormality.
  • Stone Wall: The Blue Star will not move from where it initially manifested itself, but it sports a massive amount of HP and can wipe employees out by the dozens with a few bursts of its Area of Effect attack.
  • Wingding Eyes: Victims driven mad by its attacks will sport glowing blue eyes with black hearts as they throw themselves into the Blue Star.

The Mountain of Smiling Bodies (T-01-75)
"The smiling faces are unfamiliar yet sorrowful."

A black ball of teeth, bones and corpses that uses whatever living thing it finds to add to itself. Some time ago in Lobotomy Corp., there was a deadly containment breach that left dozens of employee’s dead. No one volunteered to go and collect the bodies and clean the destruction that was left behind out of trauma, so it was agreed upon that they would lock that section of the facility off for a time. Unbeknownst to everyone else, the bodies began to rot and fuse to each other by the will of an escaped Abnormality, creating a monster that only ever thinks about its own hunger.

The Mountain of Bodies is an opportunistic Abnormality. If an employee is missing HP when assigned to it or if they die in its containment then it will attempt a breach. It will automatically breach if 10 employees die in a single day. Once free, the monster will shamble around the facility to bite at employees for a huge amount of damage. Any corpses that are in its way get absorbed into the mass, and the more bodies that get absorbed, the more moves it will unlock.

  • The Assimilator: It will automatically collect dead bodies for its own use.
  • Body of Bodies: And they are all smiling over the chance of getting to feed and expand themselves.
  • The Dividual: When it upgrades itself using the dead bodies it finds, it'll grow extra versions of itself on its sides that give it new powers. They're identical to the main body, but cannot split off. Also, the heads scattered on its body are all thinking entities on their own.
  • Expy: Arakune has fallen on hard times.
  • From Bad to Worse: Like Big Bird, it will instantly break out if 10 employees have died in a single day. 10 employees dying is already a sign of something gone wrong, so an ALEPH-classed Abnormality breaking free is the icing on the cake.
  • Heal Thyself: Any corpses it walks over will heal it for a certain amount of HP.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The person responsible for bringing this monster to heel was a lowly employee who rigged both himself and the quarantined section of the facility to explode.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Its second phase will cause it to grow an additional copy of itself that will raise itself in the air to shriek loudly, dealing a burst of Black damage to those in the same room.
  • Zombie Puke Attack: Its third phase has it grow an additional copy of itself capable of vomiting a highly damaging and slowing slurry of corrosive bile, dealing massive Black damage to those in front of it.

CENSORED (O-03-89)

"If a flaw in the system disables the censors covering the Abnormality, we will once again have to sincerely consider how to dispose of the manager."

Its appearance is unknown to the Manager as all records of CENSORED's name, appearance and audio have been censored in the security cameras to avoid them being driven mad. The mere sight and sound of CENSORED is enough to drive most people insane, and even the select few who have a chance of withstanding its mental assault risk being overtaken by it.

CENSORED will only ever accept Level 5 employees working on it, anything less than that will instantly cause the employee to panic. If an employee panics at the sight of CENSORED, it will come closer to escaping. The Repression action has been replaced by a Sacrifice option, which will force one random employee in the building to be sacrificed and fed to CENSORED to sate it, which in turn keeps it further away from escaping. If CENSORED escapes, it will patrol around the facility, and any employee who encounters CENSORED will be CENSORED as they’re eviscerated. Any employee who witnesses this attack will take heavy White damage as long as they’re in the same room CENSORED is shredding its victim in. From the remains of its victims, another smaller version of CENSORED will spawn to support the original CENSORED.

  • Censor Box: Appears to the player as a bunch of these, for your mental safety.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Among the straightest examples in the game.
  • Heal Thyself: Any corpses it encounters will be used to heal CENSORED.
  • Lottery of Doom: Right from the get-go, a random employee can be chosen to get sacrificed to CENSORED in order to keep it from breaking out.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: The only clue to what's happening to CENSORED's victims is the organs and limbs that get thrown out when it's attacking someone.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: We haven’t got a clue as to what happens to its victims, what CENSORED looks like or even what its name is. Even the audio of its attacks is censored!
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: Not a swear this time however; CENSORED's censorship even extends to censoring the sounds that its attack makes.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Looking at it is enough to drive most people into palpable panic. It's gotten to the point where the manager's cameras must have the creature censored at all times to avoid their mind falling apart at the sight of it.
    • As of one update, workers who even meet the the necessity of being level 5 will automatically have their mental health bar decrease by 80% the moment they see CENSORED, inflicting them with the Horrified panic state no matter how tough they are.

The Silent Orchestra (T-01-31)
"From break and ruin, the most beautiful performance begins."

