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    Main Series 

Episode 1: Genesis of Nostalgia

  • Tai and Izzy's conversation at the beginning.
  • The incredible rivalry going on between the two news anchors.
  • Nishijima's Eeyoreish attitude.
  • Tai and Agumon lampshading the change in artstyle.
    Tai: Agumon! You're all round and angular!
    Agumon: And you're not lanky and stretchy!
    Tai: We've both changed aesthetics! Considerably.
  • Greymon channeling The Nostalgia Critic.
    Greymon: I'M A MOTHERF*CKING T. REX!
  • Izzy getting distracted from the crisis by a really depressed woman in the restaurant he's eating with his parents at. Sora is not amused.
    • She's even less amused when Izzy sarcastically wishes her luck in choosing Matt or Tai "without shattering the others fragile reality".
  • Matt's band revolving around his parents' divorce.
  • TK's Hipster persona. Especially how the mere mention of his parents' divorce causes it to crumple.
    TK: Cool vibes, Yamato. I hope Koushiro and Hikari can make it.
    Matt: What did you just call me? And him? And her? What?
    TK: I called them their names, Yamato, before Western media sunk its devilish claws into our beautiful culture.
    Matt: Y'know what, TK? This is why our parents broke up. Because, of shit like this.
  • The return of the dreaded DigiRap.
    Izzy: Even I felt nerdy after that!
  • Mimi revealing why she's in their school again.
    Mimi: Those scary guys in the black suits enrolled me. They said I just had to forget about them, so I reminded them that I'm Mimi. (does a victory pose) I never remember anything!
  • ANY time Izzy is around Mimi.
    • In particular, this:
    Mimi: Izzy, are you okay?
    Izzy: LET'S LOOK AT MY THING! (realizes what he just said and blushes in embarrassment) I mean not MY thing...I mean if you want to I...uhhh...TENTOMON!
  • Sora's Comical Overreacting when Izzy tests his newest technology on Biyomon.
  • Apparently, Joe couldn't meet up with the rest of the group because he secretly enjoys playing Pokemon.
  • Tai and Matt's bickering being followed by Sora scolding them like children.
    Sora: HEY! Are you two having an irreparable difference in opinion?
    Tai: So what if we are!?
    Sora: (long-suffering sigh) Can't you two get over your petty impasse?
    Tai and Matt: (defeated) Fine.
  • Izzy was up all night making Tai's new goggles.
    Tai: Oh my god, what is this?
    Izzy: You can see distortions in space now! Hi-five!
    TK: You made the goggles useful... Wooaah.
  • Meiko's description of Alphamon.
    • At one point, Meiko actually screams "JINKIES!" when Alphamon hits her and Meicoomon with one of his attacks.
  • Matt trying to get through to Tai:
    Matt: The Tai I remember saved the people in front of him. The Tai I remember, would jump on top of a Bakemon and beat its brains out with his bare hands! Remember that? That happened! That was you!
    Tai: I did that, didn't I?
    Matt: Yeah you fucking did that! Digimon Adventure episode 36, you were a fucking lunatic and I loved it!
  • Meicoomon's first impression with the team.
    Kari: A maine coon digimon? Well blow me down, that's adorable! But I can't help but feel that she's—
    (Meicoomon flashes her eyes at Kari)
    Kari: (suddenly looking blank) ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! NOT EVIL AT ALL!

