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Masaaki Yuasa will adapt the other entries in the Devilman universe.

Because we can only imagine how his vision of Violence Jack would turn out.

  • He may even go the extra mile and add in Devilman Lady too, making it a full-fledged trilogy.
  • Followed by Devilman Saga, making it a quadrilogy.

The original Devilman is a previous iteration of the loop Satan is experiencing.

And that's why Devilman somehow exists in the world of DEVILMAN crybaby.


  • Or flip this on it's head THIS was the first iteration of Devilman meaning THIS is actually a prequel.

DEVILMAN crybaby's story is the original timeline of the Devilman franchise.

Everything that has happened in the anime was set before God put the universe in vicious time loops, making the anime the prequel to the original manga and the reboots and spin-offs. Explained here.

Conversely, the third version of the world might be one without demons.

Satan says that demons survived the initial divine bombardment of the planet, but it was at a time when demons were EVERYWHERE (possibly underground, possibly in the ocean, possibly extremely powerful with battle experience.) However, with humans exterminating most of the demons, and many dead or present at the final battle, and Satan distracted by the loss of his friend... every demon might be dead, now, and the new world may be completely demon-free. There were also no "black spheres" of demon resistance that were seen when God bombarded the planet in the first scene.


Psycho Jenny is the true main antagonist of Devilman Crybaby, and is arguably responsible for why Ryo/Satan is the way he is.

Think about it. When Ryo/Satan is banished from heaven, Jenny adopts him as her son and raises him all his life. Why is Ryo such a sociopathic social darwinist, even as a kid? because Jenny raised him that way, since she, along with all the other demons, have very social darwinist beliefs, and she's been putting all this stuff into Ryo's head even since he was a child. And even though Ryo thought he was using the demons for his own agenda, little does he actually realize it was the other way around. Psycho Jenny and the demons were using him for their agenda to exterminate humanity so they could rule the earth again, which is exactly why she adopted him in the first place, so she could raise him into their own personal pawn.


Akira and Ryo met and grew up initially on the Faroe Islands (which is also where the series ends.)

Same landscapes, flora, fauna. Depending on what age Akira was adopted, this may possibly make the Makimura family half-Nordic (despite the name) since Noel is clearly Western/Caucasian. This would also make it a very isolated area, far from any of the destruction and war caused by Armageddon- a quiet, peaceful place for the last scene.

  • At what point was it said that Akira was adopted? As far as I understood, Ryo was found by Akira. Akira's parents are never implied to be his adoptive parents. The Makimuras took care of Akira because his own parents worked a lot and didn't have time to take care of him. Ryo appears to be the only one who was adopted from the type of Kindergarten he and Akira stayed at.


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