A white mannequin who acts as the conductor for the entire orchestra it leads. The thing it strives for the most is an audience to listen to its incomprehensible music, but people who get drawn into becoming its listeners get driven violently insane, attacking anything they see.

The Silent Orchestra may breach if a bad or good work result is achieved, causing it to pull a massive curtain over the player's screen while it vanishes from its room to reappear in the main department room of where it's held. After positioning itself, it will begin its concert, conducting a 4-part song with its ensemble. Each part of the song will give the Silent Orchestra a new weakness and set of immunities to damage types. Allowing it to continue its song up to the finale will end with it playing a note that will burst the heads of everyone and anyone in the facility who is under their max mental HP, drain all of the energy accumulated during the day, and will bring the Silent Orchestra back to its containment.

  • Barrier Change Boss: Each part of the performance will grant the Silent Orchestra a new set of weaknesses and immunities. Part 1 makes it vulnerable to Pale damage, part 2 makes its vulnerable to Black damage, part 3 makes it vulnerable to White damage, and part 4 makes it vulnerable to Red damage. Transitioning to the Finale makes it immune to all forms of damage.
  • Brown Note: The music it plays in its entirety.
  • Interface Screw: When it's breaching, the Silent Orchestra will block part of the screen (including your menu buttons) with its curtain. It will also disable the volume options, ensuring you get to listen to its performance.
  • Sensory Abuse: In the middle of its performance (particularly Movement 3), the Silent Orchestra will begin emitting a very loud and piercing beeping noise. Due to the aforementioned inability to lower the volume ingame when it's performing, you'll be forced to endure it.
  • Your Head Asplode: All listeners (everyone in the building) will have their heads blown up if they're below 50% max mental HP.

Melting Love (D-03-109)
"...and my dear employees, I do hope you all put on the gas masks we distributed to you before we enter."

A woman comprised of pink slime, but takes a more monstrous and hostile form when breaching. It subconsciously caused employees to become attached to it in the past, which led to them taking its slime out of containment, to disastrous results.

Melting Love's ability will occur when an employee performs a work on her, aside from Repression. The employee will gain a heart icon above their head and slowly be healed; however, this slime is contagious, and every 10 seconds they will release a burst of slime that have a 25% chance to infect workers with pink slime. Workers who are not the original target will slowly grow more and more pink slime on their bodies until they are dissolved and turned into HE classed minions of Melting Love. If half of the department is turned into slime minions, then Melting Love will breach and convert the bearer of its heart into a larger, WAW classed minion to support it. Her Qliphoth counter will reach 0 if the blessed worker dies, if the blessed worker performs Repression on them, and if a Neutral/Bad work result is achieved.

  • Blob Monster: It's an amorphous pink mass of slime, though it often disguises itself in a more humanoid form.
  • Cute Monster Girl: What Melting Love initially looks like while in containment, which seems to be invoked: It wants affection shown for it by employees working on it by taking on a visually attractive body, which is why Repression won't activate her ability at first.
  • Patient Zero: The blessed employee that holds her heart can and will likely spread the condition to everyone around them should you allow them to roam freely. Thankfully they will not be converted to a slime monster unless Melting Love escapes, so quarantining them for their own safety is viable should you wish to save both the department and the worker.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: If the first employee she infected dies, she will breach and do extra damage when attacking.
  • Slime Girl: Sports a more traditional and innocuous form before shifting to a giant, hunchbacked and dissolved skeleton filled form when angered.

WhiteNight (T-03-46)
"Rise, my servants. Rise and serve me."

An angelic being, whose body is said to resemble an underdeveloped embryo. It has five pairs of white wings, large red eyes, a halo floating above its head and a golden collar with the number "666" engraved on it. The second form of Plague Doctor should you allow it to perform 12 baptisms.

When WhiteNight's Qliphoth counter hits zero, which decreases when it is not worked on for a certain amount of time or when a bad work result is achieved, WhiteNight will breach. It will teleport to the department's main room and remain there, while its minions, the Apostles, wreak havoc in the rest of the department. WhiteNight itself will occasionally create a red ring around itself which expands outwards, dealing Pale damage to employees and reviving fallen Apostles in the process. There are two ways to suppress WhiteNight: either defeating it outright, or having the final Apostle, who appears different from the rest, confess to One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds.