Episode 2: Pure Sincerity

  • Episode 2 kicks off great, with Kari lampshading Tai's brooding:
    Kari: Mom! Tai's being a grump!
    Tai: No, I'm not! I'm not so grump!
  • Them skipping over the hot springs and lampshading how Filler it was in the movie.
  • Joe's attempts at ignoring Gomamon do not go well.
    Joe: I keep telling you. You're just a hallucination brought on by stress and anxiety derived from the fear of the wilderness at summer camp. And you've unfortunately assimilated yourself into my subconscious mind as a permanent trauma manifesting every time I have an exam.
    Gomamon: And I keep telling you, best friend, I don't know what a bunch of those words mean! Also you're my best friend and I love you!
    Joe: Thanks for your support, deep rooted anxiety.
  • Maki and Daigo's conversation in the car is gold.
    Daigo: This is fun. You never take me anywhere anymore.
    Maki: Don't get too comfortable, Daigo. We're on the clock. [Hands him an envelope] Here.
    Daigo: Is this a funvelope I see before me, carrying our funsignment?
    Maki: I can never tell if you're being sarcastic.
    Daigo: It's best to assume I am.
  • Tai and Matt's constant feuding is played up for all it's worth:
    Sora: Gosh, why does everything always involve someone storming off from the group?!
    Matt: I have an opinion on that.
    Tai: Yeah, I bet you do.
    Matt: Shut up Tai!
    Tai: Matt!
    Matt: Tai!
    Tai: Mmm!
    Matt: Mmmmmm!
    Sora: Sometimes, I wonder if you two aren't mad at each other, and you just think it's funny when we get worried.
    Tai: Hey Matt.
    Matt: Hey Tai.
    Tai: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Nobody has faith in Togemon and Mimi to fight alone.
    Sora: Mimi is fighting Ogremon with Togemon!
    Matt: Like alone? The last time Mimi fought something alone, she beat it with a flower necklace! We've got to save her!
    [When fighting Ken and Imperialdramon later]
    Mimi: We need Togemon.
    [Everyone stares at her silently]
    Mimi: You know what guys? You're not saying anything, but I can hear you judging me.
    Izzy: (in a dull tone) Ugh... we need Togemon...
    • Before this, after Meicoomon's been captured and the others arrive.
      Tai: We're here Mimi! Animating is hard!
      Mimi: Gomamon, Palmon and Leomeow just went in there!
      Tai: Oh no! That's hands down the worst possible team! Who are they fighting?
      Mimi: Ken Ichijouji.
      Matt: Oh. My God. They're dead! That's it, they're gone!
  • Gomamon upon leaving Joe to not bother him. When Joe messages Izzy about Gomamon, he tells Izzy not to tell Joe and seal his fate. Izzy thinks that the "seal" pun is Actually Pretty Funny and decides not to inform Joe while replying that letting Joe worry is less stressful for him.
  • TK's personality changes to match his clothing, apparently.
    TK: Yo what? Gonna get all steamy and shit. Turn on some showers, get clean and have fun all up in that same time like what?!
    Sora: This is becoming less okay.
    TK: (in a vaguely British accent) Right-right you are, absolutely right. Good day for a bash I'd say, wot wot! I do say, mm-hmm.
    Kari: TK, could you please burn whatever endless list of annoying things you use to plan your days?
  • Having Togamon say 'Omnidirectional Needle Spray' during the infamous scene where she accidentally takes down a news helicopter, lampshading how forced that actually was in a funny way.
    • And her reaction to it:
    Togemon: Oh, I can't pay for that...
  • Izzy's reaction to Mimi in the cheerleader outfit, made even funnier by how calm he is compared to canon.
    Tentomon: What is it, buzz?
    Izzy: ...An offering. An offering from a subordinate. Who has just proven her loyalty. Which shall not be soon forgotten. Everyone, pack your things! [screen goes dark] We're going to the school. See? I said my lights to that earlier!
  • The end of Kari's pep talk with Joe:
    Kari: Gomamon's fighting Imperialdramon, by the way.
    Joe: Why didn't you open with that?
  • The closing of the episode is fantastic.
    Maki: This is what they do, Daigo. After all, [screen goes dark] that's what it means to be Digidestined.
    Daigo: You just did that thing with the lights. But you did it with the entire sun... Maki? Are you a bad guy?

