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  • Regarding the Black Forest birds, why is it that Punishment Bird (the forest's executioner) is the weakest of the trio while Big Bird (the forest's sentry/watchman) is the most dangerous of them all?
    • From the their bios, it seemed like all the birds self-appointed themselves to their respective positions. So more than likely, Punishment Bird is only the executioner because he wanted to while Big Bird chose to be the sentry because of his many eyes.
  • The Queen of Hatred / Magical Girl claims to have run out of villains and evil-doers to fulfill her purpose of fighting evil, but why doesn’t she notice the dangerous predators, eldritch abominations, and wicked beings being held in the same facility like her?
    • She does start attacking them (and everything else) when she goes mad, yes, but she didn’t seem to care about them before that point.
    • It's probably because she's suffering from psychosis, and maybe she can't even realize the above point. The treatments for the Queen are either for propping up her heroic perception of herself, or forcefully stopping her from spiraling into another violent episode. Her in-game encyclopedia entries even show that after she goes on her rampages, she apparently loses all memory of said rampage afterwards.
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    • As of a later update that added The Queen of Hatred back to the game, she will now passively breach containment to help fight other breaches so long as she is “sane” and a few other conditions are met.
  • Schadenfreude and the Burrowing Heaven will only act if they’re being looked at/not being looked respectively, but this only applies to you; the manager behind the cameras. How do they act/not act when there are likely other employees in the same room they’re terrorizing who are likely watching/not watching them when you’re off camera?
    • Short/lazy explanation? A Wizard Did It. Also adds a good amount of Paranoia Fuel since they probably know when you are looking/not looking at them.
  • What is actually behind CENSORED? Is it really a terrifying Eldritch Abomination that can drive someone insane just by seeing it? Or is it just an example of Your Mind Makes It Real, that it was just an empty space that everyone believed was really dangerous, and the fear and horror was caused by their cognition that it is a truly horrifying creature?
  • Why is Little Helper, a normal robot that's made for a normal goal (housecleaning) that turned into a dangerous, yet still normal murder robot, be classified as an Abnormality, a fabrication from the human mind? For that matter, how does it even make energy? it's not even like We Can Change Anything, where it made energy by killing; this robot is basically just a hacked-up Roomba. The same applies to stuff like Foresaken Murderer and Today's Shy Look, which seem to be presented as if they were real entities instead of fabrications from the human mind.
  • The Black Swan's bio bears some chilling resemblances with Elijah (aka the human form of Malkuth). Both the Swan and Malkuth use Elijah as their dead name, are kind hearted and caring figures to the groups they are in, and they share the same form of gruesome death of oozing green sludge. Is this a coincidence?
    • Yes, according to Project Moon themselves, the similarities between the Swan and Malkuth are coincidences.
  • When the Rabbit Team captain Myo came to the underground L Corp, how in the hell does she not notice something is horribly amiss? Like her best friend converted into a robot person, a human-like A.I. (something that was considered a grave crime in the city) and what was clearly an Arbiter? The whole facility itself is asking for a Head Raid at that state and it's not even like Myo was keeping things secret, she simply didn't notice the underground facility is a treasure trove of blatantly illegal tech.
  • When did B die? The game initially suggests that B dies right around Day 18 as the days leading up to that day involve Angela slowly growing more and more suspicious of B influencing the player's behavior. Yet later on when the player finally meets Hokma, he acts as if he has been through multiple cycles and remembers each reset with the game implying that the "B" the player met was a recording (as Abel plays a recording of Benjamin's death) and that B died when the cycles first began.
    • It's just as initially assumed, based on Angela's flashback seen during Hod's floor realization where the other Sephirah were in robotic form but only Benjamin (B) was in human form. What probably happened is that B was lying about his identity to X (Ayin) because X wasn't supposed to recognize Benjamin, and he actually gets revived over and over until you clear Hokma's Meltdown, which would most certainly seal his fate as dead.

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