  • Flunky Boss: Other monsters use minions to support themselves, but the WhiteNight's main threat almost exclusively comes from their Apostles that'll terrorize the building.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Defeating WhiteNight the hard, grueling way (as in not sending someone to confess to One Sin) will unlock you the E.G.O weapon named Paradise Lost, a staff made of bone made in the likeness of the WhiteNight itself, which sports maximum range, a great fire rate and a high amount of Pale damage, making it capable of taking on nearly any target in the game.
  • Leitmotif: Third Warning will play while it breaches, a song designed only for WhiteNight and otherwise only plays almost everyone in the building has died.
  • Light Is Not Good: A white, angelic Abnormality who happens to be the most powerful and dangerous of them all.
  • Number of the Beast: Engraved on its golden collar is 666, clashing with its angelic motif.
  • One-Winged Angel: Fittingly enough for its appearance, it is this to Plague Doctor. Strangely for this example, it stays in this form even after it has been successfully suppressed.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Its blood red eyes tip off the notion that this isn't a very nice angel.

     Removed Abnormalities 
Abnormalities that were in a previous version of the game, but have since been removed.

Price of Silence (O-05-65-H)

"Silence is no longer just bringing peace."

An Abnormality that appeared as a green clock, set on a black, scythe-shaped post.

Its ability would activate whenever Price of Silence was in a bad mood. Whenever the game was paused during this time, a random employee would get killed after unpausing it, moving the clock forwards and slightly increasing Price of Silence's mood. After twelve times, the thirteenth time this ability activated would instead randomly kill thirteen employees off, one by one.

Though Price of Silence has been removed from the game, Hokma's Meltdown form bears a strong resemblance to this Abnormality, both in ability and appearance.

Hammer of Light (O-05-48-Z)

"Hammer of Light is such a simple abnormality. It takes as much it gave to you. What price did you pay to it?"

A large, white hammer covered in runic writing, that is always surrounded by light.

Normally, Hammer of Light's containment room was locked and inaccessible. However, if the panic level in the facility was high enough, the room could be accessed, and any employee that entered the room could pick up the Hammer of Light to turn into a powerful, featureless warrior. In this state, the employee would become vastly more powerful in suppressing Abnormalities; however, upon the panic situation ended, the employee would immediately die.

Poor Screenwriter's Note (O-05-31-W)

"The sinner was shaken to the bizarre atmosphere of the stage, and confessed his sins. A screenplay is what makes people more honest."

An open book, containing a script, sitting on a wooden table. The script tells the story of a man finding a mask on the street, putting it on and then beginning to kill people, continuing this until someone shot him.

Poor Screenwriter's Note did not have a set work preference, instead showing its preferred work type at the moment. Performing the wrong kind of work would lower its mood. If its mood was bad for too long, the Poor Screenwriter's Note would trigger its ability upon any employee entering its containment room, designating said employee as the protagonist of the story, the killer, and four other employees as their victims. The first employee would then try to kill all the victims, and upon succeeding in this, allow you, the manager, to finish the story by shooting the killer - or anyone else, or no one at all, if you so desired.


Uncontrollable, outside forces that will invade Lobotomy Corporation at different times of the day to harass you and stop your progress. As the day goes on, their more dangerous units get deployed to cause further harm.

The Amber ordeals are made up from burrowing, insect monsters with a desire to eat everything around them, with all of them sharing the theme of rocky worms with teeth filled mouths, covered in amber colored tumors.

In general

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: The least threatening Amber monsters are about the size of a person. Their biggest bugs are about the size an entire room, or even a building if you let the day drag onto midnight.
  • Fast Tunnelling: The critters get around the base by tunneling their way around so they can occupy more hallways.
  • Horror Hunger: Their primary theme and motive; they invade your facility so that they can enjoy the buffet they assumed was set out for them. And if their quotes are to be believed, they began to cannibalize each other when there was no more food to be had.

The Perfect Meal

A perfect meal, an excellent substitute.

We ate incessantly to live. The inevitable diminution, the waste...

Man sized insects who crawl in hallways to lunge at employees for a bite. Individually they're rather pathetic, but they always appear in huge groups to more effectively shred meals apart.

  • Zerg Rush: To compensate for their individual weaknesses, they cluster in large groups to eat prey faster.

Food Chain

To accustom oneself to the taste was an inevitable process.

We could live. We could continue eating.

A much larger, hallway filling version of The Perfect Meal. These sluggish beasts move lazily across hallways they appear in, biting anything in their paths. If they bump into the other side of the hallway, they will release more instances of The Perfect Meal and then burrow into a random hallway to complete the process.

  • Advancing Boss of Doom: Food Chain will slowly but surely crawl down hallways, eating everything in their paths and likely killing most staff instantly. Even wearing the toughest Red damage resistant armor will leave the Agent in critical condition, so retreating away from the worm is most viable choice, aside from getting behind it to damage it safely.
  • Enemy Summoner: Will spawn the smaller Perfect Meals every once in a while to help them.