Episode 3: Back to the Beginning

  • This gem.
    Meiko's Father: Honey? Your teacher told me your grades are down. No more school until they improve.
  • TK's latest thing? Singing all his sentences.
  • The reaction to Izzy yelling at Mimi.
    Matt: Izzy yelled at Mimi.
    Tai: The world really is ending. [Beat] Ah fuuuuuuuck.
  • Despite it also being a Tear Jerker, Patamon's oblivious reaction when he comes to his senses after biting TK is hilarious.
    Patamon: TK you've been attacked by an armpire!
  • The little Take That! at shipping (specifically Shipping Goggles, Strangled by the Red String and Die for Our Ship) when Sora finds out that Meiko has a crush on Tai.
    Sora: Woman, do you know my crest?
  • Meiko lampshading why TK would tell her of all people about Patamon's infection. Given the context of the situation as stated by her, she is the worst digidestined to tell about it. The huge Mood Whiplash from the earlier part of the conversation about TK's track record of losing the things he care about makes it all the more funny.
    Meiko: Why are you telling me this?
    TK: I thought you'll understand. You'll be the best equipped to handle it?
    Meiko: Have you even talked to me?! I'm the least equipped to handle this.
    TK: I-I misread.
    Meiko: My cat murdered one of our friends and then flew off in an insane rage without even saying goodbye. When did you stop and say to yourself "Oh, she's over it! She's learned from this"?
    TK: I-I just...
    TK: Er... keep it secret?
    TK: Dude! Do you want to go a cat café and cheer up?
    Meiko: Yes!!
  • "God" using Cindy as a vessel to deliver a message to humanity.
    Belinda: As we have just recovered control over our broadcast, I would like to report that the authorities are currently searching for Cindy. Finally, the world takes notice of her complete lack of tact. Coming up at eight, ten doomsday prophecies told better than Cindy's!
    Kari: She kinda deflates the situation, huh?
    Tai: What is with the news here?
  • The Digimon getting bored hanging around Izzy's office and running off and pretending to be the kids. They immediately go to hang out under the 'thinking bridge', and proceed to not act like their respective partners at all. Except perhaps for Gabumon.
  • Patamon telling the rest of the Digimon that he is infected and tells them to put him down when he loses it. However, in here they actually took it surprisingly well because this kind of situation has happened to them before as Agumon is more than happy to state about his time under the Dark Spiral's control and how it was resolved.
    • Of course, there is Gabumon's initial reaction...
    Gabumon: Quick, get him before he kills Leomon!
  • Tailmon's impression of possessed Kari.
    Tailmon: Kari, you are looking radiant today.
  • Homeostasis spent three hours trying to explain quantum mechanics to the Digimon.
  • Tailmon gets... frustrated when she finds out the reset will go back only an arbitrary number of years.
    Tailmon: Well what's that gonna help?
  • When the digimon learn about the reboot, they all promise not to tell the kids about it as it would just worry them. They all immediately blab, except Gabumon.
    Gabumon: I'm Gabumon. And I keep my promises.
    • And naturally later when the reboot is brought up, the kids realize everyone knows, except Matt, who is confused by what they are talking about.
  • Matt and Gabumon try to extract info from Maki and Daigo by threatening them with a gun, that they don't have. Daigo falls for it every time.
  • The champion-level digimon pile onto Meicoomon, only for Togemon to end up on top of Greymon. He tells her to get off because she's stabbing him with the needles.
  • The End Credit scene where Daigo tells Meiko to use her digivice to take him to the digital world, by standing outside her door and yelling "Ding-dong!" over and over.
    Meiko: I'll call my parents!
  • Daigo is amazing in this episode. Another example is when he arrives for the fight with Meicrackmon.
    Meiko: Okay, we're here!
    Daigo: I am also here. Daigo. Valued member of the team.
    Kari: You're uncharacteristically involved.
    Daigo: Oh, I didn't realise I needed your permission to be invested!
  • Daigo gets fed up with Maki being secretive. She decides to leave... after taking one of his donuts.
    Maki: Alright, I'll get out of your hair then. But I think I'm going to take something with me. (Reaches for the donuts)
    Daigo: Maki, don't you dare...
    Maki: I'm just so... hungry, Daigo.
    Daigo: You do this and we're done professionally. Bring back my donuts, Maki! I expect this shit from Tai, not from a functioning human being! Maki! MAKKIIIII!!!
    • The best part is his rant afterwards, where he finally has enough.
    Daigo: That's it, no more Mr Complacent Guy! You've awakened Angry Daigo! I'm gonna go to the Digital World, find a Digimon, and use it to right every wrong ever done to me by this institution!
  • Sora announces she'll quit Digimon forever if Etemon had returned after the reboot.

