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Ernesti has a little bit of elven/Alv ancestry
This could be just a conceit of the anime staff but Eru's eyes are drawn very similar to the elfven/Alv elder and that's part of what inspires her to let Eru learn the secret of the Ether Reactors. It could also explain while he's so short compared to his contemporaries. The interaction of human and elven ancestry means he's just going through puberty a bit slower than everyone else.
Ernesti is going to make special upgraded Silhouette Knights for all his company commanders
Standard Ether Reactors use cores equivalent to the core crystal of a Duel-Class demon beast but Ikaruga proves that if you're willing to take the time and effort you can make more powerful ones out of the cores of more powerful demon beasts. Two Division-class reactors is probably the most that can be squeezed into something the size of a Silhouette Knight but some of the intermediate-range ones are viable for making more conventional custom units. And at the end of the anime, Edgar and Dietriech have had their own units badly damaged enough that they'd make the perfect test beds for Ernesti to experiment with more powerful Ether Reactors while Helvi (and maybe the twins) Tzendrimbles would make ideal test beds for further twin reactor designs or using a single, more powerful reactor to free up extra space on the centaur body plan.
Ernesti's dream of stifling the battleship development will fail
While he defeated the Vyver, the Levitate Ship technology is out of the bag and it's not that big a conceptual leap to arming them. That said, in Fremmevaria, Silhouette Knights will always have a place because if demon beasts get into the forests, or near built up areas, you won't always be able to sit back and pound them with an aerial bombardment.
  • Ernesti might think that battleships are meant to serve primarily as carriers. This would fall in line with his ideology. Robots destroy robots, Ships destroy ships.
  • The idea that he doesn't want battleships to phase out completely is further supported by the fact that he apparently has no plans to destroy the Vyer's Ether Reactor, as well as the fact that he doesn't seem to put his carrier out of service after the end of episode 13.
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  • Confirmed as of Episode 13. Airships have spread throughout the continent.
Ernesti will build a city transforming Silhouette Knight
It would serve as the pinnacle of Ernesti's work in the finale of the series. Ernesti build a working city with tons of weaponry. When a Kaiju sized Demon Beast arrived, Ernesti unlocked the Silhoutte Knights's transforming function, giving a mecha to match the Kaiju.
Ernesti will eventually design a "bird-mode" transforming Silhouette Knight.
Given that Kurata/Ernesti is proven to be a massive fan of Mecha anime as a whole, it would make sense for him to eventually design a Silhouette Knight in the same vein as transformable mobile suits and Valkyries.
In relation to the above, Ernesti may also design a sort of "nesting" setup for Silhouette Knights.
Basically saying, he may design special machines designed to mount Silhouette Knights in a similar vein to the Neo Zeong and the Dendrobium. The reason it's set up like this is because, unlike the Vyer, the mechs aren't embedded into the support structure and have the option to undock and fight on their own. We've already seen the basics for this system in the Toybox's chariot.

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