The Eternal Meal

They fought amongst themselves to eat the others.

And the stronger side survived. That, simply, is the story.

The apex predator among the Amber, the Eternal Meal is a rocky, building-sized monstrosity that has planted itself into the ground and is capable of eating entire rooms with its giant teeth filled maw. When the timer reaches midnight, Eternal Meal will appear in a department room to devour anyone in there. It has no other direct method of attack, but it will spawn instances of Food Chain every once in a while so that they can invade the parts of the facility it could not. Once enough instances are spawned it will burrow back into the ground to reappear in another room, continuing until it’s been killed.

  • Damage-Sponge Boss: Aside from its single, devastating attack it has when it makes its appearance known, it's mostly defenseless and serves as a stationary object that must be dealt with if you don't want to be overrun with worms.
  • Dual Boss: Two instances of the monster will spawn.
  • Enemy Summoner: One that creates other Enemy Summoning enemies periodically.
  • Nested Mouths: Its already giant maw has a smaller, person size jaw hidden inside.
The Crimson Ordeals are made up of gangs of demonic clowns who wish to spread their mischievous fun to the Lobotomy Corporation. They all share the theme of mutated, clown and jester themed creatures covered in crimson stripes. They're not too dangerous in combat even when their best units are mixed together, but their primary goal is to overwhelm the facility through instigating containment breaches.

In general

  • Defeat Equals Explosion: Killing one of the crimson clowns will cause it to explode, spawning weaker versions of themselves found in the other times of the day.
  • Evil Laugh: Complete a Crimson ordeal and the event ends with the clown horde laughing maniacally as their closing message is shown.
  • Monster Clown: So monstrous in fact that only their smallest, least threatening unit actually resembles a humanoid clown. You'd need someone to tell you they're clowns for their later versions.
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: Their real destructive abilities only apply once they die, though they're certainly threats even before then.

Cheers For The Beginning

Let us light a flame yet more radiant in our lives; for life is a candlelight, destined to snuff out one day.

To live is to yearn and fight for our desires.

Tiny jesters with brown demonic heads that smile constantly. When they teleport into the facility, they will ignore all employees and rush for an Abnormality's containment unit. Once there, they'll stop to constantly drain the E-boxes from that specimen and drain its Qliphoth counter by one, instigating that Abnormality into escaping.

  • Action Bomb: Killing them will cause them to glow red before they explode, dealing a moderate amount of damage to those caught in its blast.
  • Stone Wall: They have very little combat ability, but they can take one hell of a beating before they explode in the early stages of the game, even if you take their weakness to White Damage into account.

The Harmony of Skin

We marched from time to time, and we would share our pleasure.

The collision of one life with another, skin harmonizing, painting a yet more beautiful appearance.

Three-headed, quadrupedal monsters that wear clown makeup on their many faces. The Harmony of Skin will spawn from a tent filled with teeth and will begin to roam around hallways, attacking anyone in its way. If defeated, they'll burst into smaller versions of Cheers For The Beginning who'll try to do their usual routine.

  • Body Horror: They're a combination of clowns that take the form of something resembling a scorpion, their anatomy is two vaguely human clown heads up front with a smaller featureless head between them, and a tail with the third head at the end of it. Inside of the tails mouth is some kind of organ with a thin spike protruding from the it. Its body is blood red with tears and boils bursting from its sides.
  • Enemy Summoner: Killing them will create 3 Cheers For The Beginning.
  • Stone Wall: Like the Cheers For The Beginning, they're sturdy creatures who can be a hassle to get rid of. Unlike them though, they're rather happy being in the hallways they claim and don't drain energy, so it might be a wiser idea to leave it be if you don't have the resources to kick them out.

The Struggle at the Climax

Throwing away our old bodies, we all become one, infinitely continuing the red march.

One day we will know, and tomorrow we will march hand in hand.

A giant, stitched-up beefy monster who wields a spear, spiked mallet and a meat cleaver, and its gaping mouth has a tongue with a clown's head on the end of it. When it appears, it will take up a hallway and start rolling down it, damaging anyone in its way. Killing it will cause it to burst into two Harmony of the Skins.

  • Overly Long Tongue: With a clown's head at the end of it, apparently.
  • Rolling Attack: After picking a hallway, it'll roll itself down it to hurt anyone in its way.
The Green Ordeals are comprised of murderous robots, mechas and weaponry that was sent to destroy all life found. The mechanical menaces only goal is to kill any employee it finds with no strings attached to them, and as such they're the most combat oriented Ordeals.