Episode 4: Distant Starlight

  • The interaction of the new digimon with their partners without their memories and their annoyance over the difference...and Matt getting annoyed that Bukamon is still the same when he asks to be Joe's Super Fish Buddy.
    • Notably, Mimi's frustration when Tanemon won't stop crying.
  • When Matt and Tai try to console Sora on Biyomon being different due to the reboot by saying their digimon changed too, she gives us this gem:
    Sora: No offense Matt, but Gabumon is saying his name as often as a Pokemon. And Agumon is still an idiot.
    Tai: Hey, Agumon is not an idiot! He's just naive. And stupid sometimes also.
    Sora: (Upon seeing Agumon floating down stream on a log while asleep) You were saying?
  • Almost every single one of Gennai's interactions are utterly hilarious and turn him from a creepy character into a Laughably Evil character.
    • He also can't remember Ken's real name, which would be bad enough if he wasn't disguised as them.
    Gennai: Yes, it is I! That person that you said just now! Ken Ichi-Jumanji!
  • Episode 4 of Digimon Adventure Abridged, Biyomon becomes Birdramon for the first time. Sora is excited at the prospect of her partner being a phoenix, only for Izzy to shoot that thought down by explaining how Birdramon is a dragon type. Fast forward to this episode, and Birdramon becomes Garudamon, then Hououmon. Sora doesn't miss her chance.
    Sora: Hey Izzy, look! Biyomon turned into a phoenix!
    Izzy: Have you seriously been holding a grudge about that for ALL THESE YEARS?!
  • And let's not forget Izzy lampshading how Tai and Matt are no longer the only ones whose Digimon can reach Mega Level forms.
    Izzy: Hey look, everyone! It's those two guys on our team who used to be special because they had mega level Digimon. Remember that? Remember when they were special coz they had mega level Digimon? Not anymore, bitches.

    Prequel Series 

Episode 1: System Execute

  • Tentobuzz's Verbal Tic is still present, even as a Motiblob.
  • The rapid-fire version of how the kids got sucked into the Digital World.
    Tai: Aww yeah, this is the best vacation ever! Summer camp for the win!
    Sora: Blizzard! Everybody, get inside!
    Tai: Aww sweet! Winter camp at summer camp!
    Matt: Meteor shower! Everybody down!
    Tai: Woo! Space camp at summer camp!
    Izzy: (holding a Digivice) What are these? Old digital pets?
    Tai: Aww man! Nerd camp at summer camp!
    Mimi: Like, WATERFALL!
    (back to the present)
    Tai: Hmm. You know what? Summer camp for the win!
  • When going over Kuwagablob—er, Kuwagamon's bio:
    Izzy: A stag beetle Digimon with a taste for living flesh! Its massive, red pincers are capable of cutting through steel beams!
    Tai: What a particular thing you said, just now!
  • Tai accepts Koromon as his partner because he made a double pun.
    Koromon: Uh oh, we might have to leaf if all tree of us hide in here!note 
  • Tokomon appears and looks adorable... and then:
  • Gabumon as a Tsunomon is...still Gabumon.
    Tsunomon: I'm Tsunomon!
  • This:
    Sora: Remember not to run when you're carrying Tsunomon; you could trip and stab yourself!
  • Also this:
    T.K.: Camp instructor Bernie taught us to never treat nature like it's our enemy.
    Izzy: Pretty sure camp instructor Bernie wanted us all dead. Take that for what it's worth!
  • Somehow, Kuwagamon hurt Mimi's feelings. And Izzy makes it his top priority to fix them.
  • Matt agreeing with and defending Tai, and stating that they're friends.
  • It seems as though the episode will end on a cliffhanger like in the original...which is immediately resolved when Gomamon uses his Marching Fishes attack to save them.
    Gomamon: This is my attack. My attack is fish!

Episode 2: T-Recreational

  • Joe has questions about the Marching Fishes.
    Joe: So those fish were Digimon?
    Gomamon: I dunno!
    Joe: Is everything here a Digimon?
    Gomamon: I dunno!
  • Everything Patamon says in this episode.
    • "My body has become more suited to cleansing this rotten world!"
    • "Salvation lays at the crossroads between destruction and desecration!"
    • "Set fire to this material hell!"
  • Izzy claims he can reverse-engineer the entire Digivolution process, but he may need to take apart some of the Digimon to do so. He votes on Patamon because "he scares me..."
  • "If I plant Palmon in the ground, can I make more Palmons?"
  • As the group is exiting the forest to look for civilization, Gabumon picks up a scent:
    Gabumon: You smell that?
    Matt: Did you catch a scent?
    Gabumon: Yeah! I can smell that—I'm Gabumon!!
    Matt: Oh my God, yes, you're Gabumon! Now what did you find?
    Gabumon: The ocean.
  • When Shellmon attacks, TK exclaims that their digimon, who have mainly fire attacks, are at a type disadvantage. Izzy applies logic to that idea.
    Izzy: You know it's not made of water? You know what happens when you set a beached whale on fire? Same thing that happens to everything else. It screws up its day.

