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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • It may seem a little odd that the Lobotomy Corporation can experience so many monster breakouts when one of their goals is to capture and contain Abnormalities, until you realize that their primary goal above all else is to harvest energy from them. The Corporation's budget probably sunk mostly into the most efficient way to harvest energy, and probably only took enough security measures to prevent their Abnormalities from just casually walking out when they’re not even angry.
    • The rework of the game now supports the above point due to the Qliphoth Meltdown mechanic, as Angela explains that the work cells only contain the Abnormalities because they're drained of their powers before each shift. They start regaining that power as the day goes on, and at that point the cells will do nothing to stop them outside of Agent intervention.
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  • Why is L Corp's main branch (the facility you are managing) a Closed Circle where employees can enter but are not permitted to leave? It's most likely to prevent anyone from leaving and ratting L Corp out to authorities just like Michelle did before. Everything in the underground facility sums up as a spiteful gesture directed against the Head and the City's laws, most notably the presence of Angela, a blatant violation of a specific law that, if broken, will result in the Head interfering without question. Then there's a Head agent being converted into an AI serving the facility, most specifically one of their chief commanders (which isn't even supposed to be something that could be defeated and captured, to begin with), something that will also pique the Head's wrath. Ayin simply cannot risk a second Arbiter attack, considering one of these elite agents can decimate whole wings by themselves. Save for a chief agent from the Head converted into an executive of the corporation, there's also the risk of exposing Gebura, whose ego was from a figure that almost everyone among the public and authorities clearly recognize.
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  • The Fragment of the Universe, a friendly and amorphous alien, has come to Earth in the name of peace so that it may sing its knowledge, taking the time to learn some of the Earth languages and even form itself into something as non-threatening as possible (at least in its eyes), and it seems to know full well that most people exposed to its knowledge will be driven insane and later die. And the first thing it does when it is unhappy ingame is to adopt a hostile form and walk outside to force people to listen to its Brown Note while also impaling them with its tentacles. To reach such a state it either has to be mistreated (according to its standards) or ignored outright, both of which could make it run out of patience for the slow, peaceful approach and make it do aything to get its task done, results be damned.
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  • Why does the Queen of Hatred take extra White damage? Her hostile breach form is caused from her succumbing to hysteria and insanity. You have to literally beat the sense back into her.
  • The Sephirah Meltdowns and their effects all reflect the Sephirah causing them.
    • Malkuth: Sephirah of the Control Team; she mixes up what work you're commanding your employees to do at random, and eventually prevents you from cancelling ordered works. Elijah was also a Cute Clumsy Girl and attempted doing things without further input, which lead to her demise.
    • Yesod: Sephirah of the Information Team; by blurring the screen, you lose what info you know of the Abnormalities and have to go off of muscle memory. Eventually, you can't even see health bars anymore, meaning that you never know when an Abnormality or Ordeal is close to death, making every suppression job a risk. You'll likely become obsessed with security, desperately trying to look for a Qliphoth Meltdown or an Ordeal you missed... like how Gabriel became obsessive over safety in the facility until his compulsiveness eventually killed him.
    • Hod: Sephirah of the Training Team; By lowering the stats of your employees, Hod takes away what training they did have and this leaves them very unprepared for the challenges of their work. Even more so, Michelle was recruited/pressured into a job she had no choice in and little experience, the results of her lack of training eventually impelling her to kill herself out of guilt.
    • Netzach: Sephirah of the Safety Team; by removing all possible ways to heal (except for progressing meltdown levels), Netzach emphasizes the futility he feels trying to keep the employees alive day by day. In his past life as Giovanni, Giovanni tried to bring Carmen back to life by sacrificing his own body, not knowing that there was actually no way to heal Carmen.
    • Gebura: Sephirah of the Disciplinary Team; Gebura manifests as a suppressible entity known as the Red Mist, using the E.G.O of various Abnormalities to attack. While this is obviously a reference to how Kali was the only member of the original team with any combat experience, the Red Mist notably takes double damage from all Abnormalities, a reference to how Kali ultimately succumbed to the many wounds she took when she tried to suppress the many Abnormalities released by Garion and Daniel.
    • Chesed: Sephirah of the Welfare Team; Chesed amplifies the damage that the Abnormalities deal, making the Abnormalities incredibly dangerous if they breach. This references how Daniel and his subordinates were ruthlessly slaughtered by the Abnormalities when Daniel released the Abnormalities under Garion's coercion.
    • Binah: Sephirah of the Extraction Team; She will become a suppressible entity called the Arbiter, moving around the facility to attack employees while also trying to instigate many, many containment breaches by applying various Qliphoth Meltdowns on the containment cells in her path, thus making you deal with both her and potentially a wave of escaping monsters. This is a mirror to what Garion did in life; she acted as the spearhead during an attack on the Corporation on the behalf of The Head, causing a massive containment breach to help her slaughter everything.
  • Big Bird, Punishing Bird and the Bird of Judgement all have incredibly low success rates when Repression/Justice work is done on them. They've all seen where wanton justice can lead before.
  • Gebura's favorite weapon is a prototype of Mimicry, Nothing There's weapon. Nothing There is known as the most dangerous Abnormality kept inside L Corp, much like how aggressive and dreaded the Red Mist (Gebura's former human ego) is.
  • In the Lobotomy Corp official manual at Steam, there is a "Seventh Trumpet" status, which basically means everything is over and it is the end without any hope. While it's not directly used in the game, it's actually been used at one point. If you didn't complete Binah and Hokma's Meltdowns and reach Day 49, Adam will deliberately use the gathered energy to "enlighten" people by turning them into Abnormalities, as well as releasing all of the others into the world.
  • Unlike most ALEPH Abnormalities, CENSORED doesn't have an E.G.O. armor for it. This is because the sight of someone wearing that thing might become insane from how utterly wrong it looks, and the employee might not even want to use it.

Fridge Horror

  • It's directly stated that a filter is applied to make sure that you, the manager, don't freak out about how actually bad the carnage is when something bad happens. When you look at what a mess Abnormalities already make, it begs the question of how actually gory it is to be killed by one.
  • In one of the first signs where something is wrong with her, Angela toasts after an employee dies early on in the game. That's actually inherited from Ayin himself, who popped a cork of wine and toasted for every success he made... including the death of his beloved Carmen.
  • Usually, the more dangerous Abnormalities had an Apocalyptic Log that emphasizes how dangerous and threatening the Abnormality is (best seen during Nothing There, Melting Love, Apocalypse Bird or CENSORED). However, for some reason, WhiteNight's flavor text possesses no such stories, instead containing a vague text about it talking to its Apostles, despite being significantly more dangerous than any other Abnormality contained in-game. There's nobody testifying 12 employees transforming into bony, demonic creatures destroying the facility, TimeTrack2 protocol stopped working suddenly, among other things that won't be farfetched in such a scenario. It's possible that WhiteNight influenced the whole facility to perceive it as a "savior" or outright not perceive it as a threat, or nobody would survive (or be sane enough) to describe a hostile encounter with it.
  • If one pays attention, when you meet Ayin during the game's final level, his facial features and expressions doesn't differ much from Angela's. Angela, by enduring every bit of despair that the TT2 loops Ayin instigated upon the facility and his rejection of her, had became a person so cold and cynical that she herself has took killing as granted like her creator.

Fridge Logic

  • The Melting Love and her minions are very weak to Black damage, but their E.G.O armor, Adoration, provides the great protection against Black damage despite being made from the same slime that the Abnormality is made up of. Additionally, you can wipe them out quickly with their own E.G.O weapon, which is their own corrosive slime harnessed as a projectile.

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