In general

  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: If their quotes are to be believed, they are robots who began to question their unexplained existence, and built a tower in an attempt reach the heavens for answers.
  • Killer Robot: 2/4ths of them are killer robots, with the other half being a tool to deploy more killer robots and a massive stationary weapon.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: They sport glowing red eyes that angrily search for targets to exterminate.
  • Shout Out: Their backstory seems to invoke the tale of the Tower of Babel, with them attempting to build a massive tower to meet their creators. Only this time, they were able to complete their structure and discover the nihilistic disappointment that defines them today.


One day, a question crossed through my mind. Where do we come from? We were given life and left in this world against our own volition.

To live was a process full of pain.

The first robots that are encountered, which are tall black machines that vaguely resemble skeletons with spikes at the ends of their arms. They will slowly shamble around the facility as they look for targets to stab to death.

  • Mighty Glacier: Slow and sturdy robots who can take a beating just as well as they can deliver one.
  • There's No Kill Like Overkill: When they finish off an employee, they'll enter an animation when they pin the target down and repeatedly stab them in the chest until they're nothing but mush.

Process of Understanding

In the end, they were bound to life. We existed only to express despair and ire.

We will understand life and the soul with our own hands.

Boxy, armored robots with a buzz saw on one arm and a gun on the other. They're similar to the Doubt in that they'll slowly shamble across hallways in search of hallways, but they're much harder to take out thanks to their gun that fires at anything in its path.

  • Mighty Glacier: Even more than the Doubt, as this one is even sturdier and doesn't need to get close to lay down the pain.
  • More Dakka: They come with machine guns that never stop firing until they box themselves up to recharge briefly.

Where We Must Reach

We constructed a looming tower to return whence we came.

There wasn’t an answer. We didn’t find a single thing we wanted. We only witnessed the death of life itself.

Boxes of deployable robot factories. They have no attacks of their own, but letting them sit around means that you'll have to face an endless wave of robots so as long as they sit.

  • Mook Maker: Their sole purpose is to do nothing but spawn waves of killer robots to end you.

Helix of the End

The tower is touched by the sky, and it will leave nothing on the earth.

Who pays for the suffering and neglect of the lives given to us?

A stationary, inanimate weapon sporting giant laser cannons. If you allow the day to reach midnight, then the Helix of the End can be deployed to put a permanent end to your day. It will take a few moments to charge its cannons before fire at a slowly turning 360 degree sweep across the whole facility to liquefy everyone in the building.

  • Made of Iron: It is incredibly sturdy and almost impossible to get rid of through regular means.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Originally invoke in previous versions of the game, where only the toughest of Agents can survive a brief second inside its laser. However, later updates changed the games elevators to instantly transport people to different floors, meaning you can stuff people into an elevator as the laser passes to bypass it safely and then move in to deal damage while it recharges. However, actually attempting to destroy it without this trick is bound to get the entire building killed quickly.

A special ordeal that only appears during the Indigo Noon. It consists of a moving pack of gas masked scavengers who are called the Sweepers.

The Sweepers

When night falls in the Backstreet, they will come.

When the sun rises anew, not a scrap will remain.

  • Gas Mask Mooks: The Sweepers all sport metal gas masks.
  • Heal Thyself: If they find a dead body, they'll consume it to heal themselves.
  • Hooks and Crooks: Their weapons involve orange hooks to slash at people with.

The Violet Ordeals are made up of eldritch beings and artifacts from the great unknown, who all have glowing violet parts to them in some way.

In general

  • Eldritch Abomination: Their units are just flat out bizarre, with the only things that are usually able to be seen of the whole beast are their giant purple tentacles.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Their signature color is violet, and wield some of the most disruptive attacks and effects in the game.

The Fruit of Understanding

To gain an understanding of what is incomprehensible, they dream, staring.

They complied with nothing in their bid to understand. They simply did so.

Vaguely worm-like creatures with a glowing purple core, which has an unknown ancient language written across it. The Fruit of Understanding are sturdy creatures that will try to last long enough to detonate in a sanity draining burst. This burst will also anger all Abnormalities in its radius into escaping containment instantly.

  • Action Bomb: Unlike other examples in the Ordeals, they have other methods of attacks to defend themselves. Blowing up is their main objective however, and is their best attack.

Grant Us Love

We could only hear the weakest and faintest of their acts. We sought for love and compassion from them.

We cannot understand them, nor will they understand us.

A giant black monolith that sprouts tentacles when it sets itself up. These artifacts will teleport from the roof to crush any employee unlucky enough to be standing under its shadow. Their tentacles will constantly whip around at anything around them to deal a constant 1 Black Damage per hit. After a period of time, they'll stop moving to send out a pulse of energy that makes one random Abnormality escape containment before they start to resuming slapping everything around them.