Episode 3: True Blue Wolfjob

  • Seadramon makes of with the island most of the kids are on, AKA the start of Matt's grudge against all Seadramons:
    Matt: Seadramon is stealing all our friends! SEADRAMON, WHAT IS THIS, HIGH SCHOOL?!
  • The Everybody Laughs Ending is subverted when Joe points out that nobody got a good night's sleep after the Seadramon attack.

Episode 4: Setting Fire to the Sky

  • Everything to do with the Pyokomon and their constantly warring culture.
    TK: You guys fight a lot?
    Pyokomon Elder: The Pyokomon are a bloodthirsty people.
    Pyokomon Elder: I am the Pyokomon Elder. This is our hut village. This is our boat. And this is our fire water. So called because sometimes it becomes FIRE! We feel this duality represents all Pyokomon.
  • How Meramon relates to the village is also pretty hilarious.
    Pyokomon: Our water is protected up on Mount Panaramalama by its ancient guardian, Meramon.
    Pyokomon Elder: He is not allowed to live in the village. He is made of fire.
    Tai: [using his monocular] Why don't we just take a look? [seeing a ball of fire sliding down the mountain] By Meramon, do you mean perhaps, the human-shaped fireball that's currently grinding down the mountain towards us?
    Pyokomon Elder: Does he look like Climate Change: The Digimon?
    Tai: Yup!
    Pyokomon Elder: That is him.
    • Later, when Meramon arrives.
    Meramon: Pyokomon tribes, I have come to negotiate for my release!
    Pyokomon Elder: Never! You burn in hell!
    • After Meramon is defeated, he decides to return to his mountain, which the Pyokomon refer to as 'his exile'.
    Pyokomon Elder: You can't really blame us for this; he's made of fire.
    TK: Can we leave? I don't like the Pyokomon.

Episode 5: We're Going Digital

  • Izzy is getting snappish due to a lack of internet. This leads to a glaringly ironic line from Matt.
    Matt: I can't imagine a world without MySpace, honestly.
    • And when they find the factory.
    Joe: That means there could be people!
    Izzy: More importantly, it's got Wi-fi!
    Joe: (exasperated) Wi-fi is more important than people.
    Izzy: I'm glad we agree.
    • Sora tries pointing out that the factory could have danger, but Izzy isn't having any of it.
    Izzy: All's fair in love and Wi-Fi.
    Sora: Are you even listening?
    Izzy: Sure thing, Joe.

Episode 6: Toy Tall Recall

  • Nobody enjoys being in the sewer.
    Mimi: (eyes closed) This place is fine!
    Joe: Mimi, open your eyes.
    Mimi: Bite me Joe.
  • Izzy refuses to let Sora's comment on missing the chance to do laundry slide.
  • The Numemon are universally agreed to be disgusting. Even the Numemon themselves admit it.
    Sora: Numemon are disgusting!
    President Numemon: She's right, we are!
    • President Numemon in general is hilarious, because he talks like a Shakespearean while simultaneously being a Numemon.
    President Numemon: Given inspiration by your radiant courage, I, President Numemon have come out of hiding to reclaim my seat in office!
  • Agumon's warning makes sense in the context of the show. Gabumon's warning does not.
    Agumon: Remember not to trust any good digimon!
    Gabumon: Yeah, not even us!
    Agumon: No, you can trust us—
    Gabumon: Not. Even. Us.
  • Mimi clearly feels like she's been sold short in the Champion level digimon area.
    Mimi: Dinosaur, giant wolf, fire bird, giant insect, cactus with boxing gloves. Yep, that lines up.

Episode 7: Mountain Walrus

  • Joe finally stops insisting that the digimon are animatronics because he can't call his best friend a robot. Gomamon misinterprets this as usual.
    Gomamon: I'll give Andromon the bad news!

Episode 8: Devil In The Details




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