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TK will finally sober up in episode 3
With Patamon succumbing to the digital infection, it seems likely that part three will be the point where TK stops joking around.
  • Confirmed.

Adding to the above, Izzy will confess that he likes Mimi
And nobody will be surprised. At all. Except maybe Mimi.

It will be lampshaded that Myotismon/Vamdemon should be Deader Than Dead

Regardless of whether or not he was resurrected by the reboot in episode 4 or not, it will be pointed out that they blew up his soul last time so it either makes sense or doesn't depending on what happened.


There will be a Shout-Out to Digimon Resumido.
There is a Spaniard Abridged Series that parodies Digimon Adventure with all the episodes translated in the descriptions. There is no excuse not to do it :P

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