  • Combat Tentacles
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: The tentacles deal a low, but constant amount of Black Damage so as long as they're in the same room with the monolith. This attack only ends when they begin to charge up their energy attack that enrages an Abnormality into escaping, which is arguably worse than being whipped by tentacles.
  • Death from Above: When they spawn in, they don't just appear in a room or hallway, they appear from the roof and hit the ground, crushing anyone who might in their way. Evacuate everyone from the main department rooms immediately if the day is about to move into Violet Noon, because it's almost certain that they're going to be flattened when the monoliths make their drop.

The God Delusion
Eye of the God
We incessantly tried to accept it. We wanted to understand them in our heads by any means, regardless of the consequences.

For the sake of not crumbling in on oneself. The idea that they may impossibly exist, or that they are unreachable and forever enigmatic no matter the path. Unacceptable…

The main entity can't be seen, but it attacks with portals that summon its appendages to swipe, crush and claw at employees with randomly. When the clock hits midnight, the God of Delusion will take notice and spawn its monoliths in random parts of the facility. They are colored red, white, purple, and blue (Physical, Mental, Black and Pale Damage respectively), which all control its different elemental attacks. Attempting to destroy one will have the God retaliate by focusing its attention on that one spot, but succeeding to destroy it will disable it of that damage type.

The final set of ordeals, spawning only during days 46-49. Designed as the last test before A can fully activate the Seed of Hope. They consist of the Fixers, four entities all embodying a type of damage, and the Claw.
  • Ambiguously Human: The Red Fixer is at least robotic; the White, Black, and Pale Fixers are all humanoid, but their powers may hint to otherwise; it could also be possible they're using tools similar to E.G.O Equipment.
  • Elite Mooks: The Fixers and the Claws were deployed by the Heads of the World as their best weapons.
  • Final Boss: The Ordeals of White serve as the last obstacles before the end of the game.
  • Futureshadowing: The intro and post-text of the Dusk of White refrences what will happen in Library of Ruina.
  • Final-Exam Boss: Hope you've managed to get the hang of all the intricacies of combat when you reach them, since they'll be testing how well you can divide up numbers and do damage efficiently before they rip your staff apart.
  • Hired Guns: What the Fixers ultimately are, their latest clients being the Heads of the World.
  • Taking You with Me: When Fixers die, they all unleash a burst of their respective damage.

Red Fixer
A robotic suit with a red eye.

White Fixer
An angelic figure that roams the facility with a cannon.
  • Holy Is Not Safe: They appear to be an angel who uses light and White Damage to test you.

Black Fixer
A mysterious figure clad in black with piercing orange goggles.
  • Drop the Hammer: Uses a hammer that can be pierced into the ground to reduce Qliphoth Counters. When the Black Fixer dies, it gets impaled on the hook at the end.

Pale Fixer
A man clad in a suit and hat, carrying a briefcase and a gun.

The Claw
The Abnormalities were out of control, tearing apart our comrades who screamed in agony. All the while, the Claws sniffed out their prey and snatched it...
To know and manipulate all the secrets of the world; that is the privilege of the Head, the Eye, and the Claws. It is their honor and absolute power.

No one dares to stand against them. As long as they exist, the tale of the Nest will never reach its close.

A man clad in a helmet and gauntlet, with three syringes stabbed into his body, ranked ALEPH. He appears only during the Midnight of White.

  • Antagonist Title: Midnight of White is also just known as The Claw.
  • The Blank: His head essentially amounts to a metallic hunk of wood with gashes cut into it.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: A pair of Claws served as this for Garion during her raid on the facility, but both of them were killed by Kali.
  • Humanoid Abomination: They're seemingly perfectly normal people, up until you get to their arm and their face (or lack thereof), which are metallic and worn with syringes jabbed into them. What they are is another topic, as they're among the top enforcers for the Heads of the World, working alongside fellow Humanoid Abominations, the Fixers.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The Claw can deal a high amount of damage at a fast rate, especially given how fast it is. It also has more health than the Fixers, whose HP range from 1,000 to 1,300.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: He's more realistically proportioned and drawn compared to his fellow Fixers, or even any other human character for that matter.
  • Playing with Syringes: Has three syringes on its body, which it will use, triggering different abilities depending on which is injected. Noticeably, when it uses Blue Injection, the ten traumas of the Seraphs are shown as symbols.
  • Red Right Hand: Its entire left arm is armored and ends in a clawed gauntlet.
  • The Spook: Just what is The Claw? Little information is given about their role or their identity, other than they are feared, merciless beings that aid the Heads of the World. It can be surmised that The Claw in the Midnight of White was a leftover by the Heads of the World sent after you, much like the Fixers, but also leaves the question of what happened to any other Claws, if they at all exist besides the two that Kali killed.
  • True Final Boss: It only shows up during the last Ordeal of White, Midnight of White, which only occurs during days 46-49 in Keter's Meltdown. Unlike the Fixers, who are classified as WAW, The Claw is classified as ALEPH.
  • Turns Red: When he's knocked down to 25% of his HP, he stabs all three syringes into him and prepares a hard hitting Pale attack against six of your employees.

Other Characters

Original iteration of 'A'
The head of the corporation and the creator of Angela. Also known as Abel, Abraham, Adam, and Ayin.
  • Battle Theme Music: During the final days, The Night Sky will play, changing to Sun and Moon on Day 50.
  • Body Surf: Played with. Angela mentions that numerous other X's were tested for the purpose of inheriting A's memory.
  • Classy Cane: Abel wields one, fitting his Sharp-Dressed Man look.
  • Hidden Eyes: You never get to see A's eyes in cutscenes thanks to this, up until you meet him in person.
  • I Have Many Names: A, Abraham, Abel, Adam, Ayin...
  • Labcoat of Science: He wore this seemingly at all times. This still applies for Abraham as well.
  • Literal Split Personality: Abraham, Abel, and Adam are all encountered as separate entities throughout the architecture department, each representing a facet of A's personality.
  • The Lost Lenore: Carmen. After finding her dead in a bathtub with her wrist cut off, he uploaded her brain into the system and resurrected her as Angela. Sadly, he found himself disgusted with what he made.
  • Meaningful Name: All of them start with A, for one. For specifics:
    • Abel: The victim of Cain and the chief of martyrs, possibly tying into him falling into Carmen's plans.
    • Abraham: The "prototype" of all believers and the founder of Covenant, sticking to him being the founder of the facility.
    • Adam: The first man and lover of Eve, cast out of the garden of Eden for committing the first sin. While also tying into him being the founder, it could also be him casting all Abnormalities out of the facility and unleashing them on the world, as well as being Carmen's (implied) love interest.
  • Mystical White Hair: Adam's hair is white to fit his "divine nature."
  • Prematurely Grey-Haired: Abraham has this, fitting for his "depressed wreck of a man" look.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Likely due to the artstyle, but he's a pale and youthful man with short black hair.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Abel's looking quite snazzy in that suit of his.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: What his eye color is revealed to be, which iteration of A has.
  • Transferable Memory: His memories were stored for the purpose of uploading them onto the newer manager.
  • Transhuman: Adam sees himself as this, describing himself as the first man to become an Abnormality and thinks humanity needs to become like him.
  • Walking Spoiler: Just look at these spoiler marks.

A mysterious voice that contacts you to warn you of secrets hidden in the facility. Their name is Benjamin, better known now as Hokma, the Sephirah of the Record Team locked deep below the facility.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Nothing is known about B when you first meet them, and Angela states that it's likely a foreign program trying to hurt the facility. B then says not to trust her. Although, it can be guessed that they genuinely mean well when they hook you up with the lie detector that reveals Angela has been deceiving you.
  • The Ghost: B appears to you as the Lobotomy Corporation logo, and does not show themselves. That changes when it's revealed it was Hokma/Benjamin who has been contacting you.

You! The newest manager of the facility and Angela's ward. As it turns out, you aren't the first X, nor is your job as simple as maintaining the facility.
  • Bad Boss: A manager who sends their workers onto suicide missions, gets them horribly killed and cycles them for new employees without so much as batting an eye isn't a very good boss.
  • Benevolent Boss: On the other hand, it's certainly possible to play the game as carefully as possible, preserving your workers, equipping them well, Save Scumming in the event of their deaths and helping your Sephirah out.
  • Featureless Protagonist: We have no idea whatsoever what X looks like, or even their history before the Corporation.
  • Grand Theft Me: Sort of. Once Angela uploads A's memories into your consciousness, she stops acting like you're X and starts treating you like A.
  • Sadistic Choice: Some situations may call for you to make a choice that'll lead to at least one brutal death, such as juggling between Abnormalities ready to break free and deciding who has to go and stop them before they butcher the entire department, or sacrificing a random employee via a roulette wheel in the name of everyone else's safety.
  • We Used to Be Friends: When you inherit 'A's memories, many of the Sephirah treat you like you're really him, including berating you for betraying their trust and friendship.

A woman who recurrently shows up during the backstory of multiple Sephirot. She eventually died, her body found in a bathtub with her wrist cut off, and was resurrected into Angela.

     Myo and the Rabbit Team
"The Rabbits have come to graze the grass."

Unlocked from completing Geburas' missions and hired under the contracting of 'Company R' by Angela's request, the band of mercenaries known as the Rabbit Team can be hired and deployed by you, led by their leader Myo. When deployed, Myo will send her Rabbits to a department of your choosing, and up to 4 can be selected for the cost of 25% of the energy gained that day per department. When the order is given, the department will be locked down, all employees in the area will instantly panic, and the Rabbits will teleport in to gun down all forms of life with no exceptions, including any Abnormalities that might have broken out.

  • Animal Motifs: Rabbits, obviously. Their gas masks/helmets are designed with rabbit ears and Myo herself has a hair style that resembles a rabbit with its ears drooping down.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Appropriately enough, given their theme. Though Myo is noticeably less serious than any of the Sephirah and pretty snarky, she does command the efficient Rabbit Team and still has a professional conversation with Angela.
  • Clothes Make the Legend: Myo expresses annoyance with having to take off her helmet during a meeting with Angela and Gebura, saying it's part of the identity of the Rabbits.
  • Deadly Euphemism. A good half of what Myo says when you unleash the Rabbit Team. Word to the wise, if the Rabbits are here to "graze on the grass", they're not interested in salad.
  • Elite Mooks: The absolute best units you can deploy yourself, but at a cost.
    • And if Myo is to be believed, the Rabbit Teams are not the strongest that Company R has to offer; she makes mention of the Rhino Team and Reindeer Teams being much more destructive and powerful than the Rabbits, but the collateral damage would be far too high for a fragile environment like Lobotomy Corp.
  • Glowing Eyes: Myo's eyes glow red in some of her portraits, as seen during her mocking of Gebura.
  • Godzilla Threshold: The Rabbit Team is very powerful, yes, but they're also very expensive and have no qualms about killing your innocent workers along with Abnormalities, so calling on them is a last resort that's only to be used in the most dire of circumstances.
  • Final Solution: They'll kill everything to "purify" the branch they're called into, including your employees.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: During an argument with Gebura, Myo says that Kali used to be a much more just and admirable heroic figure before she degraded into nothing more but a raging and weakened machine that's nothing like the hero she used to know. Judging from Gebura's calmly solemn reaction afterwards, it must've gotten to her.
  • Mind Wipe: According to Myo, all Rabbit Team members are memory wiped of what they've experienced once they're done with their work to avoid violating some security concerns Angela holds.
  • More Dakka: They wield the only machine guns in the game, and since they typically come in very large groups you can expect the department they're in to turn into a war zone.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Myo's eye color, which oddly enough are capable of glowing.

Your loyal and expendable workforce who were hired into the company, which, unbeknownst to them, is a lifetime obligation. They may be customized with a variety of weapons and armor, and will gradually become stronger as their careers continue, provided the manager didn't just hire them for sacrifice.
  • Ambiguously Human: By the late stages of the game and an Agents career, it's possible for them to have collected so much EGO equipment and EGO gifts that their biology has changed to invoke certain aspects of Abnormalities they work on, such as growing extra eyes or having flesh/wing protrusions. Even better, they're also strong enough to butt heads with even stronger Abnormalities, who normally would decimate an ordinary human.
  • Apocalyptic Log: Pretty much every Abnormality background story that follows the perspective of a worker was written by an Agent, from the worker who sacrificed himself to contain Mountain of Smiling Bodies to the worker who got fatally hooked on Porccubus's intoxicating spines.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Some quotes from the Agents indicate that they've crossed this long ago, openly talking about how natural death is in the Corporation and how they've abandoned all hope of ever leaving, let alone surviving their careers.
  • Closed Circle: Once hired into the Corporation, there's no way out other than death. The Agents might lament on getting some vacation days, but for the most part they're trapped in the facility and forced to keep working until either they or the facility meets an end.
  • Have a Nice Death: There are many ways for an Agent to die based on the fact that you have direct control over their actions, from not having the stat requirements to work on Singing Machine and being ground to mush as a result to being assimilated into some of the many Abnormalities, or being transported to parts unknown.
  • Red Shirts: Angela and some of the Sephirah insist they're expendable workers who can die without lasting consequence. Whether or not the manager adopts this view for them is up to the player. At the very least, they're tougher than the Clerks, the true Red Shirts of the corporation.
  • Sanity Slippage: A common danger for an Agent is to lose their minds to the horrors being contained. Depending on which of their stats is the highest at the time, their reactions may range from:
  • Taking You with Me: Ending B has 'A', who has decided he wants to stay with Carmen until death, activate the building's self-destruct button without bothering to evacuate the employees, taking them all with him to death.

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